Safety 1St Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty

Safety 1St Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty

The Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty creates a hassle-free potty experience that makes the potty training process easier for you and your child. Dimensions: 13.25 H x 13.63 W x 9 D Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • 3-in-1 design features potty, trainer seat, and step stool
  • Adaptor seat removes to fit an adult toilet
  • Non-slip grip strips on base
  • Specially designed bowl prevents leaks and spills
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning

Verified reviews


Soft potty

I bought this potty to replace theSafety 1st Potty ‘n Step Stoolthat we used to have. It was a great potty but my two year old cracked the seat, from using it as a step to reach the sink, and we had to toss it. While I like that it is very cushy, that same cushy bit is the part that sticks to her bottom sometimes, when she stands up, if it is stuck to her then when it falls off her bottom into the potty it is not fun. Other than that it’s great. The lid is the step stool in this case and it’s just about the right height for her to reach the sink.The only flaws are that the bowl is rather large, and my sink is small, if you have a tub or a bigger sink, it should be fine. Also we have the extended bowl toilets and this potty seat doesn’t work so well with it. How I miss the round toilets from the old house…I also have three other potties for my daughter, one of which, the The First Years – Pooh 3-in-1 Flush & Sounds Potty, we really don’t like. The cup is inset into the seat and when it sticks (and it does, a lot) the ensuing mess is very gross.

Bridget West Somerset, KY

A Little More Effort for a LOT More Comfort

The cushion is super soft. Its incredibly pliable while maintaining its shape and not damaging the blue foam cover.The seat itself snaps into the potty so the child cannot slide all over the place and fall off the toilet. (Speaking from prior experience.)The shield works for both girls and boys.The stool is sturdy for standing. Only con for me – the rubber feet don’t stay on very well. We put a fluffy, rubber bottomed rug under it to keep it from sliding.Most of the complaints are easy to remedy. The foam seat does absorb a little bit of urine and can begin to smell. Fill the kitchen sink with a mixture of dishsoap and water and squeeze the cushion all the way around to clean it out. If you do this regularly, it will not smell.Note – the foam is yellow inside. So all the yellow coming out is not urine – its the color in the foam.If it does begin to smell, use a mixture of vinegar and water.Boys do need to be taught to “tuck” themselves into the shield. Is this really a problem? This seems second nature to my barely-three-year-old by now.The hole is not really THAT small. My 3 year old is in the 95th percentile in height for 4 year olds, and 95th percentile in weight for 3 year olds, and he’s been able to successfully use this potty for over 10 mos now.No matter what potty you use, it will not be a mess free experience. That is not the potty’s fault. It’s part of the process of learning how to use the toilet, while having little coordination.

Victoria Blountville, TN

Great first potty to use early!

We started using this potty for my 10 month old son. We have a potty ring to put on the toilet when he’s a bit bigger. Potty chairs are made to fit babies not big kids. If you don’t want to start potty training until 2-3 you REALLY should readDiaper-Free Before 3: The Healthier Way to Toilet Train and Help Your Child Out of Diapers Sooner. Now to the specifications of the potty:-The seat is way soft and we have NO issue with it soaking up liquids-I wash it immediately after my son goes potty. I always let the pieces dry after my son goes potty without flipping the lid down-maybe that’s the difference to keep it from holding water in the seat?-The splash shield works fine as long as you make sure a little boy’s thing is pointed down (just like you need to in diapers)-The bowl isn’t huge but it’s round so it makes it easy to wipe out. I recommend having a Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer (although if you look around you can get it cheaper). I dump poop into the toilet and use this to spray out the bowl in to the toilet (the sprayer is also great for spraying blowouts, cloth diapers, food off onesies and bibs, etc).-It seems like it would make a sturdy stool. We haven’t used it as one yet but it seems sturdy.-The seat looks like it would fit a baby under 2 best-Only problem I see with it is that my 11 month old’s feet don’t touch the ground yet so I do need to put something under his feet to help with bowel movements.

