Safety 1st Baby’s 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Safety 1st Baby’s 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit. Steady grip nail clippers. 5 emery boards. Gentle care hairbrush and comb.

Main features

  • Steady grip nail clippers
  • 5 emery boards
  • Gentle care hairbrush and comb
  • Cradle Cap Comb
  • Digital thermometer with case

Verified reviews



Lousy pouch is the first thing I want to say, un-stackable and inconvenient.After use i want a magnifier on the nail clipper, thermometer.Good thing for gifting and casual use, but buy and better thermometer will be required.Most things are not regularly used/needed in pack.

Alexandria Camp Point, IL

Not impressed, but the stuff works.

The thermometer is of extremely cheap quality and looks like it will break easily. The tiny medicine bottle also looks like it will crack at the drop of a hat. The handles for everything else are thick and sturdy and I appreciate that the nail clipper has such a thick handle as well, but I simply expected better from such a highly reviewed product.

Angie Boca Raton, FL

Some items great, and some items not so great

We bought this when our daughter was born after hearing lots of good things about the kit.The pack comes with:Steady grip nail clippers5 emery boardsGentle care hairbrush and combCradle Cap CombDigital thermometer with case and probe coversMedication bottlenasal aspiratortoothbrushalcahol swabsTo break it down for you, here is what we have found in the last 5-1/2 months.The clippers are great – It would be better if they included the one with the LED light standard, but the regular ones work great, you just either need to do it when baby is sleeping, or with a helper.The nail files are pretty much useless – They are so thin and flimsy that after 5 minutes trying to file my daughter’s nails at 3 days I gave up and clipped with the clippers.We use the hairbrush every night to brush our daughter’s hair after a bath – just to get her used to the habit. Haven’t used the comb or the cradle cap comb either. We have found that washing her hair at least every couple days and massaging her scalp during her nightly baths has kept cradle cap away.The digial thermometor is good – it can be used under the arm, or with a prob to be used rectally. We have only used it under her arm as we have a red cross temporal thermometor that works great and can be used while she is sleeping without waking. This is important if baby hasn’t slept much due to fever.The medicine “bottle” is a joke – I use it to store small amount of breast milk for cereal. My daughter has had to have antibiotics once, and she gets tylenol regularly for teething pain – we use the dosage things that came with the medications. This I could understand being useful if you have to give a few ML’s of something when baby is 1 or 2, but it’s completely useless for us.The nasal aspirator is also a joke. The plastic part disonnects from the “bulb” almost every time we have tried to use it. My daughter was in day care at 8 weeks until just before Christmas, so she had her share of colds and needed a nasal aspirator frequently. This thing would come apart every time we tried to push the bulb in to get a good suction. My advise is throw it away and buy a “little Noses” stuffy nose kit with saline drops and a nasal aspirator. That one has worked wonders for us, along with an electronic one.Toothbrush – My daughter is 5-1/2 months and doesn’t have any teeth – We have this set aside for when she gets her first tooth, but let her play with it to “clean” her gums so she is used to it.Alcahols swabs – These are good to clean off the thermometor after each use.Hope this helps someone!

Lauren Maxwelton, WV

Nice items

I received this as a gift. I love the storage bag it comes with. And good to know I have all these items when they are needed. The nail clippers are so much better than the other 2 pairs of baby clippers I owned before getting this. They are easy to hold and use. I have used and like the hairbrush too. I haven’t used the nose bulb yet because I already had one from the hospital. The medicine dispenser with the nipple looks like a good idea but haven’t used it either yet because my baby doesn’t like bottles yet and hasn’t needed meds. I am glad it has a baby toothbrush that will come in handy later on. I am glad I received this item.

Ines Spring Hill, TN


This has come in handy for our newborn. We love the medicine bottle we use it all the time. We love this product

Catherine Beaumont, KY

wonderful product and case!!!

i love everything about this product its very safe and it comes in the cutest togo case plus there is more room for anything else you want to add to it! the hairbrush and comb will work great for my angel. i love the mini bottle for medicine. and the ear sucker is a lil odd cuz it comes apart awell if it dont work i have another one! highly reccomend this to parents

Gussie Edgartown, MA

Good but not good enough

The bag has all the essential things for your little one’s safety.But I saw at Burlington and Marshall’s the same brand for the same price with much better things.Do your research before purchasing. I had to buy some things to replace the ones that were really bad quality,

Amanda Nokomis, FL