Safety 1st Bi-Fold Door Lock

Safety 1st Bi-Fold Door Lock

The bi-fold door lock is specially designed to prevent toddlers from opening folding doors. Child-resistant lock stays out of your child’s reach. Fits standard bi-fold doors. Ideal for laundry rooms and closets.

Main features

  • White. Carded
  • Plastic clamp lock fits over top of standard bi-fold doors to help keep kids from opening
  • Made in China
  • Child-resistant lock stays out of your child’s reach
  • Fits standard bi-fold doors
  • Ideal for laundry rooms and closets

Verified reviews


Not for frequently used doors!

I was a little disappointed when we received these, as they’re rather difficult to move (especially for a short person)! I need something for a pantry and coat closet, however, going into those areas several times a day has become tedious. I intend to try some other options.

Lessie Rio Rancho, NM

Worked well

These worked well and were easy to use but we are tall people. If you cannot reach the top of the closet door easily you may want to try and find a different product.

Mona Union Dale, PA

This did the trick!

Great product! I’m so happy with this one…I originally bought the “Mommy’s Helper Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Lock” which was a good idea but poorly executed. With the Safety 1st it’s adjustable with the twist of a knob! The problem I had with the Mommy’s helper was that it was way too big and left too much space for the door to open and eventually pinch little fingers. I would hands down recommend this product for anyone whos trying to keep little rug rats out of bi-fold doors!

Gena Cosmos, MN

Does exactly what we wanted.

It’s cheap. It’s easy. My kid’s cant reach it. My only suggestion is to resist the urge to tighten it a lot, because it can be a little hard to loosen afterward. As long as it’s snug, it’s not going anywhere.

Sybil Whitefield, NH

Great way to prevent pinched fingers

These go on in two seconds, and are easy to slide over or remove. They are very effective, and don’t scratch the wood.

Gretchen Benoit, MS

Keeps Toddler Out of Closet

Bought these to keep my little explorer out of the pantry, linen closet, etc. These work well on slated bi-fold doors.Pros:Can unlock the mechanism and then open the closet with 1 hand, important with baby in other handInexpensiveBlend in nicely with the white painted doorKeeps toddler from rearranging the closetsCons:The locks aren’t as sturdy as a thicker plastic or a metal lock would be (these locks are plastic) and if my toddler really wanted to get into the closet, in another year or so he might be able to pull hard enough to break in. (But he hasn’t busted into the closet yet.)In all, the product does what it says, keeps my toddler out of the pantry.I recommend purchasing these locks.

Marci Kaneohe, HI

finally keep our closet bifold doors shut!

We tried several different bi-fold locks before finally finding this one that works. It seems a little flimsy at first, but it does its job. If you are unable to reach the top of your closet doors easily though, this product will get annoying quick. I can reach ours, but barely. We first tried to put them on the bottom of the doors, which worked just fine until our 1 year old figured out how to work them (after 1 day!). I’m just glad his socks and shoes aren’t scattered all over his room now…

Petra Pemberton, MN

Pops right off

Don’t waste your time with this one–it just pops right off the top. I haven’t found a good solution for the bi-fold door, sorry.

Cecile Ovid, NY


These locks are AWESOME. We slid them into the folding spots on my preschooler’s closet doors. The photo is misleading and makes it look like they lock in the middle between the doors, but they actually slide into place where the doors fold, so make sure to order two.

Janna Wheelersburg, OH


I have a little two year old Houdini who figures out how to escape out of anywhere and can get into everything, no matter how much I child-proof. We purchased this so he would stop getting into his closet when he was meant to be taking a nap. I was disappointed that the doors of his closet where too thick for this, so make sure that you measure thickness before you purchase. We actually had to end up disassembling it and using only the outside part of it without the knob. It still does the trick, as it is too high for the little one to move.

Gretchen Lake Lynn, PA

Works well for us

We had to remove the inside bracket to get these to fit our bi-fold doors. The fit is now a bit loose but the lock does what we want it to do, keeps the kids out!

Brandi Paden, OK

Does what it says but not very useful if you are frequently opening the door

This product does what it says, however it is not very useful if the door it’s on is one that is opened frequently. We have a coat/shoe closet in our entryway that we intended to use this on. The doors are opened just about every time someone enters and exits the house. This product has to be unscrewed and slid to the side to open the door, then slid back and screwed tight after closing the door. Also, this goes on the top of the doors so it can be rather difficult to reach. I am 5′ 7" and have a hard time reaching it to unlock it. We will not be using this product.

Kasey Grygla, MN

Awesome product!

These things are great! They work well to keep toddlers out of closets and such but they will go flying if you forget it’s on there and just open the door with a bit of force. I purchased these for all the closets in my home and found that with solid oak doors I had to remove the adjuster piece to get it to fit…not an issue but I don’t think they work quite as well without that bit of reinforcement. I also purchased some for the pediatric therapy place to keep littles out of the toy closets and am always told that the other moms love it and want to know where it was purchased! Overall I believe they work well as a training tool to help teach toddlers places that are off limits but eventually the kids will figure out how to yank the door open and send it flying.

Lacey Salem, OH