Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty Pretty in Pink

Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty Pretty in Pink

7035 Features: -3-in-1 design features potty, trainer seat, and step stool.-Soft cushioned seat with flip up lid.-Easy grip handles for added stability.-Specially designed bowl prevents leaks and spills.-Removable bowl for easy cleaning.-Unique reversible seat with deflector shield.-Non-slip grip strips on base. Color/Finish: -Color: Pink.

Main features

  • Super soft, comfy seat ring for ultimate child comfort while using potty
  • Converts into a step stool anytime, to extend use of product beyond toilet training age
  • Specially designed bowl prevents leaks and spills
  • Pink color scheme for little girls

Verified reviews


Absolutely Disgusting!

Despite wiping it down, spraying it with alcohol, and even sunning it, the seat still managed to grow a new form of life: URINE MILDEW. It got so freaking fragrant that we could smell our baby playing God all the way down the hall and into our living room. It probably did not help how easy it is to bite chunks off the seat which is the first thing that happened when we brought the chair home. Potty Chair hit points < 2 yr old bite strength. Should I even mention the lovely doughnut-like rash the Gremlin had around her butt from this thing? Do not buy it! The store frowns upon you returning it with urine mildew!

Eula Cresbard, SD

Cushy seat absorbs urine!!

This is the same design as The Cars, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Blue/Pink versions potties. I’ve left same comments on the blue version:My son uses it since he was a month old, when all of a sudden he has decided not to poop in this diaper and could hold it for days. He was a 2 months premature baby and weighted 5 pounds when he was a month old. I’ve compared all potties at Toysrus, this is the one with the smallest seating ring to fit my son’s tiny bump. Immediately, I’ve noticed although it is made by SafetyFirst, it is not safe at all. It would slide and shift when my son wiggles and kick while seating on it. The anti-slip pads at the bottom are just too small to hold it still on wooden flooring. Also, it doesn’t have a backrest or handle that baby can lean on to. I have to hold my son from the back and at the same time holding the potty still with my feet.Secondly, the cushion seat and the bowl seemed to be designed without testing. Urine would go around the underside of the cushion, I have to wash both the bowl and the cushion after every use.Then, after 7 months of usage, something horrible happened….. Yesterday when I was washing the potty, I might have been holding the cushion a little too hard, there was water and bubbles coming out from the cushion. It was until then I’ve realized that the cushion ABSORBS urine and water! No wonder the potty stinks no matter how many times I’ve soaked it in bleach diluted water in trying to get rid of the urine smell. The bubbles that I’ve squeezed out is aparently the detergent that I’ve been using all along. This really solved the mystery of my son’s rash on his thigh last week, and the wet onesie (I thought the bottom flap of the onesie had accidentally fall into the bowl while potty time). My son has never had any diaper rash or skin problem since birth, the rash on his thigh really scared me. It is horrible to know that it is the liquid that has built up in 7 months, and is a mixture of urine, detergent, bleach and water that was irritating his skin.

Darla Light Street, PA

Daughter loves it!

We have had this for over a year with no problems. My daughter’s pee goes straight down in the bowl area. I’ve never had a problem with pee collecting under the seat, and since she doesn’t pee on the seat, so far no pee has soaked into the seat. I guess if you pee all over the seat, that could happen!The seat is super comfy (looks to be, that is!). That’s why I picked this one. It also is great to have it convert to a step stool. My daughter uses her potty, then closes the lid, steps up to the sink, and washes her hands right away. Love it.I am able to empty with minimal problems. It doesn’t pour like from a funnel, but I don’t find it challenging getting the pee into the big potty. The few times my daughter tried to empty it herself she spilled some, probably the same with any training potty.We clean it with bleach wipes and so far no odors, no foam degrading. It looks almost new, actually. I often let the bowl and seat dry out separately overnight in the bathtub after cleaning, so it gets good and dried out. If you left the lid closed over it and it was moist, maybe it would get mildewy.I love that for girls, you can flip the foam seat over so the urine guard isn’t in the way. Most other potties seem to assume that all toddlers have penises and need a splash guard. Why can’t they make more girl potties without that darn guard for the 50% of kids who pee down, not straight out?!The only downside is my daughter is very tall for her age, and she’s now outgrowing it. I came online just now to find a seat that will fit on the grownup potty, only to find out that all have mixed reviews and are overpriced. Oh well.My daughter loves this potty, and it has really made potty traning go smoothly. Check it out at a local retailer if you’re unsure. Recommended.

Jeri Rhodelia, KY

A bit cumbersome…

This was not the potty I wanted because of the reviews I read, but it was given to me as a gift so we took it and have definitely used it! At 16 months, my daughter needed some lifting to get her positioned right. By age 2 she’s doing OK. She always has a red ring on her tushy when she gets up. The cushioned seat is nice, but does stain, and clorox wipes don’t help. The lid is big so when open, it takes up more room. My daughter has also fallen back on it and it hurts (we have it against a wall…well, as much as the lid will allow). We ended up taking the lid off because of that, so if you get it, I wouldn’t put it on unless you travel or need it as a step stool. Others are right in that the urine will go down under the cushion and I agree that it doesn’t dump very easily (I try to always dump it from the same side so my hands are less likely to get gross). It does the job though & works as a nice step stool for my daughter to help me put laundry in our washer.

Marcia Budd Lake, NJ

high maintenance

I like the comfty cushion and that’s it. It’s cumbersome to put the pieces back together; pan, rim & cushion must line up just right. The catch bin is big and when you empty it, the contents tend to spill out of the rim. I didn’t buy it for the step stool feature, but daughter figured it can be used that way. When she drags it to the counter, it often comes apart and she can’t get it back together because the three pieces have to line up. In the other bathroom, we have a painted wooden chair type with a cut out hole. The bin has a handle attached and it slides underneath the hole. We like that a lot better, and so does she. Granted, I don’t like her sitting on wood. But this one, the comfty cushion is going to be donated. I am sick of re-assembling it for her.

Latasha Marshville, NC