Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor, White

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor, White

Get a crystal-clear read on what your little one is up to with this Safety 1st baby monitor. Then, if you need to, get a read on Baby’s temperature using the handy digital thermometer that comes with the system. Loaded with features designed to make you feel most secure, the monitor comes with a sensitive microphone that provides indoor/outdoor coverage up to 400′ away. Other features include 2 channels to minimize interference, volume control, and power on and low battery indicators. Comes with 2 AC adapters and belt clip. Imported.

Main features

  • 49 MHz signal has a range up to 600 feet
  • Portable parent unit with belt clip
  • Low battery indicator
  • 2 channels and volume control
  • Energy savings AC adapters

Verified reviews


Fantastic. No Problems. Wide Range. Well worth the money.

We got this as a gift at our baby shower two years ago. I am very glad we did. This is almost a MUST have for babies.The range is fantastic. I can be outside watching my two year old while my baby sleeps. I know that I will be able to hear her. Not only is the range great but it also picks up the smallest sounds, I hear my baby rolling over in her crib when this is on. As an added bonus, I have not found this to be a battery eater.In my opinion having a moniter is not the most important thing to have if you are having a baby. However, it is one of the more useful things if you want to have some measure of freedom while the baby is napping or if your child sleeps clear across the house from where you sleep.

Lacey Jackson, MS

Great for the Price

This is probably one of the least costly monitors on the market. Why only 4 stars? Even for the price, I thought there were a lack of features. For a few bucks more, you can get one with lights the flash when your baby is crying.

Lucile Franconia, PA

Bad Quality Control

We’ve been through three of these. Two were total junk out of the box. One worked very well.The first one we got didn’t work at all. It was totally useless. The static was so loud we could barely make out noises from the babies room. But, we sent it back and exchanged it for a new one. The new worked great. So, we ordered another one for the other kid’s room. This 3rd one was total junk. So, 2 out of 3 were junk. But, the one that did work, we really like. For me, this explains the mixed reviews on this product. Poor quality control.As far as the one that did work, here are some more details about why I liked it.We’ve tried a few monitors. This one had the least static. For us, static is the most important issue. We hate it. We use the baby monitors primarily at night, so that we can hear if the kids wake up in the middle of the night. If the monitors have a lot of static it keeps US from getting to sleep.The next most important issue is unnecessary beeping. Some of the other monitors we’ve used periodically loose the signal from the baby’s room, and then automatically reconnects after a few seconds. Each time they loose the signal they beep loudly to let us know. This always wakes us up. This can happen a dozen or more times each night. No good. THIS monitor does NOT beep when it looses the signal, or maybe it just never looses the signal… either way we’re sleeping much better now.

Gwen Kingston, MO

Perfect and Affordable

I was really not looking forward to having to spend a ton of money on a monitor. I found this one by accident. Since we have had it has worked perfectly. It really is crystal clear I can hear the baby’s 1st stirring. I can even hear my husband doing baby talk when he forgets the monitor is on lol. I am very glad I found an affordable option that works perfectly for us.

Jaclyn Harbor Springs, MI

OK as a backup monitor

Like another reviewer, we got this monitor free with a purchase at Babies R Us, although I should say from looking at the photo here, I’m guessing the one I got is an older model that was being discontinued. But who knows whether the manufacturer has updated the technology or just modernized the housing….Anyway, we already had the Sony Baby Call 27 channel monitor, but since this was free, we got it to take with us on trips or when we’re going to a friend’s house for the evening and taking our Pack N Play — that way, we wouldn’t have to unplug and pack our Sony all the time.What’s good about this monitor:- Both the transmitter and the receiver can run on AC outlet power OR on a 9-volt battery. This is great if you need to put them somewhere that doesn’t have easy outlet access. In contrast, the Sony receiver is portable but the transmitter operates on AC power only.- The receiver is compact and has a belt clip.What’s not so good:- The sound is not nearly as clear as our Sony. Listening to it makes me think of what my grandmother says about her hearing aid — it amplifies all the noises equally, so when there’s a good bit of noise in the baby’s room (i.e., music playing and heat running), you hear a lot of noise through the monitor. With the Sony, I feel like I can turn it down pretty low and it still picks up the baby’s cries well without getting all that background noise.- No lights. Now, maybe if I wasn’t using the Sony all the time, I wouldn’t be so dependent on the lights. And at night, I guess it’s not an issue. But when the baby is napping, I am often washing dishes or running laundry or taking a shower or doing something equally noisy, and in those cases, I really rely on those lights to let me know if the baby is crying. With this monitor, I find myself having to pick it up and hold it to my ear to try to figure out what’s going on.Bottom line, if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get a superior product in the Sony Baby Call. Frankly, since the Sony 27-channel model has a rechargeable battery, you’ll probably make up the cost difference over time.

Jacquelyn Meredith, NH

Excellent Monitor!!

We had actually gotten this monitor for free through a promotional offer at Babies R Us. I was skeptical at first because it was free, but once we got it home it worked great! A little bit of static, but nothing compared to our other monitor.We had an expensive montior before this that had TONS of static and threw it right in the back of their closet once we got this one!

