Safety 1st Cradle Cap Care Tools

Safety 1st Cradle Cap Care Tools

Safety 1st cradle cap care includes unique tools to help you gently and effectively treat your baby’s cradle cap. Use the dual-sided mitt to apply and rub in shampoo or baby oil. Then use the 2-in-1 brush and comb to remove the cradle cap.

Main features

  • Includes unique tools to help you gently and effectively treat your baby’s cradle cap
  • Dual-sided mitt to apply and rub in shampoo or baby oil
  • 2-in-1 brush and comb to remove the cradle cap

Verified reviews


Works Perfectly

I used this with just my son’s regular shampoo and his cradle cap was gone after two uses. I was glad I didn’t have to use any special treatments or harsh shampoos. It also didn’t seem to irritate his scalp or rub off his baby hair. The mit seemed to do most of the work but I did have to follow up with the small rubber brush for a couple of areas. The comb was great for lifting out the little flakes that were left stuck in his hair. Before you try any special oils or shampoos, I would recommend trying this first. It works perfectly.

Camilla Cassville, WV

Safety 1st Cradle Cap Care Tools

Awesome and inexpensive tool to get rid of baby cradle cap! Amazon has such a great discount, too! We love the mit which is perfect for even toddlers.

Shawna Brooks, ME

Worked great

LOL, we used the mitt to apply almond oil JUST ONCE and the dog ATE THE MITT!!! We liked it while we had it… We currently use the green portion of the comb (in the picture it’s the orange part) to help with cradle cap along with shampoo for cradle cap. We stopped using the comb portion, as it works TOO GOOD. Not only does it pull up the cradle cap really well, but if we weren’t super careful and really gently, it would scratch the baby too. I see why the word "softly" is bolded on the package. We can still use it too comb out the flakes from his hair, but we don’t let it touch his head. His cradle cap looks all better.

Victoria Hemingway, SC

Gross process, but tools are very effective!

This product was used on our second baby, who presented us with our first case of cradle cap when she was around 2 months old. It appeared mostly on the front part of her scalp, and was worst at and below her hairline. Both of our kids have sensitive skin and eczema and the baby had seborrheic dermatitis (a condition similar to cradle cap) behind her ears starting at around 6 weeks. We started with regular shampooing with a mild soap (Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash) but it quickly developed into a gross-looking crusty scalp buildup. My husband and I had no idea what to try next, but didn’t feel it worthy of a pediatrician’s visit copay quite yet. Upon asking my mother for advice, I was told to massage oil into the baby’s scalp, wait a while, then comb the flakes out with a “cradle cap comb”. Apparently such a device was commonly available back in the early 80s but we couldn’t find them in any local store, baby or otherwise. I turned to Amazon and got this product and used it the evening that it arrived.I waited until the baby was asleep (to avoid wiggly baby spreading oil all over the place), then applied a generous amount of coconut oil to the baby’s scalp. I rubbed it in with my fingers and then glopped on some more and used the nubby part of the 2-in-1 comb to really work it into the cradle cap. I let her sleep propped on the Boppy next to me for around 20 minutes and then worked again with the nubby part and switched to using the comb part to comb it all out. It was kind of unappealing to be combing big flakes of dead scalp skin mixed with oil off of my sweet baby’s head. You will want to have a paper towel at the ready to wipe/scrape off the teeth of the comb after every pass (hey, I’m just being honest here!). The baby was not at all upset by this treatment and actually smiled the entire time. Once my combing efforts stopped bringing off more grossness, I went and shampooed her head twice using the mitt. Immediately 90% of the cradle cap was gone and the spots that remained looked much better with no redness or irritation to her scalp. Two repeats of this treatment, spaced out with a few days between them, and washing her head/hair every other day with Earth Mama Angel Baby wash/shampoo did the trick and the cradle cap is now completely gone.We will continue using the mitt for bathing and washing her hair. This product gets the job done for a very reasonable price!

Lynda Mexico, MO

Multiple uses

My kid only had cradle cap for a few washings, and these really helped get the funk off her head. Once it was cleared up I now use the mitt for me and still use the little comb to massage her scalp in the bath. Good price, decent product, works as advertised.

Dorothea Sewell, NJ