Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap, Décor

Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap, Décor

One time adjustable length strap for easy positioning, dual press release, adhesive mount – no drilling required, sleek design blends with home decor.

Main features

  • One time adjustable length strap for easy positioning
  • Dual press release
  • Adhesive mount – no drilling required

Verified reviews


Think before you place

This product works exactly as described/intended. Our only issues have been not fully thinking about placement before sticking them on. We placed one on some cabinets where it is placed basically on the back hinge of one of the cabinet doors. The opening and shutting of the cabinet was bending the strap frequently until it broke. Also, it’s not adjustable once it’s placed- you snap it in, and once it’s snapped it doesn’t open again. When it says it’s "custom fit" it means before you secure it down. If you place it somewhere, like on an oven door, and you forget it’s there, it will pop off of the adhesive if you open the door too quickly.

Effie Glencoe, OH

Works great

I used these on my wooden entertainment center and have been working just fine for our purposes. My 15 month old can no longer get into our dvds! It is easy to install and they have stuck well with no damage to the wood. Im sure a little goo gone will take them off if I should want to remove them in the future. I also appreciate the color being dark on our dark wood it doesn’t stand out as bad as the typical bright white child lock. So I am very pleased!

Tessa Kellerman, AL


make sure u place it in the right spot on the FIRST try. Other wise if you remove it, it will lose it’s stickiness.. But My 3 year old is unable to open it when its locked.

Greta Bowmanstown, PA

May work for some but…

I purchased these straps hoping to lock my fridge from my 2 year old. FRIDGE-LOCKERS BEWARE! It DID work for my best friend’s fridge to keep her cats out of the freezer (they jump on top and open it from above, LOL), but not mine.First, they aren’t adjustable… it’s a one time adjustment, so kudos for Safety 1st for changing from “adjustable” on the clear ones to “custom fit” on these (apparently its the same permanency on both types). You pick the length and close the snap, and that is the length it is at FOREVER. So you need to be careful… I put it at (what I thought was) the end and it was not long enough to fit around my Electrolux fridge. It SEEMED to be very strong adhesive… it was really difficult to take off the first strap side after realizing it wouldn’t fit.Using the second strap fitted with the very tippy tip end of the strap, it was barely able to fit attached as close to the edge of the fridge side as possible and (on the other end) to the very thin side of the fridge door, not the front.My fridge is up against and opens to a wall…this made it impossible to see unless you knew it was there or looked closely. The strap ripped out of the permanent side the first time someone tugged ONCE forgetting it was locked(very easy to do when first installed) making it permanently broken since, as noted earlier, you cannot reopen the permanent side. Seeing reviews on the same brand clear type multi-purpose straps, this was possibly due to the tension of being fitted so tightly, but I don’t know if that was really our problem.I am sure it would have probably worked fine for my cabinets or drawers, but I had already locked the first one in position and the adhesives were worn from the first attempts to make it fit. Maybe I have an abnormally thick fridge?? (SAFETY FIRST? PLEASE MAKE THESE LENGTHIER!!!)So basically, choose wisely… it may work for you, but it didn’t for me.

Lilly Thompsons Station, TN

Adhesive is defective half the time!

The adhesive detaches from the drawer or from the strap itself. I have reattached the strap with 3m poster adhesive strips with some success. It’s so aggravating when I look over and see my toddler going thru a drawer that I carefully "secured" with the straps that have defective adhesive that has detached from the strap!!!!!

Julie Washougal, WA