Safety 1st Bath Toy Bag

Safety 1st Bath Toy Bag

Safety 1st BA052 Bath Toy Bag is a colorful stretchy mesh bag with 2 suction cups to conveniently hold the bag with bath toys to the wall, encouraging your child to put their bath toys away after tub time.

Main features

  • Colorful, stretchy mesh bag
  • 2 suction cups
  • Machine washable
  • Great Toy Holder
  • New Design

Verified reviews


It’s just…OK

As my son discovered the fun of bathtime recently, I quickly bought several small bath toys and this mesh bag for storage. While he loves the toys, we’re having some problems with the toy bag. First of all, he mainly wants to take the toys out of the bag and put them back in. But, the suction cups have a hard time staying attached to the wall or the side of the tub as he pulls on them, which gets him frustrated. He also gets frustrated by the toys getting stuck in the mesh as he tries to pull them out. Since bathtime comes right before bedtime, we’re dealing with a tired, easily frustrated toddler, so this causes a few short-lived fits each night in the bath. It’s also not the easiet thing to get the toys from the bag into the bath at the beginning of his bath. I have to fish around to grab each toy, several of which get stuck on the mesh sides. It would be better if the bottom opened (like the trash bag I have in my car) and the entire contents could just be emptied into the tub. While he loves to empty and fill this bag…I think I’m going to have to look for a less frustrating, easier-to-use product.

Bridget Wymore, NE

Perfect for out shower!

I needed something small to put in my shower for when the baby is with me. This toy bag is perfect in size and I’ve had absolutely no problem with it falling off of the wall. Granted…if you check the measurements you will see that the bag isn’t that big and thus can’t hold heavy toys. I have set of stacking cups and her foam letters in it. LIke I mentioned, this sticks great and is so handy.

Flossie Kresgeville, PA

Great Bag and it Sticks to the Wall of My Shower!!!

My shower is plastic, not ceramic and I often have trouble getting suction cups to stay put. This bag stays and I am so happy. We have it loaded with toys, stacking cups, boats, boon bugs… and it stays on the wall. My 15 month old loves to take all the toys out and put them back one at a time, over and over again. I like this bag, I don’t really understand why others don’t.

Lillian Brooks, ME


The thing with this bag is that it would only be able to hold a few very light weight bath stuff, like the numbers or letters that go on the bath wall. My son has many toys, and even the weight of two small rubber ducks wont allow the bag to stick. Honesly its not worth it! Now it just sits on the corner ledge of the bathtub, and acts more as a grocery bags to store toys.

Bianca Elma, WA

Stays in place and is nice size for a small bathroom

We have a medium-sized shower that we put our son’s tub into when he takes a bath, and we have this hanging on the window that is in the shower (no-see-through-glass of course). The bag has stayed in place for the past few months that we have had it. It is up kind of high, so as to be out of the way, and so we do put a bit of downward pressure on it when we are taking toys out of it, and it still has never budged. I like that it has great airflow so that toys do not get stinky or moldy. Quite honestly, it is a much higher quality and a little bigger than I expected for the price. When I ordered it, I thought “well, if it doesn’t work, I’ve wasted less than $4.” I am very pleased with this product.UPDATE 6-14-14: We just moved into an apartment that has shower walls that are slightly textured, and nothing with suction cups will stick to these walls, including this bag. We have just looped it around the bar on the side wall, but this makes the opening smaller, and it makes it difficult to get toys in and out of. Also, now that our son is older, and his toys have things that stick out (e.g., toy fishing pole), it is not easy to get those toys out of this bag, it is much better suited to smooth toys like balls and rubber duckies (though even the beak of the ducky sometimes gets momentarily hung up on the netting).

Kelly Stonewall, OK

SO SO… edited

I was getting a little distracted by all the reviews for higher prices bath toy bags. This is awesome and does the job. I am happy I went with this one! Holds lots of toys… more than we have for sure!I am editing about 2 months after I purchased this bag.. IT KEEPS FALLING DOWN! I had to change to 3 stars. It still does what I need it to do, but it is annoying always having to put it back up.AFTER A YEAR… I hate this thing. It is always on the floor of my shower. It is a piece of junk.

Francesca Fairfax, VA

Great bath toy bag

This bag does what it needs to. Loved the price, easy to clean and sticks well to the bath wall. Dries toys quickly. No complaints.

Cathleen Leicester, NC

Great bag for a great price

I have had this bag for atleast 6 months and it does just fine. It’s never fallen down, but I only keep it about half full. I’d buy it again and I’d recommend it.

Ella Caliente, CA

Good for the money!

Like this alot…make sure you sont put it in the wetest spot in the shower and clean the shower and suction cups before applying and it works great! holds a good amount and is a good price!

Ana Saint John, KS

Does not work properly

The suction cups don’t stick very well to our tub. If I can get them to stick, they won’t hold with any weight of toys. We ended up using something else and this has been disgarded.

Jerri Dellroy, OH

Great Product

I bought this after our other bath bag started getting moldy. This one works great. The water completely drains after each use and its actually pretty strong. The suction cups work well and theres enough room to hold alot of toys.

