Safety 1st Complete Air Protect 65 Convertible Car Seat, Great Lakes

Safety 1st Complete Air Protect 65 Convertible Car Seat, Great Lakes

The Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Car Seat with air protect side impact technology is perfect for infants rearfacing from 540 pounds and 19″40″ and toddlers forwardfacing from 2250 pounds and 34″45″.

Main features

  • Rear facing 5-40 pounds
  • Forward facing 22-65 pounds
  • 5-point harness
  • Air protect
  • Latch system

Verified reviews


Can’t stand it, getting a different brand

At first view, I loved this seat. It looks so safe, and that it would be utterly comfortable for my daughter to sit in. Unfortunately, she’s uncomfortable with the ridiculously wide air wings around her head, and it’s beyond difficult to get her in and out!I’ve broken so many nails and caused too many sore fingers just trying to get the crotch buckle undone I admit to sometimes not even using that part sometimes. Then, when I attempt to loosen the straps, it barely loosens. When I take it out of the car to check what’s going on, there seems to be no problem. However in the car is a completely different story.Moving on to the near impossible task of tightening the straps. Once she is all buckled in, I then pull the long strap at the bottom to tighten the buckles on her, only to slightly tighten the straps, and feel as if I’m going to break something behind the seat! It feels as if it gets stuck on something and absolutely will not tighten at all. Yes, I admit to driving extra extra careful so that she can just sit like that too.Then, just the other day, as the straps actually did tighten (miracle), one of the straps came off the hook from behind! So now the left strap is nice and snug on her, and the right strap isn’t even on her!I hate this car seat with a passion! I have just now forked out even more money on amazon for a Britax Marathon 70-G3. I have friends with their children in Britax seats and love them! Hopefully I can manage to get at $90 on craigslist for this one. Or I’ll go even less just to get rid of it.PROS- extra padding for the child to sit- legs have something to rest on and don’t just dangle- looks extra safe- I can save my friends from this headache of a car seatCONS- nearly impossible to strap in- nearly impossible to loosen straps- prepare to be injured multiple times to just unbuckle the crotch area- child can only face forward- straps get stuck behind when tightening the front straps- straps can randomly unhook from behind causing extra time to deal with that issueCAN’T STRESS ENOUGH HOW MUCH STRESS, WORK, TIME AND HEADACHE WENT INTO DEALING WITH THIS SEAT!DO NOT NOT NOT BUY THIS SEAT!I WISH I NEVER DID!NO NO NO NOMOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flora Medina, TX