Marquita Olive Branch, IL



Dorthy Banks, OR

Don’t be fooled by the price!!!

Every baby monitor on the market seems to start at $50 and most cost around $100+. I thought the more I spent the better quality. I was wrong! I purchased a fisher price baby monitor from amazon before this one and the unit died on me after 2 months of use! It turned out all the reviewers had problems with the hand unit frying after being plugged in to the socket for too long. Both of ours died after less than a month of use. We borrowed a friends who had only used theirs for a month and that one died too! Not wanting to spend another $100+ on a monitor that was only going to die after 1 month we opted for this baby monitor. Wow what a difference! We shouldn’t have been fooled by the price in the first place! This monitor has been used for 4 months and it’s still kicking. Here’s some PROs/CONs:PROs:1. After 4 months of constant use this monitor shows no sign of dying.2. This is the first monitor we’ve had that doesn’t pick up cell phone static!3. There is VERY little static associated with this monitor.4. We hear our baby clearly and the base unit is 5ft away from the crib and next to our white noise machine.5. Even though you are limited to 2 channels we have never picked up any conversations or other baby monitors.CONs:1. They recommended that the unit be plugged in at all times for optimal use. This means you can’t walk around with the monitor. Although I remember the directions saying you can use it when it’s not plugged in. We just don’t use it that way because we keep the monitor in one place in the house.2. You only have one hand unit. Not a problem for us but it might be for others.3. You can only use 2 channels. I put this under both pro’s and con’s because while it’s not an issue for us, it may be for other consumers.Bottom line is, I would buy this monitor again in a heart beat and wish I had purchased it in the first place. Sure it would be nice to see what my child is doing in her crib when she’s talking to herself, but as far as hearing if your baby is awake, crying, babbling, singing, talking, etc. this monitor does the job!

Valarie Hilda, SC

Great Monitor at a terrific price!

I love this monitor more than my expensive VIDEO monitor. It has Crystal clear sound just as stated and works REALLY WELL in my 2700 sqft home. Baby can be downstairs and I’ll be upstairs on the other side of the house and hear EVERYTHING that is going on in that room. One time while he was sleeping in his crib with the window shut, I could even hear the birds chirping away outside. Love this monitor and wished I had bought it sooner.

Kathleen Fruitland, NM

no frills, but does the job

this is a bare bones baby monitor, but it does what it’s supposed to do. we get strong reception throughout our 3 level house with ceramic tile floors and thick walls. we can hear even very quiet things like our girl’s soft snoring and the rustling of sheets. i have no need for a super fancy monitor — i just want to know if the baby is asleep or awake and needs tending to. this monitor is all i need for that.we’ve been using this monitor for about 6 months now and have had no problems with it. i was a bit hestitant to order when i saw how many people had problems with the product, but thought it was worth a shot.

Mona Marysvale, UT

Sounds Creepy

I did not use this long because I could hear a lot of air, and it just reminded me a living in a scary movie, so i got rid of it. Maybe I didn’t do something right, but I’m just being honest.

Francesca Clyde, MO

Great Little Monitor

I just purchased this because our other monitor was going on the fritz. I love it. Our other monitor always interfered with our wifi and had lots of static. This is crystal clear.

Essie Nallen, WV

So Thankful for This!

I’m so grateful for this monitor. The price was just right and it’s just the item I need to quickly get to my baby when she awakes from naps, etc. The clarity is perfect for our large 3-bedrm apartment.

Amanda Pelican, AK

Does the job

We bought this because my 2 year old lost the cord to our old monitor. This is a cheap monitor that does the job. If you are looking for crystal clear & no interference then you will have to spend more than $16. It does have some occasional interference, but you just move it a little or switch the channel & it is fine. It also has some “white noise” in the background much of the time, but it’s minimal. It is a cheap, simple monitor that works well. It fit our budget & our needs and I have been happy with it.

Melanie Brush Valley, PA

I love this baby monitor!!!

This baby monitor has amazed me. When I was pregnant I lived in a tiny apartment where there was no need for a monitor, but I put the most basic, inexpensive one I could find on my registry for when we went to grandma’s house. I didn’t have high expectations.Well, since then, grandma ended up moving into a 4900 sq ft house, and baby and I lived with her for a month. I used this monitor every night and it never went out of range even in a house that big (at that point my daughter wouldn’t sleep without music on, so I knew since I could still clearly hear her lullaby CD that it was working just fine).After that, I moved into my current 2600 sq ft home, and this monitor has performed beautifully. It doesn’t pick up any interference even with 2 different wifi networks in the house (linksys and netgear) and it has seriously taken a beating. It has been sat on, dropped on concrete, rained on- and this morning I even dropped it in a puddle while taking photos in my backyard! As I pulled grass out of the AV port, it was still fully functioning! I am seriously impressed by this product and the value is unbeatable.