Amy Freeport, MN


The lid sucks and is dangerous and the hole is way to small my little mans private parts goes over the sponge and doesnt even come close to be able to fit inside the hole. =/ Don’t buy.

Jannie Edna, TX

It really is gross!

I never thought I would care enough to review a potty, but I just hate this thing!I haven’t had the smelling issues that others have – but we do rinse and squeeze dry the little cushion after each use (with a towel designated for that purpose). This is an extra step that makes the cushion more of a pain than anything, but as other reviewers have said, you can’t use the potty without it!What I absolutely HATE about this potty is that it is so gross to empty. We have tried 3 different potties (one at each grandparents, and this one) and this one is the most disgusting when it comes to dumping it out. The bowl part has a ledge on which the cushion sits. Rather than just a “U” or bowl shape, it has a rim all around and then another raised part, so when you dump the contents, you then have to deal with what has been splattered all over this ledge. The other potties we had are more bowl-like and don’t have multiple levels to clean off after being dumped. On the positive side, the inside is slick and contents don’t stick.Another irritating thing about this potty is that urine inevitably goes between the cushion and the “ledge” that holds it. We have a little girl, so this isn’t just a problem for boys. Basically, if she isn’t leaning forward while she goes, there is pee all over the little ledge and cushion. So it all has to be cleaned (and cleaned well, because the cushion is absorbent) each time. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but it starts to get old fast.Finally, there is no back rest or support. Our daughter is only 11 months (we practise Elimination Communication) so she can get a little rowdy and squirmy, and although she sits well, we have to make sure that we’re right there in case she bounces backwards a bit too enthusiastically. The size is fine for us, but as I said, our daughter is 11 months. If sitting properly on it, her feet don’t yet touch the ground (she is about 29 1/2 inches).I would throw it away and buy a new one (we loved the Nuby one we bought at Wal-Mart in Canada) but I hate to add more plastic to a landfill on account of my own stupid purchasing decision.My advice – don’t forget about what it will be like to empty when you are looking at potties! Simpler is better!

Camille Mancelona, MI

Good try but needs improvement

I have a different problem with our seat. My daughter developed a rash on her butt just in the shape of the blue cushion seat and when we bought a different potty it went away but she wanted her old one back and sure enough rash is back. So i don’t know if this seat is latex or what but it breaks her little tush out in a half moon shape on both cheeks. I like the design and concept but needs a few improvements.

Marisol Belmont, TX

Good step stool…. and that is about it

I got this thinking my son (who is just shy of being 2 years old) might like to use it rather than the big potty, and it would be great for use on top of the big potty. We now use it only as a step stool.The size of this thing is terrible. The foam ring is just too small to be useful for sitting to either pee or poop. His pee goes all over the outside of the foam ring. His bottom just hangs off too much to even think about using it for poop. You can’t really use it without the foam ring. My son just wanted to play with the foam ring. His first reaction was to try and bite the foam. Well, he left teeth marks. The box says the foam ring is waterproof and cleanable, but it doesn’t seem like it would hold up after a few uses / cleanings (or bite marks).I wouldn’t use this on the big potty, for reasons stated above (foam ring too small) also, I’m not sure how sturdy it would sit on our elongated toilet bowl.My son wasn’t very interested in using this potty at all, so now we use it as a step stool. It is working really well as a step stool.

Angelita Merigold, MS

It’s ok but has too many pieces to clean

We used this potty for training our first daughter, now 4.5. Being first time parents and not having any experiences with potty training, we purchased this potty because it was reasonably priced and looked nice. I really wanted a baby bjorn but didn’t want to spend nearly $30 on a potty. I thought this potty was ok but has way too many pieces and cracks and crevices that need to be cleaned. The potty was still in good condition after using if for about a year with my daughter, although the cushion was a little discolored. I didn’t notice it had an odor though like other reviewers have mentioned. My daughter liked using this potty but when she could get on the regular toilet by herself using a stool, I put this potty away because I was so sick of cleaning it! Two years later, I started using this potty for my second daughter as well but came across a baby bjorn on clearance! After using the baby bjorn, the safety 1st potty quickly got a new home at Grandma’s house. The baby bjorn potty has a simple design that is extremely easy to clean. Splurge and get a baby bjorn the first time!