Great inexpensive (comparitively speaking) safe convertible car seat

I am really happy with my purchase for both of my new convertible car seats. We bought two convertible car seats for my 6 month old son since he had outgrown his Chicco KeyFit car seat since he’s a very big boy (FYI…we loved our Chicco KeyFit and I would highly recommend this for an infant car seat, we will be reusing that car seat with our second child since we bought a neutral fabric). He’s 23lbs and very broad (12-18 month clothes, to give you an idea how big he is). So we bought both the Britax Pavillion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat in Onyx and the Safety 1st Complete Air Protect 65 Convertible Car Seat in the fabric Great Lakes. So far we like both of the car seats. It’s only been about a month that we’ve had them but so far we’ve been pleased. Between the two car seats my husband likes the Safety 1st. I like both of them and I think my husband only likes the Safety 1st one better because it’s in our Nissan which sits down lower and the Britax is in our Ford Edge and it sits up higher so it is harder to put him in without trying to bonk his head on the car because of the headrest/side impact protection.First I will mention, I spent countless hours researching car seats via websites, reviews, discussion with other parents, etc, as I knew my son would need a new car seat by the time he was 6 to 7 months at the rate he was growing so I started my research when he was about 4 months old. Everyone told me to buy a Britax regardless of what model. I love my Britax but I also really like my Safety 1st. I will explain both of the positives and negatives to each of my car seats since I would recommend both at this point. (Also note…we’ve only used these in the reverse position since he’s too young to have them in the front facing position).Britax:
• True Side Impact–This was a must in both of my car seats! Since side impact is one of the number one causes for infant deaths in a car wreck, this was a must for my prescious cargo. As I mentioned above, this does make it harder to put him in and out the car but it keeps his neck/head safe and also serves as a great pillow in the long car rides. (We took an 8 hour trip to Arkansas through windy roads last weekend and he slept great and was very content in his car seat). You could tell he was much more comfortable in this compared to his infant car seat that he was clearly outgrowing.
• Easy to install–I did not install either of these (my husband did) but he had no issue installing either of the car seats.
• Click Safe Feature–My friend has the older version of the Boulevard and had mentioned this feature in my Pavillion. She told me it wasn’t that great of a feature but I have to disagree…I really like it especially when you have family members who are hook your baby in for the first time. His grandmother didn’t realize he wasn’t in tight enough until I showed her the click safe feature which clicks when you have your baby in tight enough. Yes you can keep tightening and adjusting and it will click more but it really does help for those who are weary about strapping your little one in too tight.
• EZ-Buckle system–I love this feature so I don’t have to dig for the buckle like I did with his infant car seat and his Safety 1st seat.
• Color–we bought the onyx since it was neutral and matched better to my black interior of my edge however, I wish the Pavillion offered the same patterns as the Boulevard as I love the Zebra print but I got a deal with Amazon on the Pavillion so I went with that versus the Boulevard since there really isn’t a lot of difference between those two models.
• Complaint–the biggest complaint my husband not I had on this car seat was the fact that it was harder to figure out how to use. There was an insert I think to use if you had an infant and since technically we have an infant my husband thought we had to use it but we quickly realized we had to remove that since it made it hard to release the straps to buckle him in.
• Price–more expensive than the Safety 1st but you pay more for the great features and I got my Britax at a super great price off Amazon
• Size–too large to fit in our Nissan but fits great in our Edge with room to spareSafety 1st
• Easy Install–apparently was easier than the Britax to install. Britax wasn’t hard but husband said this took 5 minutes and the Britax took about 10 based on the instructions. (My husband’s good at putting thing together so I am sure this is different for everyone).
• Safety- again like the Britax I love the air pillow that keeps my baby’s head/neck safe. He falls asleep often in the car and uses it as a rest for his head as well.
• Color–I wanted a more neutral color which they offered but my deal was for the Great Lakes color so I went with that. They offer a good selection of colors and neutral colors and the fabric seemed nice but not as soft as my Britax. I have no idea about washing as I haven’t needed to wash either yet.
• Buckle–the buckle is very easy to figure out (much easier than the Britax)…my only complaint would be that I have to dig for that darn buckle like I did with that infant car seat (I am spoiled with the Britax on this feature)
• Size–Since the Britax is rather large, it didn’t fit in our Nissan hence why we bought a different car seat. This fits snug but great in our Nissan. I think all convertible car seats are large in nature so you just have to test them out. We went to one of our local boxed stores in our area and tried them out before purchasing them on Amazon.
• Comfortable–he seems to like it and use this car seat mainly to and from daycare. We haven’t done any long trips in this car yet but I wouldn’t think any issue with it. He seems very comfortable and happy.Overall, I am very happy with both car seats. The Britax has more features but it’s also bulkier and more expensive than the Safety 1st. I think for the price and the safety features in the Safety 1st it’s a great deal. I guess it depends on the size of the car and price point that you are looking for. I like both car seats so I am happy with both based on each of their purposes. Hope that helps!

Jesse Demarest, NJ

Caused my toddler to be carsick 🙁

My 16 month old has never been carsick until today when I put him in this seat for the first time. I liked the seat because it’s easy to adjust the straps while rear facing, and our other convertible seat is hard to adjust. Unfortunately, this seat is huge and the “airbags” made it almost impossible for my son to see outside. I thought this might annoy him, but had no idea that it would make him so sick. The large padding comes off to be washed, but the smaller part is not supposed to. I took it off anyway because it was covered in vomit and wiping it with “sudsy water,” as the instructions say, was not going to cut it. I’ll try it again when we turn him around to front face, but that won’t be for quite a while, and now I’m stuck with a car seat I can’t use.

Avis Tibbie, AL

high quality!

