Safety 1st Cushioned Sof’Knee Protectors

Safety 1st Cushioned Sof’Knee Protectors

Make crawling more comfortable for your little one with Safety 1st cushioned Sof’Knee protectors. Soft woven knee protection. Machine-washable fabric.

Main features

  • Soft woven knee protection
  • Machine-washable fabric
  • Sof’knee protectors

Verified reviews



I liked every thing about these except I wish they were just a little bit bigger..when I take them off my daughter she has red welt like marks where they were

Kaye Duenweg, MO

very bad knee protector

They are very tight so I could not keep them on my son because he could not crawl with them.also I think the carpet is softer than this knee protector, they are very rough I have to look for another knee protector now.

Shana De Witt, AR

knee protectors

loved thinking these were cushioning my baby’s knees as he crawled, but when I took them off him it had been cutting in his leg all day and had a huge red mark that was there for a week. He isn’t a chubby baby either, he has about average thighs. Felt horrible!

Paulette Saxapahaw, NC

Very decent for the money!

I bought them for my son 18 months who is walking already, but he falls down a lot on his knees. The material to me is just the right thickness its not too thick so it will restrain movement but at the same time allows for enough protection in my case-if it is for crawling baby that goes outside then these might not be the best. Also I didin’t find the material scratchy as another reviewer mentioned. They do stay in place as well. Overall it is great quality for 5$.

Karla Camden, IL

Good idea

Good idea if you have hard floors or a heavy crawler, both of which I had. However it seemed a little tight on my son’s huge legs so I didn’t use them much.

Libby Dahlonega, GA

Not as bad as some have said

We live in a hot climate, so it’s not always practical to put the baby in jeans. These stay on well and keep him from banging up his knees too bad when he’s crawling. They’re also about 75% cheaper than the other brands.

Danielle Weogufka, AL

Just enough to keep those knees from getting carpet burn

I did quite a bit of research and tried different things to prevent my son from getting carpet burn. The expensive pads did not convince me and went ahead and bought these cheaper pads after I tried recreating these with one of my old tube socks which did not stay in place.When these arrived I was very concerned that they were too small/tight as some reviewers mentioned so I used 2 plastic water bottles (the 24 oz ones) and put these on the bottles to stretch out overnight.The next day, I put these protectors on my son and at first he kept on trying to pull them down but as the morning went by he got used to them. I do have them removed when he is not crawling too much or busy playing with a toy to let the knees “breath out”.Overall this product is worth the money, I would not have payed more as another easy solution would have been to keep him wearing pants 🙂

Bridgette Harrisburg, AR

So rough it must be painful

I bought these but love my child too much to put them on. They are severely rough and course. Imaging putting on a deep knit/ribbed sweater and kneeling. It would dig into your skiing and hurt. These things are horrible. Not sure what they’re made for, but certainly not for babies, and certainly not for their knees as they crawl. I would give a zero star rating if it were an option.

Rosalyn Lake Luzerne, NY

Not good at all

Sad to say these weren’t worth the money spent on them. They were terrible! The fabric wasn’t soft at all, and they kept rolling up and wouldn’t stay on or around her knees.

Karla Dorchester, NE

picture is deceiving

Picture shows a healthy size baby, who has thighs and is crawling. The Sof’Knee are very very skinny and could be used on a small foot, but definitely not a baby who has any leg size at all. Perhaps for a newborn infant, but definitely not for a baby who is 6 months or more, as the picture implies. Also, they do not stretch very much, so again, no way they will fit a baby of crawling age unless the baby had tiny thin legs.

Kari Cologne, MN