Tia Montgomery, VT

Soft seat is a sponge for urine!

I considered several potty seats before purchasing this one for my son. While searching for a potty chair for my son, my main concern was the “deflector”. Some chairs had deflectors that are hard plastic, & I was concerned that he might hurt his “little manhood” when sitting if he sat on the deflector. Other seats had deflectors that were hinged to flip down for girls, & I figured he’d be tempted to play with it while he was doing his business, or that it would flip down on it’s own as he was trying to sit. When I found the Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty, I thought I had found the perfect solution. Since it’s soft it wouldn’t hurt him if he accidently sat on the deflector, but after only 2 months of use I’m searching for another potty. Why? The soft blue ring is getting saturated with urine…yuck! I figured that urine might get under the ring & expected it to be a little bit of a nuisance while cleaning, but I never considered that the urine would soak into the ring. I just assumed that the ring was waterproof, but it’s not. The underneath side of the deflector & around the front of the ring is turning an ugly brown & there is even one spot that looks like mildew! As other reviewers have stated, it won’t clean out. I’ve tried soap/water & Clorox wipes. When I dump the potty, I have to take tissue & “squeeze” the ring to get most of the urine out, but it won’t come completely clean. Ugh…I wish I’d known this before I bought this potty. My “1 star” rating probably only applies for use with boys. I really think it would be a good potty for girls. I like that the top ring is removable & can be used on a grown up toilet & that it can also be used as a step stool. Unfortunately, I think it will become a permanent “step stool” in our house, if I can find a suitable “potty” replacement. The search continues.

Martha Dodge, TX

Love it!

This is my first attempt at Potty training, my son is 2.5yrs old. I LOVE this potty chair. I love that it’s easy to clean, all you do is remove the cushion part and lift the pot up and out of the chair and dump into the toilet! So easy for a child to help with as well. Like PP said, no hard nooks and cranny’s to clean.It’s very comfortable for my son and he doesn’t mind sitting on it for a while.The shield isn’t the largest but all the books say not to use a shield anyways since their parts can get hung up on them and hurt them. So the fact that it’s small and very soft is great! Not to mention it’s not removable so my son who likes to take things apart can not take the shield off. I have an insert for the toilet and he would always push the shield attached to the insert INTO the toilet! YUCK!! No problem like that with this chair!I strongly recommend this chair, I think it’s perfect and have had NO problems with it! Great price too!!

Sue Sprakers, NY


Yes, it’s cushy and comfortable and your child will probably enjoy sitting on it. But, someone decided it would be a good idea to make the cushion absorbent, which translates into a big pee-filled sponge. I used it with a girl, and once I noticed what was happening, I would wring the cushion out in bleach water but it still got really nasty.

Letha Forest Hills, KY

Makes a good step-stool at least

We got this as a gift for our daughter, who’s only 16months, but was showing signs of interest in potty training because we’re training her older brother. After months of trials we’ve finally had some success with him on theFisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty. Now that he finally gets it, but still needs a potty chair, we thought we’d introduce her to her own chair, and the 3-in-1 is what was given to us. We kept his out and portable, but kept this one in the bathroom since it doubles as a step-stool for hand-washing. That’s about all it is good for, at least for a boy.The few times we’ve used it for him, the shield is basically useless for him. He has to lean forward and really hold still to keep it under the shield. And when he does get the stream under the shield, it just ends up all going under the cushy seat, and soaking in like a sponge.The opening in the seat is very small, and hard to keep both front and back parts of a boy over. So if #2 isn’t directly in the center of the seat of the bowl, and the seat being a sponge, it was pretty hard to get cleaned out. At least not in a timely matter of “yay! success!” Then wash hands, dance and reward the training toddler. You’ll have to come back later (after just a few minutes) and clean it, but hopefully fast enough that the mess hasn’t all absorbed into the sponge.Maybe it’ll work better for our daughter, who is smaller and doesn’t need to worry about a shield guard. But for boys, get a different potty chair.