This product caught my attention because it is convertable and can cover the entire time span a child would need a car seat, I thought it would be a money saver. However, it is extremely bulky and definetly does not have the convience of mobility that you need with an infant. This is our first child and my husband and I have had to purchase an infant car seat because when we purchased this, we didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be able to drag it around to appointments, the grocery store, etc. with a sleeping baby inside.Positives of this seat is that it is extremely well-made and I feel confident that it will provide a safe place for my baby to ride in the car.

Carrie Columbia Falls, ME

Product Features – Great Toddler Seat

Currently, the product features and product description contradict each other in regards to the weight limit of this car seat. The seat holds a child up to 65lbs (thus the name, “Air 65”). The Air Protect only holds a child up to 50lbs.Anyway, onto my review.We are using this as a rear facing seat in our Chevy Malibu, and it fits just fine. Yes, it is a big car seat, but safety was my number one priority when upgrading to a toddler car seat, so I don’t mind the bulk. I love that we can keep the seat rear facing up to 40 lbs, now that the AAP’s new recommendation is to wait till age 2, this seat makes it easy to do so.I’m glad we had the Chicco Keyfit 30 when our guy was an infant. I’m sure this is safe enough, but I wouldn’t want it as an infant seat . . . too inconvenient. Even though my son isn’t quiet 1 yet, he was ready for a more toddler friendly seat. This delivers, he isn’t leaning back as far and the sides don’t cave in next to him. I could tell he liked having things a little roomier the moment I put him in this seat. He still falls asleep with ease.The cup holder isn’t pictured, but there is a detachable one in the box. The material is easy to take off and machine wash when accidents happen.My hubby and Father-in-law set this up in about 7 minutes. If you are going to use it rear facing, you do need a rolled up towel or pool noodle underneath (this is clear in the instruction booklet).Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Esther Cramerton, NC

Great Seat for RF! but NOT for all vehicles…

First thing you need to do if you’re considering this car seat, is to go to whichever store in your area sells this seat and TRY it out in your vehicle first.It is on the taller side, which is a plus for when your child outgrows the rear facing limit you won’t have to buy a new seat. However I’ve had no trouble fitting this car seat RF in a 00 jeep grand cherokee, or a 11 subaru impreza wrx sti. I DID have a problem finding a good fit in the 11 prius.As far as the head “wings” go, they give me peace of mind. I’m far less concerned about my child’s view than I am her safety. I’ve read a lot of reviews of people not liking the seat due to the side impact air wings (or whatever they’re called) blocking their child’s view which in my opinion is no reason to compromise her safety.Easy push button latch system, takes little effort to secure seat in vehicle. I think every kid should have this seat.

Rebekah Helena, GA

Great car seat for toddlers – forward facing

We purchased this car seat last year to replace the bulky & heavy Evenflo Triumph 65 LX convertible car seat for our toddler. It is light, yet safe and easy to install. Unlike the Evenflo car seat, our son’s head stays in place thank to the side protection. This car seat is rather tall, so it is probably not the best one to have when using it rear facing.

Rosemary Stanton, IA

Wonderful product

I love this car seats. I now own two and though it might be a bit big, I travel with it seems to fit in any car I have driven quite easily. Moreover, my kids are safe and comfortable. The other seats I bought did not enough cushioning for them so their butts and backs hurt when on trips, but in these, I do not hear any complaints except "are we there yet????"

Mattie Lombard, IL

Great product

I love this car seat and so do my kids. My husband and I fussed over what convertible car seat to buy and chose this for the following reasons:Not too bulky – some seats are overly massive. This is big enough to hold the kids to 45 lbs (I believe), but not gargantuan.Super comfy – I have two kids, and have had two of these seats for over a year. They’ve never complained, and *always* nap in them.Easy to install – you can use the latch or seat belts. Easy to install forward facing as well as rear.Easy to adjust – when the kids get bigger, it’s super easy to adjust all the straps. I love how easy it is to adjust the head rest and the tightness of the straps.Easy to clean.Meets safety criteria set by the government and other groups. All car seats do, but these ‘feel’ safe too.Attractive – love the simplicity of black all over.I really love these seats – and, like I said before, the kids always fall asleep in them, so I think they love them too.

