Safety 1st Comfy Bath Cushion, Green

Safety 1st Comfy Bath Cushion, Green

The Safety 1st 44621 Comfy Bath Cushion makes bathing your baby easier than ever with its uniquely contoured shape to ensure comfort. You can sponge bathe your baby quickly and easily. As your baby grows, you can use the slip resistant cushion in your infant bathtub.

Main features

  • Uniquely contoured shape in fun frog design
  • Hypo allergenic foam
  • Maximizes comfort in sponge bathing
  • Perfect for newborn sponge bathing and provides for infant bathtub cushioning

Verified reviews


A must have for those first few weeks

This is a must have for those wipe down days. I just put it on the counter and wiped my baby down with a damp washcloth. It’s inexpensive and is much better than trying to give your newborn a wipe down whilst holding him.To dry it, I just squeezed out the water and stood it upright to dry. You don’t really use this too long before moving onto a baby bathtub, so there’s no real need to worry about mold.Highly recommend.

Kristie Allendale, IL

A must have for hard sink and tub bottoms

I got this little froggie, actually, with a tub. The tub was just too much to handle (filling it up, emptying it out) and so I went the old fashion way, as my Mom stated and “Just use the sink.” But I needed something on the bottom of the sink for my little one to sit on. We’ve been using this thing from 4 months onward. Then our froggie started to get old and I needed a replacement. THIS froggie was the EXACT froggie we got with the tub! Perfect! Now I can continue with using it with daughter now 2 yrs old, which we now use in the tub. As for it’s roughness? I don’t use it just to lie my little one on and use a damp cloth to bath her. No. It is rough that way. How I use it and why it’s wonderful to me? It’s because it’s completely submerged in water. UNDER the water, completely filled with water, and absorbs the water, so it’s very soft. After bath time, I wring it out, and hang it over the towel rod (ours is inside the tub, so any drips-drips stay in the tub). Wonderful, wonderful sponge for bathing. Fills up the sink’s bottom when she was a baby. Definitely a item that has lasted and worked for us for almost 2 years.

Marcella Detroit, MI

perfect for tub

I’m not sure why people thought this would be bigger – read the size specs. It’s big enough for at least half of baby’s body to be on the mat and the other half can be kicking legs in water. My daughter loved it. Now she’s old enough to sit in the tub and I use it as a kneeling mat. Great buy!

Elise Beedeville, AR

It works.

This bath cushion was exactly as expected. Very simple, just a sponge to keep baby from sliding around in the tub.

Esmeralda Smithfield, IL

not comfy at all

We have this sponge for our baby and thought it would be good for sponge baths in the first few weeks but he hated it. It was itchy and very thin. I wouldn’t want to lay on it with no clothes on either. I ended up ditching the cushion and folding up a big beach towel, it seemed more comfortable for him. The cushion also wasn’t very long, our son was 20 inches when he was born and was already a bit to big for it.

Cleo Riverside, MO

a little small

I have used many of these bath sponges. Every few months I just throw them away and get a new one. It is really great being able to give the baby a bath in the bathtub and not one of those baby tubs. However I will say that compared to all the sponges I have used this one is the smallest and thinnest. I would use a different brand because my 8 month old fits the others much better.

Berta Brunswick, ME

Perfect for new babies

I love this product. Both of my children hated the infant bath tub, putting them in an awkward position, so this was the perfect solution. I put a bit of water in the tub, just to dip the washcloth in, and tada – perfect for laying the baby flat. I highly recommend it.

Janie Lentner, MO

Love the Froggie!

Just wish it was a little longer as my baby is a little on the larger size. Great for travel!

Anna Huntington, VT

good for newborns

use this in the bath to lay flat and wash my baby. he is now 7 months old and its way too small, so meant for small babies not bigger ones. love it, wring it out and let dry between uses so it wont develop stinky smell or rot

Eddie Chaska, MN

Works good for what I bought it for

I bought this to put in the bottom of my inflatable baby tub (Snug Tub) because some reviews said it was slippery on the bottom. It wasn’t that slippery….but I like this product anyway. It keeps my baby relatively still and I don’t feel like I need to keep my hand on him to keep him from sliding down while I soap him up. I’m also planning to use it when he’s big enough for the big tub. It doesn’t really stay at the bottom but I don’t think its meant to be completely under water. When he’s sitting on it, it stays fine. It takes a lot of wringing to get all the water out. Its thick and coushy and a nice place for baby to sit. If I have another baby I will use this for my newborn, inside of, or instead of the hard infant tub.

