Safety 1st Blind Cord Wind Ups

Safety 1st Blind Cord Wind Ups

Blind Cord Wind Ups. Retract excess blind cords with a simple turn of the wrist to prevent dangerous choking accidents. White. 2 per card. Made in China.

Main features

  • Blind Cord Wind Ups
  • Retract excess blind cords with a simple turn of the wrist to prevent dangerous choking accidents
  • White 2 per card
  • Stores excess cord out of your child’s reach
  • Easy for you to wind and release
  • Does not interfere with use of blinds

Verified reviews


Great idea but didn’t work for me

These are a great idea but didn’t work for me. Our cords are thick and long and wouldn’t fit inside the box.

Jayne Marysville, KS

Easy to use

Functional and easy to use. They do the job. They aren’t the prettiest thing, but they work to keep my son safe, which is the most important.

Crystal Derma, MS

NOT a safety device!!!

Many kids have been able to remove safety devices in less than 30 seconds. It takes less than 5 minutes for a parent to leave the room to get something and return to find their child hanging from the cords…DEAD!!! It is safer to spend the money and go CORDLESS!!! But if you must keep your corded blinds, get the Fashion Wand (approved by PFWBS). Go to Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS) website and read all the testimonials of kids who died or were severely injured by blind cords. Watch the videos they have of kids bypassing or breaking safety devices on cords in less than 30 seconds. And then decide if you want to install a safety kit or remove the danger altogether.

Dale Oil City, LA

Does the job

There is no perfect solution to window blind cords, but I think these do well. I actually used this kind years ago for pets. I do usually have to open and close them to unwind, but that is okay. What is important is that they put the cord high above a child’s reach. I just ordered many more for the rest of the windows. However, for the kid’s room we have the kind that is screwed into to the wall and wraps the cord around, so there is no chance of these plastic parts falling.

Heather Catonsville, MD

Works fine, easy to install.

We have busy almost-two year old twins who are fascinated with the many window blinds in our house. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but needed a quick fix. These did the trick, easy to install, and keep the cords just out of their reach. They do pop off from time to time, but are easily replaced. I’ve purchased several different brands, and they are all about the same. I wouldn’t spend extra money on ones that claim to do better than this type.

Margret Goldsmith, TX

Safety Hazard

Although the design of these is to wind the cord shorter, when a window is open and blinds are drawn the cord does get longer. I left a room for 30 seconds and came back to see that my son had pulled the cord down and had it wrapped around his neck. Terrifying. Although these do pop open easily, they most definitely did not pop open from the pressure of a child’s neck which I find to be a SERIOUS design flaw. From a company named Safety 1st – back to the drawing board on these!

Violet Frankfort, IL