Cathy Nikiski, AK

Best car seat.

This is the third car seat that we’ve gotten for my son and I wish we’d had this one from the start. It’s much softer and cushioned that his two previous seats (Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 LX Infant Car Seat, Metropolis andSafety 1st All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Scribbles) and seems much safer. I don’t like how other reviewers are saying that you “get what you pay for” and complaining that this seat doesn’t fit their car. This seat is expensive for a lot of people, not everyone can afford to buy a $300 or more car seat. And if the seat doesn’t fit in your car, that doesn’t make it a bad seat, so that shouldn’t affect the review. We have a 4-door Pontiac G6, and this seat does fit rear-facing in the center of the back seat, and it also fits behind the passenger seat. Yes, the passenger seat had to be pushed forward, but in my opinion it wasn’t so far forward that it was unusable. We’re having baby #2 in a few months and we plan on getting another Safety 1st Complete Air Protect seat. My son will have to be scooted over from the middle to the side, and so will the new baby, so the “wings” next to their heads and the over-all safety rating of the seat make me feel much better about them being right next to the car door. This seat is lightweight, safe, soft, and allows baby/toddler to remain rear-facing longer than a lot of other seats. I have no complaints and I’m pretty picky! I’m so relieved to feel like we’ve finally found a great car seat.My only suggestion, not really a complaint, but something you may want to purchase with the seat, is strap covers (We hadBrica Cushies Button Up Strap Covers, Gray/Blue/Greenthat we purchased with his first seat) because this seat doesn’t come with any. And an insert, likeKiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support, Ivory Terry, if you’re going to have a newborn in the seat, or else you’ll have to roll up receiving blankets around the baby.

Rhea Jersey, AR

Five stars based on a real world collision

My wife and daughter were visiting relatives and involved in a rear and side collision. A car rear ended them while they were in a small, but heavy, convertible. It was on a 2 lane highway. They got pushed into a guard rail and then the car hit them in the side. The car was totalled.Our daughter, thankfully, was completely safe. So from our, unfortunate, experience we give this car seat very high marks. One thing we learned is to web search car seats and accidents. In this type of crash you are recommended to get a new seat. Even though it was a no fault state the other car’s insurance company paid for a replacement. Be sure not to keep using a seat and this is also why if you don’t have to you do not want to buy a used car seat.Even before the accident we were very pleased with the ease of use, the ease of securing her correctly (very important, if a car seat is hard to buckle in correctly, it is less likely to be used correctly). Also the head rests are fantastic for long drives or when your little one falls asleep. Our daughter really likes this seat. We are very thankful for it. Very fairly priced, you get a lot of car seat for your money. Very highly recommended.

Tammie Gramling, SC


So far so good. We have had this for a month or so now. Don’t use it often, but my daughter loves it! I feel good about it based on reviews of others, and videos from their website. The only thing I don’t like is how much harder it is to secure and put in than my carry carseat.

Rebekah Marion, LA


I love this chair. from when I opened the box and easly instaled it in the car. it protects my little girl and it provides comfert for her. she use to always scream when even we had to go anywere but with this new saftey 1st car seat she loves it. I’m just thinking how happy she will be when she gets turned around in a few months. This will even work for newborns. if I had known that I would have gotten this a long time ago.

Deana Huntsville, UT

Way too big/aka huge

This is likely a very good car seat if you have unlimited space but it couldn’t come close to fitting in either of our cars (Subaru Outback and Mazda 5). We returned ours. It really is gargantuan, good for protection bad for fitting in a vehicle.

Angelique Paxton, FL

Ultra comfortable and safe

I wish we had bought this earlier. We had our daughter in the carrier style car seat until she outgrew it then moved her into a convertible by Graco which was fine. When she turned two and we decided to start her in day care part time so a second car seat was needed. I got the Complete Air 65 for $140 at Kohls and we LOVE it. The construction is solid and the materials are plush. I’m not sure it would be appropriate for infants (although it is rated for them) as the incline is too high, but for 6-8 months and up this is a fantastic seat. When child number 2 comes we’ll be purchasing another.

