Safety 1st Bath Sling, Blue

Safety 1st Bath Sling, Blue

Product FeaturesDesigned for quick drying to prevent moldCushioned legs and sidesLight weightEasy to store when not in useDurable materials

Main features

  • Designed for quick drying to prevent mold
  • Cushioned legs and sides
  • Light weight
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Durable materials

Verified reviews


Too small, less inclined, hardly for 1-3 months

+Points – well built, Strong, good draining-Points – very small, less inclined, will sink in tub. Not useful for big size babies, useful for 1-3 months hardly, less area, Picture depicts wrong inclination and size, Not worth the cost.I have ikea baby bath tub and definitely sinks. I will either return or should see an alternative to lift it up. Hope there was an extension rods to spread or lift it up.

Clara Anthony, NM

Worked in a pinch

I had purchased the Summer Infant Soothing Tub and Shower and was disappointed to learn the bath sling cover that came with it was not washable. It’s also padded, so it got moldy and gross. I got this sling to replace it. It fits well, and it’s not padded so it dries better. Hopefully we won’t have the mold problem again!

Josie Listie, PA

Nice but not convenient

I bought this at a local store just before going on vacation. I thought it’d be great instead of lugging a baby tub around. My first time using it, I decided on the following:1) I liked the mesh so the water could come through & it would dry easily2) I liked the size of it (easy for packing)3) I liked that it didn’t bother my son’s skin; the mesh is soft4) I didn’t like that I had to hold him in the cradle or he’d slide off.I used it a few more times that trip before finally giving up & just sitting in the tub holding him on my lap to wash him. It just seemed easier to me plus I could hand him off to my husband & then get a bath myself.I think for some people, this could be great. For us, not so much.They could really improve this product if they changed the shape just a bit so that it actually cradles the baby.

Emilia Loma Mar, CA

Kinda small

This would work great for newborns or small babies. My baby is 24 inches and is a bit too tall for this sling. So he looks kinda uncomfy. Also its not at a good incline.

Leonor Hamilton, GA

Great for bathing baby with big kid

We bought this when my youngest was 3 months old. She had outgrown the baby tub and we wanted to put both her and her 2 year old sister in the tub together. So far, this bath sling has worked out great and we have been able to put both kids in the tub together. My youngest is 6 months old and still uses it. She’s not a secure enough sitter to sit up in the tub yet. I also like that it’s made out of a mesh fabric and dries out quickly so it doesn’t mold.The only CON is that the sling is really designed for a smaller baby. Even when my daughter was 3 monts old she fit somewhat awkwardly in it. It works for our need, but the design could really be improved. If it was just 20% bigger it would work much better.

Hilary Trumbull, NE

Works well with our FlexiBath tub…

We purchased this bath sling to couple with our FlexiBath tub and it aaaaalmost fits perfectly. We’ve tried a couple others and this is as close to a perfect fit that we’ve found.

Lorie Peyton, CO

Makes bathing baby a breeze

I bought this for my three month old because she was too big to bathe in the sink. The seat was smaller than I expected, so I’m hoping she doesn’t outgrow it before she can sit up on her own in the tub.Overall, I like the seat. It makes it easy to bathe her in the tub, and she seems to like it as well. I picked this seat over others because it doesn’t have any hard plastic parts for her to bump against and it sits low in the water, keeping her head up, but allowing the rest of her body to stay warm in the water. I also like that the cover is washable, and it does dry very quickly.Some people have complained that there are no restraints and that you constantly have to keep a hand on your baby. I actually like that there are no restraints, and you should always keep a hand on your baby while bathing them anyway. No restraints makes it so much easier to bathe your baby, especially when you have to work to make sure you get in all the creases of baby’s chubby legs, etc.My recommendation is to buy this seat in preparation for having a baby. It would make newborn sponge bathing easier, and it is small enough that even if you are lacking in space you’ll be able to find a place to use it.**UPDATE**My baby is now 11 months old and I still use this bath seat. Even though she can sit up on her own, it is so much easier to wash her hair, and I don’t have to worry about her slipping around in the bath tub. She still loves it, and still fits in it. She loves to kick her legs and splash. I will admit my child is on the small end of the charts, and most people won’t be able to use this seat that long, but it has been great for me.I recently washed it for the first time, and it wasn’t to difficult to get off or put back on, and it washed great.

Daisy Bryson City, NC

My daughter hated this sling

…and therefore, so did I. My daughter never liked baths before she could sit up. I’d use this bath sling thinking that it would be comfortable, but instead she would get cold (you can’t have the water level very high for safety reasons) and would flop around in protest. I was so busy keeping her from drowning that it was almost impossible to actually clean her. After trying this a handful of times, I ended up just taking her into the shower with me instead until she was old enough to sit up and she was much happier. Now she can sit in the tub and plays and LOVES bath time for the first time ever.

Nadia Creston, WA