Carmen Cougar, WA


DO NOT buy this potty, for multiple reasons.1) The padded seat area is, as another reviewer called it, a “glorified sponge”. It basically will soak up anything that gets on it, which in this case, happens to be pee and poop (see #2). It then proceeds to smell, and that’s especially if you try to wash it since it soaks up the yucky stuff with the water you’re washing it with.2) The opening of the potty and the way it’s designed make it so that my son can’t poop in it without getting poop on the back of the seat. The opening is too small, I think. It then gets all over his bottom and his thighs as he tries to get up and proudly look at what he’s produced. He hates this feeling and this has been our only complication in potty training so far. It’s making him hesitant to poop at all and he’s currently holding it when he has to go. Very frustrating.3) The pee guard works well, but again because of the size and positioning of the seat, it rubs up against my son’s “stuff” and I’m sure that can’t be too comfortable.Before we actually started potty training and were using this as a step stool, it was great. I would definitely not buy this as a potty though.

Molly Middletown, CT

tiny pee sponge

My son is 13 months old, and I bought him the “3-in-1” potty just to have it around until he was ready to use it (the box says 18 months). The seat is much too small, and I believe the other reviewers who said it soaks up urine. Soft toilet seats have been around since the 1500s (yep, I looked it up), and so one would assume Safety First would have used the latest technology when designing their potty chair. As in, some kind (any kind) of waterproof layer that protects the padding from moisture. If you already bought this seat, and can’t take it back, you can always make an improved ring by cutting a hole in a washable pillow.I have four other Safety 1st products in my home right now, and they are all about as …worthless, disappointing, frustrating… as this seat.FYI: The cabinet latches are cheap and flimsy. My son took off the latch to the oven door three days after I put it on (he wiggled it, pulled it, and the foam tape came off of the oven door AND the latch itself – and this is while the oven was cold). The toilet lock stuck to the lid just fine, but didn’t stick to the side of the bowl. I thought maybe the toilet was too curved or slick for the lock, so I bought some more foam tape and tried it on our other toilet – which was an even worse fit.Since I have yet to find anything made by Safety 1st that isn’t cheap crap, I think I’m done with this brand.

Yvette Andalusia, IL


My son uses it since he was a month old, when all of a sudden he has decided not to poop in this diaper and could hold it for days. He was a 2 months premature baby and weighted 5 pounds when he was a month old. I’ve compared all potties at Toysrus, this is the one with the smallest seating ring to fit my son’s tiny bump. Immediately, I’ve noticed although it is made by SafetyFirst, it is not safe at all. It would slide and shift when my son wiggles and kick while seating on it. The anti-slip pads at the bottom are just too small to hold it still on wooden flooring. Also, it doesn’t have a backrest or handle that baby can lean on to. I have to hold my son from the back and at the same time holding the potty still with my feet.Secondly, the cushion seat and the bowl seemed to be designed without testing. Urine would go around the underside of the cushion, I have to wash both the bowl and the cushion after every use.Then, after 7 months of usage, something horrible happened….. Yesterday when I was washing the potty, I might have been holding the cushion a little too hard, there was water and bubbles coming out from the cushion. It was until then I’ve realized that the cushion ABSORBS urine and water! No wonder the potty stinks no matter how many times I’ve soaked it in bleach diluted water in trying to get rid of the urine smell. The bubbles that I’ve squeezed out is aparently the detergent that I’ve been using all along. This really solved the mystery of my son’s rash on his thigh last week, and the wet onesie (I thought the bottom flap of the onesie had accidentally fall into the bowl while potty time). My son has never had any diaper rash or skin problem since birth, the rash on his thigh really scared me. It is horrible to know that it is the liquid that has built up in 7 months, and is a mixture of urine, detergent, bleach and water that was irritating his skin.Please STAY AWAY from this potty in all cost!!

Luisa Cordova, MD