Eloise Holdingford, MN

great value

we actually got this on sale and 20% with the amazon mom deal and have been very happy with it, we use it more as a secondary car seat in my husbands car and its very roomy and he really seems to like it.

Maggie Smithton, PA


This car seat is great. The price is great and the quality is high. I haven’t tried it rear facing but forward facing it fits nicely in my SIL’s Nissan Versa Hatchback. We installed it in the middle with the latch system and it is very steady and secure. Very easy install unlike the Graco Nautilus. The seat sits perfectly with the natural curvature of the chair instead of having a stupid base. It leans back so my son’s head never flops fwd or side to side. The air cushions on the sides are so amazing. They keep his head steady and safe. It feels very foamy with a cushion of air inside of the foam so when you squeeze it, it quickly refills with air. The reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because at times it is difficult to tighten the harness straps. The strap which comes out of the middle bottom can be difficult to pull because you can’t get a good grip on it. There is no loop to put your finger in to get a firm hold of it so if it slips through your hands, it kinda hurts. This seat also doesn’t come with a lumbar support cushion the way the older model had. One other thing I noticed that was missing was the harness cushions to keep the straps from rubbing on the neck. This isn’t a big deal because I have some on hand already but it would’ve been nice if it came with the seat. Over all, I have fallen in love with this seat and my son fell asleep in it instantly and I didn’t have to turn around constantly to try and readjust his head due to head flopping the way I have to in my Graco Nautilus car seat. I would recommend this seat to anyone. I purchased mine at Babies R Us but I am writing my review on here because this is where I shopped for it. Mine also came with the removable cup holder for one side which doesn’t attach very well. You just kinda push it on the side and it fits over the seat curve. I think my 2 year old will eventually figure out how to get it off and play with it and his drink or snacks will fall out but this all depends on your own child.Update:I noticed that the fabric by the head and feet are cheap and the strings are coming apart in some places. Mainly by the feet due to rubbing and possibly velcro pulling. I will be putting a very thin fabric to cover the feet area to keep the seat fabric in good condition. This still does not discourage me and I still feel that this is one of the safest seats on the market. The air cushioned side wings are the best part of this car seat. I compared it recently to other car seats including the new convertible seat by Chicco and it has so much more cushion. The other car seats just have a thick fabric covering the plastic while this car seat has an actual air foam type bumper that will absorb and shock from an accident. I also reviewed the company and how they test their product. Apparently, it is the only company that has their own car seat crash testing machine and they test for all types of crash including side ways. My socks are knocked off. I actually have the Air 70 which came out after this model but is somewhat the same, I’m told the difference is the metal in it is stronger and it can support up to 70 lbs. There is a new seat that recently came out just the same as this one but with an awsome base. I know I said bases suck but this one is great because you can recline the seat as far back as you like unlike others especially unlike the Graco nautilus which I also have and hate. The fabric seems to be of better quality as well and you should check it out. It is more expensive over $200 bucks right now and it is not sold on Amazon at the moment. I have seen it in Babies R Us and Target. So far, I have 2 Air 70’s one installed in a 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan which was previously installed in a 2013 VW Tiguan and a 2008 Nissan Versa, and also currently in a 2002 Toyota Corolla. It fits perfectly in all of these cars. I figured out how to install the cup holder correctly and it attaches under the car seat on the right side only. It is cheap and takes up so much space. I only install my car seats in the middle so someone sitting on the side is very uncomfortable. I don’t remember if the new carseat with base comes with a cup holder the way the Graco Nautilus does. I wish they all did, it saves space because it’s not sticking out on the side.

Bonnie Moro, IL

Second Safety 1st Air 65 Protect

We have one of these for my daughter so when it was time to buy a bigger carseat for my son we decided to buy another one. We love how our children fit into these carseats so well. The added protection for their head prevents them from being able to look out the windows but safety is most important. (Now that my daughter is 4.5years old she can pull her head forward enough to see mostly what she wants). It also comes with a detachable cup holder that is nice to have; however it does stick out kind of far so it takes up space of the seat next to it – if you have two carseats next to each other you can’t use it. The biggest downfall I would say is that this carseat may be intended to be a rear-facing carseat, but it is not so easily used as one. We have a 2011 Dodge Durango and were not able to fit it in our car rear facing. So, if you are looking for a rear-facing carseat, buy a rear-facing carseat and then upgrade to this once your child is big enough to face forward.