Ashlee Vinton, OH

Lots of Static/Power Adapter Broke

Not too happy with this monitor. We thought about replacing it early on but it was ok enough to just deal with the static. My husband became the master of turning it down just enough to tolerate the sounds but hear the baby when he cried. We used it for 7 months, every day during naps and night, and today the power adapter quit working so the only way to use it is with the 9v battery which lasts all of 3 hours before crapping out. So, in summary: it will work but it’s not a very good product and doesn’t seem to have quality components to make it last. Would probably be a better idea to just to buy a more expensive one out of the gate since you’ll be spending that amount of money anyway once you buy something to replace this one when it dies.

Jody Flatgap, KY

Decent monitor for the price.

This is a great product for anyone living in America or overseas like we are. Our apartment is made with solid concrete and I am able to hear the monitor all the way in the front of the house. We have an older child that likes to play loudly so we put the baby in the back bedroom and I am able to hear when she wakes up. I think if I were to buy another monitor I would get one that has a video camera in it, so I could also see what was going on. But this is a great product considering the price.

Crystal Murray, IA

No problems

I got exactly what I was hoping for – a simple inexpensive baby monitor without all the bells and whistles. The transmitter is downstairs in the baby’s room and the parent receiver is upstairs in the kitchen. No, the sound quality is not perfect but it is great for the price. I can’t hear every breath she takes but I can hear when she’s in her bed playing and I can hear when she’s crying. I don’t get any static.My only real complaint with this is that it takes a 9V batter (or can be plugged in) but the battery is not rechargeable. I usually have it plugged in so I can’t comment on how long the battery lasts.

Althea Henning, IL

Baby Monitor…

For the price, in a small home, it worked well. I didnt have a need for an expensive, over the top monitor and if that’s your situation too, you’ll be happy.

Beryl Highspire, PA

Amazing range.

The unit is about 4 feet away from the crib and every sound the baby makes can be clearly heard. It even picks up the sound of the a/c unit. I can remain sitting in the chair that’s 12 feet away from the unit, nursing the baby and ask my sons in the living room, where the parent unit is located, to bring me a glass a water. I love that the parent unit can be used without batteries.

Courtney Helmsburg, IN


If you want a monitor that’s super sensitive, get this one. I could be laying in bed in the same room as the baby bed, and my husband will come in from another room cause he heard the baby fuss when I couldn’t. I’m not kidding, the way we know when we’ve got it to the correct volume is when we can hear the clock ticking. I can’t hear the clock just sitting a few feet away from it, but this baby monitor can hear it clear across the room.Just don’t unplug the transmitter while the receiver is still on… it’s LOOOOOOOOOUD static.

Ofelia Sanostee, NM

very clear – simple

Maybe the best $ deal I found so far. I would not be with out one of these. This one is very clear and loud. I would buy another any day.

Shawna Northport, NY

Great monitor!

We’ve had this monitor about a year now and it works wonderfully! It’s a great relief getting this one as a second monitor after our old Fisher Price Sounds and Lights monitor has had us tearing our hair out for the past three years… what a piece of junk! This monitor works well, with no static. Can’t say muchbetter about a monitor than that! 🙂

Morgan Tallahassee, FL

Good for what it is if you want something basic.

Too staticy but you get what you pay for. It does the job though. Picks up sound if you are in another room.

Andrea Gadsden, AZ

Gets the job done

Love the price, product works just as you would expect. Minimal static, no interference that I’ve experienced. Great that it works just like it should, and super glad that I didn’t waste the money on one of the other really expensive baby monitors.

Jamie Fence, WI

lots of static!

It works well enough and I love that it has an outlet plug so that I don’t have to run it on batteries but the sound quality is terrible, lots of static! I honestly dont recommend this item, buy something nicer, it’ll be worth it for your sanity and peace of mind.

Alyce Jefferson, AR

The best monitor out there!

I was given this as a gift and LOVE it! There is NO static at all and I can even hear my baby breathing! I recommend this to everyone!

Annette Sunnyside, UT

The price is right.

After my expensive video monitor died, I decided to go back to basics and try this one. Good enough for it’s purpose.

Germaine Cordell, OK

Lots of unneeded feedback

having this set up next to no electric things, no tvs, radios or computers still gives off a feedback that is horrible. it does the job but when i walk past it having a screeching eeep every time is annoying will not buy again.

Lucile Kewanee, IL

Good under the right circumstances

The best part of this monitor is the price. You really can’t beat it. You can tell in the quality of the construction. They’re very light cheap plastic. But I don’t think that really matters as long as it works. I had originally bought one and it worked very well. It was crystal clear so I was impressed for the money I had spent. I then made the mistake of buying a second monitor for my second child’s room when my old monitor conked out. Unfortunately even putting each one on separate channels (there are 2 to pick from) the reception became terrible. I could hear each bedroom from each monitor along with screeching static. I ended up having to shelve the second monitor and get a more expensive unit. If you only need one it will probably work great for you. However if you need two, save your money and get a better unit with more channels.

Holly White Horse Beach, MA