Jannie Warsaw, NC

i like it

i like that i can finally but all my son’s bath toys in one place so when he is finish bathing it a easy clean up o it stays on the wall good but u just can’t put on heavy toys in it

Susana Hastings, MI

good for the price

this is a good inexpensive toy bag, but you have to stick your hand in all the way to fish for toys on the bottom… but does the job!

Madeleine Zanoni, VA

GREAT suction on tile!

Although this has mixed reviews I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did! It sticks wonderfully to my bathroom tile wall. It’s also very big and holds a lot of toys. Plus it’s machine washable. Recommend!

Trina Holyrood, KS

Great bath toy bag…. but it does get stinky…

Holds up very well. Haven’t had it drop like my previous toy holder (the frog). But I do need to say that it gets stinky after a short while. It starts smelling like a damp towel… you have to take it down and wash it. I sprayed it with oxiclean and put it in the washer — then I tumble dried it.

Cassandra Rickreall, OR

Quiet large

This product is much larger than it appears in the picture. I was able to fit a tug boat a ducky and over 20 other toys into this toy bag. The suction cups hold firm to the wall in our tub. I am very happy with the size and durability of the material.

Kerri Plattenville, LA

Good product

At first I thought this felt like a super cheap thing. Surprisingly its been very durable and stretches to hold quite a bit of stuff. Very good product for the price.

Rowena Moss Beach, CA

Kept sliding down

Didn’t stay on our bathtub walls. Kept sliding down.

Sherri Eunice, MO

Very sturdy bag!

When I saw the price of this one, I just couldn’t pass it up. I followed the instructions to dab some water on the suction cups before placement. It stuck to the wall right away without any problems. I decided I wanted to move it a little further over though and it really was stuck to the wall! I had to put my nail under the side of each suction cup to get it to lift. I didn’t bother applying more water since it was still moist and it adhered to the wall right away. Our very persistent and strong one year old has tugged on it quite a bit and it’s withstood the beating. It’s also got about 15 toys in it and could hold at least that many more. Another bonus for this bag is that it won’t hold water that might drain from the toys. This was a fantastic find and we’re very pleased!

Mari Jim Thorpe, PA


This bath toy bath does the job, looks nice and adheres very well to the bath tile. As with any suction cups, it’s always a good idea to wet the suction cup first, them press into place. This creates a good seal between the suction cup and the surface.I like the material of this bag. It’s a very soft mesh. The bag itself is very light and dries quickly too.

Rosalie Rowley, MA

wish suction cups would hold the weight in bag

Item is sturdy to hold foam toys, plastic toys, etc, but suction cups are a no hold…yeah and I don’t have a ceramic bathtub so suction is bad, but bathroom is not meant to be dry at all times. Will try to hold toy bag with S-hooks to towel bar in shower/bath.

Fern Piedmont, CA

Perfect bag for the tub

Size is perfect – holds a lot or a little equally well. Suction cups work well. Cute to look at also.

Eunice Quinton, AL

holds so much

doesn’t stick great had to glue or hand on shower holder but really holds soo much and doesn’t hold in water, great for price

Angel Newagen, ME

Awesome little bag!

This is a great, simple bag for our tub toys. It sticks well on our bathroom tile. Good price, too!

Phyllis New Trenton, IN

Gets the job done

The suction cups stick well to the shower wall and hold a bunch of toys without slipping. No problems here!

Jean Red Creek, NY


Great place to safely put babys water toys even keeps to the wall when I overload it. LOL. Super cute colors too.

Elisha Ellsworth, IL


This little toy bag is amazing! It holds a TON and I mean a TON of toys and never falls off the wall.

Goldie Versailles, MO

fits A LOT of toys!

this is a great item. it fits way more toys than i was expecting. i originally had the munchkin turtle bath toy caddy and this one holds twice as much. the suction cups hold up well (it only came off when my son yanked on it real hard). it fit a foam alphabet and letter set, a 10 piece foam puzzle block set, 6 floatie toys, our inflatable spout cover, and a couple of cups.the only reason I gave it 4 starts instead of 5 is that the toys sometimes get stuck in the netting design so it’s hard for my son to untangle it to get the toy out. other than that, great product, great value. i have had it for a few months now and it is holding up well. i definitely recommend it.

Adrian Linn, WV

durable and holds a lot!

We have tried several bath toy holders and this is by far the best. Even when it is loaded with toys it holds to the side of the tub with no problem (even with little ones tugging on it). It is easy to move and adjust as needed though. Expands considerably to really hold a lot of toys. Because of the design of the bag it allows the toys to drain well, not leaving excess water sitting around. The one complaint is that it is a bit difficult for my daughter to pull toys out (she is 16 months)- the toys get stuck in the netting sometimes. Overall would definitely buy again.

Latisha Girard, OH

It’s working great for us.

I got this toy bag even though I was worried it wouldn’t stick. We have a plastic shower surround in our bathroom. I figured if it didn’t stick on it’s own I could upgrade it to some locking suction cupsPowerlock Suction Hooks Combo Packwhich work great in my shower. But, so far, it’s stayed up just fine. I only have a set of tub blocks, 2 small toys and the “temperature duck” in it so it’s not too heavy yet. I’m curious to see how well it will hold once my daughter gets big enough to pull on it.

Beverley Alpha, MI