Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper, Spring Green

Safety 1st Clear View Nail Clipper, Spring Green

Keep little nails looking neat. The clear view nail clippers feature a 5X magnifying lens that makes trimming your child’s nails easier.

Main features

  • Adjustable 5X magnifying lens for a clear view
  • Curved clipping edges
  • Easy grip handle for a sure hold

Verified reviews


My kids’ nail kept chipping.

This is the 3rd nail clipper I have tried. It’s not sharp at all, so my two kids’ nail kept chipping and breaking. My 2 years old and 8 months old kept getting scratch marks on their face. There are much better alternatives out there.

Savannah Ballinger, TX

Works Well

The clippers work well. I’ve never gotten used to using the magnifying glass attached to them. I found it more of a nuisance.

Louisa Iowa, LA

Love this Clipper!

As a first time mom, the task of clipping my little one’s nails was scary. I tried one that came as part of a large kit from Summer Infant… that was awkward to use and I think too dull to cut quickly and nicely, it made an already difficult task even more difficult. I was given this simple little clipper along with a bunch of other items from an experienced mom as a shower gift. So on my second attempt I tried this clipper – what a difference! It is an easy to hold clipper with a small cutting surface that easily trimmed my baby’s nails. I have never used the magnifier component, I don’t need to because this is designed so well. My little one is now 2 and this is the only clipper I have used since the first day I tried it. Love this!

Mai Buchanan, MI

Magnifying glass is useless, but I love the big handle

This nail clipper works great. I originally bought it because I thought the magnifying glass feature would be useful in trimming infant nails. However, as you begin to push down to clip the nails, the magnifying glass moves with it, thereby losing your focal point on the nail. However, the clipper is still awesome in its own right due to the huge paddle handle that makes it very easy to use. The size of the blade is perfect for infant nails and the hinge design is precise and well manufactured.

Kelsey Harmony, IN

…one of those indispensable baby products

We had one and I purchased a second to make my life easier… vs. running around and constantly searching for the other one.

Patsy Rimforest, CA