Socorro Red Feather Lakes, CO

Baby is comfortable and safe.

Very easy to install. Have it rear facing in between a graco booster and graco nautilus. It’s tight but it works. My 10 month old fits nicely in it and looks very safe and at a nice recline.

Addie Brinnon, WA

Easy to install, Easy to adjust for the right fit

We wanted a car seat we could continue to use rear facing for as long possible. After a great deal of research I narrowed it down to three- this seat, a Britax, and a Recaro. After checking I discovered that the Britax and Recaro seats had two of the worst chemical ratings, whereas the Complete Air 65 had one of best. All things being equal I prefer a seat with a good safety as well as chemical rating, and we went with the Complete Air 65.This seat can be rear facing 5-40 lbs./19-40″ and front facing 22-65 lbs./34-52″. Most children outgrow the height limits before the weight (this has been true in our case anyway) so the height measurements were what I really pay attention to.I found it pretty easy to install using the LATCH system, you only have to tighten it on one side which is nice- you don’t have to run from one side of the car to the other re-adjusting. It is fairly large (like most convertible car seats) but it fits just fine in my compact SUV and we have the front seats almost as far back as they will go. A lot of reviews talk about how big it is but I find the foot print is as narrow as our infant car seat was.The ‘air complete’ sides ARE fairly significant, and do obstruct the view somewhat. However after watching youtube videos about side-impact car crashes I am willing to sacrifice some of that visibility for the protection those air cushions provide. They are also a nice head rest. Some reviews say adjusting the shoulder straps is difficult- I am surprised as I’ve found it to be very easy- just press the button on the front of the seat and the straps easily loosen or tighten. This is very convenient when dealing with a jacket that adds a little extra bulk. The bottom buckle has 3 slots which makes it customizable, and the head rest is a cinch to move up and down. We have it on the very lowest setting for our 20 lb. 30″ baby. Our previous car seat was a Baby Trend infant seat that was very difficult to adjust so this car seat is like a walk in the park by comparison.

Rosie Wayan, ID

Gift for Grandchild

Very well constructed and lovely to look at, this car seat was also fairly easy to fit in the forward seating position. Originally was going to fit it rear facing, but encountered a few problems – she is old enough now to forward face though, so re-positioned and it is great!

Tammy D Lo, MS

Great seat, easy to use, tough to clean

This is a very easy to use car seat and my son seemed very comfortable in it. Nice quality upholstery and straps. I had to rate 4 stars instead of 5 because he got sick while in the seat and it was so hard to take apart to clean that we had to discard it and purchase a new carseat.

Corrine Darrow, LA

love it

This seat is excellent for my 1 year old rear facing. I’ve also used it for my 3-year-old forward facing. I feel good about the safety ratings.

Dorthy Tremonton, UT

Dont skip the infant and won’t work rear facing!

The quick:: BAD fit in rear facing mode, too lightweight, ridiculous cushions needed to level seat for recline.The long:: So I thought what the heck, of course this would work in a Hyundai Santa Fe. Its a family car! No way Jose! My husband and I just stared at each other in surprise when we were installing it with no luck whatsoever. We are "smart" people but we really started thinking people at consumer reports and those at S1 are idiots. How did this pass any approval for rear facing?The only way this works is with the passenger seat scooted up to the point where only someone under 5’1(ish) could ride in front. That means tall spouses would never ride as passenger and be sent to the back seat or be the guest driver when they use the car. I really thought I could try it. I’m 5’3 and thought I’d give it a weekend out of town to see if I could live with the seat in that position and my knees close to the dash. Well… no. I really tried but by the return home I was done and needed to relax my back and lean back a bit.We were seriously hoping that we could skip the infant car seat and just go to this safer option, keeping the kid rear facing for 2 years which would also be much cheaper. Alas, no go.Additionally, the gap under the seat in rear facing mode is huge! To make this level, you would really need to stuff a huge blanket or 3-4 swim styrofoam rolls under it. Sorry but that just does not make sense and I really do not care that some "experts" thinks its okay. And I really don’t know how anyone could find its light weight a positive. Its sooo light and just feels like it would not hold up to anything in a crash.Now on the flip, could I see this as a safe alternative for when the kid can ride forward facing? Yes, I really can, hence the 3 stars. And it does look really nice in person and is a great neutral for gray interior cars as well as gender neutral for either boys or girls.