Cecilia Clayton, AL

Can’t wait to use!

My sister recommended this to me after having her 3 children and using this product. She told me it is very helpful for those first few weeks when you are just using a wash cloth to bath your newborn! It is such a great price as well!

Katherine Cotati, CA

Tiny and Uncomfortable

It does cushion the baby’s head, but this foam cushion is barely large enough for a newborn. In a couple months, it will only be big enough to support the baby’s head. The rest of their body will hang off, and you can imagine that that gets a little uncomfortable! The foam isn’t particularly soft either.

Guadalupe Canaseraga, NY

Must have for bath time.

Perfect for what I needed, and kept my baby cushioned, safe in the bath. For sure made bath time easier.

Millie Juneau, AK

Awesome for Bath!

UPDATE:We used this bath cushion for our first child and loved it! We tossed it once she was sitting up.When I was about to have our second baby this was one of my must haves! We bought this bath cushion again and it too was excellent. It’s as soft as any other foam and just the right size for a newborn- 5 month old to lay down on. I love that it’s smaller than a baby tub but provides the same comfort and security. This, in my opinion, is so much better than a baby tub! I highly recommend this item!We have used this with our baby since she was a newborn. It works great for bath time. We just lay this down in the sink or tub, fill the tub or sink with about 2 inches of water , make sure this thing is soaked and lay her on it. I highly disagree with comments that say this thing is scratchy or thin (maybe they got duds??). I think it’s perfect and does it’s job very nicely.

Lola Witts Springs, AR

it’s perfect!

This item is exactly what I was looking for, something soft and cushy to support my little guy in his baby bath. It drys quickly, and is adorable. I highly recommend this item!

Valerie Stevensville, MD

Baby bath mat

I bought this to bathe my infant grandson when he is visiting. It holds him securely, but I would not move away from him, and dries fast. When he is older I will use it in the tub for him to sit on. For now it is cosy and clean for sink baths. It is also small and inexpensive which counts for a grandma who already has a house that is beginning to look like babyland.

Casey Beeson, WV

Does the job

LOVE this bath cushion! We use it every night at bathtime. My son is 3mo old now and he lies down on it, but once he’s sitting up he can still use it to sit on and not slide around. Worth the money.

Keri Winfield, AL

I love this for how I use it

When my son was born he freaked out in a baby bath so I put this pad in my bathroom sink to give a little cushion and keep my baby from sliding. He did much better in the cozy little sink. This pad is not thick which for me was perfect because I went from the sink to sitting on a stool in my shower and putting the pad on my lap and I lay my son on my lap and again the pad keeps him from sliding and I use a hand held shower head to bathe him on my lap and he LOVES it! He is now 8 months and I still bathe him this way. He sits in a BUMBO seat in the shower with me while I shower and when I sit and grab the green foam he starts to yelp and and giggle and wave his arms with excitement. This works great, as I said, for the way I use it. If your looking for a very thick foam pad then this isn’t the one for you. It lasted 7 months without falling apart at all until I made the mistake of letting my son play with it and he bit it and ripped the head off so this is purchase #2.

Susanna Newton Lower Falls, MA

Nice product

It’s thin enough to use as extra cushion in the baby tub and thick enough to do its job. Exactly what we wanted

Earnestine Belton, KY

This is a really great product and a must have for a wiggly baby in the tub

These are so hard to find in the stores. I use these in the bottom of my special needs daughters bath chair. She does not like the mesh feeling on the seat and this keeps her from slipping around. I have had many before and I have even washed them in the washing machine a few times to make them last a little longer. I always order two or three at a time so I can have them on hand.

Jesse Burlingame, KS

Works, yet a bit small.

Get the yellow sponge. This one’s cute and fine, functional and friendly, though the yellow comfort sponge is a bit larger and better suited to hold baby. This one can be your back up if you really love frogs like me.

Hannah Kingsley, IA