Safety 1st Bath Pal Thermometer, Frog

Safety 1st Bath Pal Thermometer, Frog

Safety 1st 44743 floating Bath Pal Thermometer reads temperatures between 92 – 128 degrees helping you to keep your baby’s bath water at a comfortable temperature. Cute frog design.

Main features

  • Thermometer strip helps assure a comfortable bath temperature
  • Friendly frog tub toy makes bath time fun
  • Bath toy and thermometer all-in-one

Verified reviews


It works but it is sort of useless

I bought this because I was panicked that the water was too hot/cold for baby which is why he was crying so much in the bath. It turns out he just didn’t like water for the first few months of his life (finally at 6 months he is okay about baths and the pool). This wasn’t expensive but I would tell friends to save the money if they were thinking of purchasing.

Susanne Commiskey, IN

Just OK

The thermometer itself (we have the Frog) is cute, but functionally has some flaws.First, you have to lift it out of the water or tilt it to read it. As soon as you do, it starts dropping in temp, so you get mixed readings. Additionally, if the water is above or below the temperature boundaries (92 – 102), it just stays black. You can figure it out based on waving your hand around in the water, and then warming or cooling until it shows up on the readings, but then you have to fiddle with it more.When it does fall in the small range it’s made for, it’s nice to have a specific temperature rather than just a “Hot”, but for the cost, you might as well go for theAquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Greendigital thermometer and save yourself the trouble.

Tiffany Port Reading, NJ

Never worked

This thermometer never worked for us, and we tried everything! The strip must have been a dud. Buyer beware. This was very disappointing to us.

Cortney Ivanhoe, MN

It’s OK, but….

It’s a little hard to read in the water with bubbles or in an infant tub and the temperature reading goes down quick when you pull it out so you have to be fast. It’s a “you get what you pay for” kind of thing. It’s worth the under $4 price tag, it’s cute and my son likes to play with it.

Mabel Anna, IL

Breaks in 3 months.

This thermometer is ok. It was working at the beginning but then after 3 months it just stopped to show the right temperature. It doesnt work anymore. I would not reccomend it. Just waste of money.

Johanna Driscoll, TX

Some design problems

I like the look of this but it is not as functional as I thought. The temperature strip is hard to read sometimes and you really cannot tell exactly what the temp is. I also wish they could have the strip on the top somehow so that you can see it without lifting it out of the tub. Another reccomendation would be to show the "safe" temperature zone. I can use reasonable judgement but I honestly have no clue what temperature is consdiered safe.

Anastasia Beaverdam, OH

good thermometer

I like this one, I always test the hotness of the water before I bath my baby and it works good, and It is a good price too.

Gay Vesta, VA

Not Assured

This is cute; fun for the kids to play with in the tub. But, as far as a trustworthy thermometer…not so sure. I placed this one in the tub along with two others and all three read a different number. This one was the hardest to read accurately so we just use it as a toy in the tub now and I rely on a different one for the temperature reading.

Miriam Bringhurst, IN

Very Useful

Still use this with my 2 1/5 year old, fun for the kids to play with and test the water before putting them in.

Penelope Hollowville, NY

Easy to use

Very easy to use and made bath time for our infant a happier experience! Turns out, we were making the water too cold! This little froggy thermometer took away the tears.

Millie Chesapeake City, MD


We loved this thermometer at first. We’ve only used it for two months, bathing our twin boys twice a week. I thought I was doing a good job of squeezing all of the water out of the rubber bottom, but apparently some seal is broken on it.Getting water out is a pain and when I do now its discolored and disgusting. I have to order something totally different so this doesn’t happen again. The only reason this is getting 2 stars is because it did well to check the temperature… just not so well with water contamination.

Pearl Jackson Center, OH

Great if you have no sense of temperature.

I am the kind of person who thinks a shower is “freezing” if I don’t turn pink, so I was nervous about being able to tell the appropriate bath temperature for my new daughter. This little duck does the trick. Like most Safety 1st products, it’s very no frills, but gets the job done! Inexpensive way to make sure bath water is the perfect temperature for little ones!

Willa Wyandanch, NY

Could use your wrist – but what fun is that?!

Though we used this thermometer from birth, our son wasn’t really aware of it until 4 months old. Now at 6 month he loves his froggy thermometer most among all the bath toys he has. We could have used our wrist, but as was shown by the thermometer, that can be subjective from husband to wife, and I appreciated knowing that we were bathing him at his favorite temperature each time. For as little as this costs, why not have that security.The only reason I had to give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that there are many spaces between the plastic bubbles on the frog to capture dirt/mildew so it must be regularly and carefully cleaned.

Katheryn Minter, AL

Working great 18 months later!

I registered for, and received, a different temperature duck product. I also received this item for free from the hospital when my son was born. I quickly learned that the one I had asked for was a piece of junk, and this one is very, very good. (Which is probably why the hospital chose it!) It gives you a reading fairly quickly, and then it is a sturdy bath toy. It is also still working great after 18 months!I decided to write this review because I am buying one for a friend, who has an inferior temperature duck on her baby registry! Hopefully, I can save her the trouble, and maybe readers of this review! 🙂

Tina Potts Grove, PA

Trust the Frog

This thermometer is exactly what I needed to know at a glance the temperature of my baby’s bath water. The frog is fun. The item is priced right and arrived within 1-2 days via Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. No need to buy a high-priced thermometer. This gauge is perfectly adequate to keep from scalding or freezing baby.

Jimmie Ute Park, NM

great item

I use this every time I bathe my son and it works great. If I made the water to what I thought was warm, I would probably have burned my son. Works instantly and its easy to use.

Edith Three Rivers, MI

Absolutely love it!

It’s super cute, gives a fast result, and is accurate. I’ve used it probably over 150 times and it isn’t showing any signs of breaking down yet.

Luann Scotts Valley, CA

Simple and pretty accurate

It’s sometimes hard to tell how warm the bath water is since it’s all dependent on who’s testing the water. My husband always feels as if the water is too cold but I always feel like it’s too warm. I bought this to avoid our daily disagreements about water temperature. Our sons doctor told us to keep the water luke warm to avoid drying out his skin (he has bad eczema). The thermometer is very cute and floats in the water. It reads from 90 to 100 (odd numbers are displayed) and the numbers change colors depending on the temperature of the water. It takes a bit of skill to read the number though since it’s not like a digital thermometer but a gradual read out. The numbers become visible when the temperature is reached. For instance, if the themperature of the water is 95, 95 will be green while all numbers below that will be blue, and 97 will be white. When we first started using it, I thought that since the 97 was visible that meant the water was 97 but it’s the green number that matters. I tested this with another thermometer to be sure. In reality the exact temperature shouldn’t matter much but it’s always good to know. The only negative I can see with it is that I was hoping my son would be able to play with the frog but the edges of the temperature strip is sqaure and is a bit sharp. I take it out after drawing his bath.

Sophie Nalcrest, FL

Ribbit ribbit

Love this little guy. Wish we’d bought it before baby came home from the hospital… it makes bath time easy if you aren’t sure what 90-100 degrees feels like!

Lorna Lake Nebagamon, WI

Low Cost and works perfect

As a new mom, I had no idea what temperature " Less than 100 degrees" felt like.This solved my problem and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.The frog is very cute too.If the temp is over 100 degrees, nothing will register on the thermometer, so that is a cue to add more cold water.Kind of old school, but is fine for me

Carole La France, SC