Anne Grandin, ND

Hard to clean – Headrest pad does not come off

Some of the reviews complain that the Air “wings” cause problems for the kid seeing out but their height is adjustable AND I really like that when my daughter falls asleep, they hold her head up so it’s not bobbing all over the place.The “wings” that I referred to earlier (the things that stick out on either side of her head) do not clean easily! My daughter puked ALL over her carseat, and while the main carseat pad comes off and can be laundered in the machine, the part that attaches to the headrest DOES NOT come off, and therefore needs to be cleaned by hand. That’s not so bad, since she did not puke on that part, except that I was not aware that the headrest pad is attached to another pad that continues down the back behind the main pad! So there is actually quite a big piece that you cannot take off to wash. I’m having quite an interesting time getting the nasty puke smell out of it.All that to say – I still love a lot of things about this carseat, but I do NOT love cleaning it.

Anastasia Florence, KS

Quality Carseat

We’re pretty happy with this carseat. It was purchased after owning the Safety First Air Onboard 35 carseat which my daughter grew out of. It doesn’t leave much room for the front passenger in my SUV (VW Touareg) because of the angle that the seat sits at, but I realize that this is a problem with most seats these days. We haven’t yet used it as forward facing, but also haven’t had any issues with our little one not being able to see outside. Getting used to the seat belt release button was annoying at first (it is hard to push) but over time it’s either loosened up, or I am stronger.

Hilda Croton On Hudson, NY

Perfect Fit!

Exactly what we wanted/needed for our toddler. For use on airplanes as well as your automobile. Super comfortable, easy to install and it even comes with a detachable cup holder. Classy. Lol!

Loraine Little Birch, WV

Awesome baby seat!

Easy to install and high safety rating. It also allows me to keep baby back-facing and harnessed for a long time because of the generous weight and height allowance provided.My toddler looks very comfortable & content in her car seat.Be warned, if you own a 2002 Pontiac Grand AM, the car-seat will need to go behind the passenger side.

Doris Norfolk, MA

Great seat! Built well! Easy install! Son loves it!

Buying the seat:Our Eddie Bauer seat was recalled. And, to be honest, I was somewhat glad to be able to trade that dreaded EB seat in for a different model. Our EB seat took forever to install, was difficult if not impossible to adjust once it was in, and didn’t wear well. In any case, when I was picking out a replacement, this one looked great in the store and when I looked up the reviews, I decided to give it a try. When I say ‘give it a try’, I mean that I was 100% ready to return it to the store if it didn’t live up to my expectations. Well, we are definitely NOT returning it. In fact, I’ve just ordered a 2nd one for my daughter. This car seat is GREAT!Initial Impressions:Installation took only 5-10 minutes. Adjusting it was a breeze and took about 30 seconds. The minimalist black/turquoise design looks great in my car. The seat is super-comfy for my son. When he fell asleep in his old car seat, his head would flop over to one side, which always made me cringe… it looked terribly uncomfortable. He actually looks super comfortable sleeping in this car seat. We frequently drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque and it’s about an hour-long drive. My son used to wake up after about 30 minutes and seem fussy/grumpy for the last 30 minutes of the drive. Now, he sleeps the whole hour and wakes up as if he’s had a nice nap.Quality:This seat is made so much better than our other car seats were that it makes me wonder if my children were even safe in the EB seats! This car seat just ‘feels’ better. The fabric is of a higher quality. The cushioning feels more comfy. The plastics are rigid and heavier. The belts are just like a seat belt found in a car, wide and thick. The buckles are solid and made of a durable, thick plastic/metal combination that exceeds other seats I’ve looked at. The clips that actually anchor the seat into your car seem MUCH better than the older style.I wouldn’t change a thing. Great design! Great price! Great quality!

Rosa Mode, IL