Safety 1st Bath Toy Bag

Safety 1st Bath Toy Bag

Safety 1st 48210 Bath Toy Bag is a colorful stretchy mesh bag with 2 suction cups to conveniently hold the bag with bath toys to the wall, encouraging your child to put their bath toys away after tub time.

Main features

  • Colorful, stretchy mesh bag
  • 2 suction cups
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Works great.

I am surprised the suction cups stick so well to our bathtub and we have it loaded up pretty full. Have had it about 2-3 weeks and definitely worth the money!

Dixie Big Timber, MT

Better then what I expected

I love it. Goes on the wall nicely. Holds all of my daughter’s bath toys. Not a bad price. Pretty sturdy

Jeanie Wayland, MA

Dont buy!

If the whole point of buying this is so that you can HANG it on the bath wall……PASS! It doesnt even remotely stay. Im not bothering sending it back (to much of a hassel)as i can still put the toys in it but I did want it to hang on the wall. VERY DISSAPOINTED!

Corinne Riverside, IL

Easy to use, easy to fix, does what it’s supposed to do- hold toys

It sticks, it doesn’t stick, it sticks, it slides, it stays in place- the reviews were not all that helpful.HOWEVER- I got this bag because it’s an open weave, so even if the suction cups won’t work on my wall, I could always get some new ones cheaply. Or, I could use a shower curtain hook or one of those toy rings and hang it on the inside of my shower rod with our loofahs. Or I can get some hooks and attach them to the wall. And now I never ever have to worry about suction cups again.

Suzette Strawberry Valley, CA

Perfect fit!

The package was so small I thought it would be a teeny bag. But, I opened it up and the most amazing thing happened, it stretched and stretched and…. It holds all her bath toys and has space for more! The construction of the netting is not stringy or flimsy. The suction was a non-issue. Very good buy. We are very pleased.

Cassandra Hackberry, LA

Stays Put

We’ve been using this bag for almost a year and it has held up great so far. Holds all the little squirt toys wash poufs just fine with no smell or mildew issues with the bag or the items stored in it.

Krista Huffman, TX

Great Basic Item

This is all you need for bath toys. Yes. the $24.99 frog is cute….BUT IT IS $24.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL to pay that for something to hold toys! And my friends that have it say the scooping feature SUCKS! So get this! It serves its purpose, it holds up well and it isn’t ugly!

Gina Homer, IL

Great design, material, and size

The old thing I bought to hold bath toys was supposedly mildew resistant, but it got all gross, despite trying to wash it and sanitize it. This one is great because with the netting design is really lets all the water out, but the toys don’t fall through. The net is stretchy, so it is smaller and doesn’t take up too much space, but it stretches to hold a lot more if you need it to. It is a simple attractive design and not big eyesore like the previous thing we had in our tub.

Michael Stockton, CA

Does the job well

I was a little skeptical ordering this due to the listed dimensions, but it stretches to accommodate an amazingly large amount of toys.We have quite a bit of weight in ours and it sticks very well. Occasionally one of the suction cups will pop off, but is immediately and easily reapplied by wetting the cup a little.

Ava Hattiesburg, MS

Like This!!

We bought this for the bathtub of course! Our kids and love it! It has enough room for all the toys and gets the toys dry and picked up!

Claudine Cowdrey, CO

Does Not Stick to the Wall

If you think this thing will stick to the bathtub wall and stay there, forget it. Maybe if it’s empty, but that’s no good. And toys were forever getting tangled in it making my toddler mad. Try something else.

Leona Wellington, KY

Doesn’t stay on tiled wall

I did read a few reviews about this not sticking up but I figured that either the owner put too much weight in the bag or put the suction cups on a bumpy surface…Well, I followed the instructions exactly and purposely only put a few toys in the bag to test it out. I have a very smooth tile in this particular bathroom and made sure the cups were suctioned to a flat, cleaned surface. Still fell…boo. It’s cheap enough that it’s not the end of the world but it would be nice if it worked well as it is plenty big and easy to use.

Regina Belt, MT

Works great!

After reading reviews of similar products that just don’t do the job, I went with this one over a year ago and it’s still holding up perfectly — even crammed with a ton of bath toys inside!

Lenore North New Portland, ME

Great for small shower/tub combos

Ill start by saying I was really leery of buying this product since it was so cheap, but I was desperate to have something in our tub since our bathroom is small and basically overflowing with baby bath toys. It is great and holds a surprising amount for the size of the suction cups. I am able to fit three little balls, a Green Toys boat, shampoo, loofa and five small squeeze toys all in there.The only thing you have to pay attention to is actually making sure the suction cups are WET before applying, otherwise the hold won’t be great, in our case, on tile.

Betsy Warsaw, IN