Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap

Adjustable length strap for easy positioning. Dual press release. Adhesive backing. Designed series safety aid, designed to fit in well on todays home decor and appliances. Easy for parent to use; difficult for children. Easy to assemble – requires no hardware

Main features

  • Easy to assemble – requires no hardware
  • Adhesive backing
  • Multiple uses

Verified reviews


Works, But Sort of Permanent–Also, READ carefully!

This strap does what it says it will- it makes it much harder to open a drawer. In fact, I sometimes have some trouble too although I don’t think that was intended. It does have to attach to the surface via some sticky tape- so it is sort of permanent and doesn’t come off easily. You may be able to take it off, but be careful if you have a coated surface. Also, VERY IMPORTANT- you can only set it one time for the appropriate length and it locks. So make sure to figure that out before snapping everything into place- I unfortunately was following the instructions step-by-step and didn’t see this until I tried to jump ahead and was surprised as it locked into place and then didn’t want to come undone. I probably should have read through the instructions completely like I tell my students, but it also seems weird that it isn’t more adjustable. I was able to break it open and it sort of works- but fortunately I bought two. When I ordered this, the ad said there was a two-pack although it may have been fixed by now. I only got one and let Amazon know. So it does work, isn’t that horrible for a kid safety product, but read carefully and know what you are getting yourself into before installing.

Rosella Patten, ME

Love these!

I really like these straps! They’re flexible to use just about anywhere (kitchen cabinets, fridge door, glass cabinets – you name it). Installation is a breeze. Really. My 9-year-old was doing it. And they still hold very well. I don’t know how long the glue will last, but it’s been a couple of months, and so far, no one has been able to pull them off.One other comment: Before patching the entire house with these things, I installed one, and then tried removing it to see whether the glue left any marks. There was no residue left. (You do need to use a wet sponge with soap, but it did get it all off – great knowing when your kids grow up, and you want your house to be adult-friendly again.)

Rosanne Assawoman, VA

Simple and Works!

I love this product! It is very simple, does not require drilling, and simply works. I have a few of these now. They work really well on my freezer, my closet that has rolling doors, and my drawers that don’t work well with the normal childproof latches.I could see some older children figuring this out very quickly, but for now, things are safe from my toddler!

Kathryn Langley, SC

Great for your drawers!

I love that the straps are strong and they do not look bad on my dresser drawers. My son cannot figure out how to undo them (yet) so it’s great. I don’t have to worry about his fingers being clipped by the drawers!

Stefanie Cayucos, CA


Works well! does the job! Simple to use, easy to put on. Just be aware that you need to fix the pieces first and THEN snap the one side shut!

Erika New Baden, IL

didn’t work

Snug fit at first and appeared to do the trick of keeping my 9 month old from pulling on her dresser drawers while climbing the handles to a stand. But, she was constantly drawn to the locks because of the contrast of white on a dark surface. What baby doesn’t like contrast? (so why all the locks in the world are white, I’ll never understand). After a few days of using the locks to climb on and smacking her head on the dresser, I ultimately left the locks unlatched and dangling. New toy!? She then decided she liked yanking on the loose locks and was able to twist the adhesive on the plastic backing. The adhesive didn’t fall off the dresser, it fell off the actual lock! Removed the locks and said forget it, and suddenly the dresser isn’t so interesting anymore. 🙂

Stephanie Trade, TN

Acceptable Alternative to Drilling In Safety Latches

The pros:1) No drilling required. Works well for drawers that are too shallow for you to get a drill/screwdriver in for attaching traditional latches. Also works for appliances or other surfaces that you can’t drill into.2) Easy open (for adults). The release mechanism does take more strength and dexterity than a toddler has3) Very flexible. The adjustable-length strap makes it a breeze to navigate all sorts of needs in terms of anchor points.4) Doesn’t take off the paint! I found the adhesive came off without marring the paint on my cabinets or leaving behind any residue.The cons:1) Can’t stand up to hard pulling by toddlers. My 20-month-old son has popped the pieces off with a really hard tug. I wouldn’t use these in an area where the child will be unsupervised. I’ve found them useful in the kitchen and master bath – and other rooms where the kids are allowed only under a watchful eye. Definitely not the right latch for your cabinet full of cleaners or medicine.

Ana Minot, ND

holds the drawer closed

This strap works well to hold a filing cabinet drawer closed against relentless attempts by our one-year-old to try to open it. We stuck it on with the sticky it came with and it works just fine.

Monika Nutting Lake, MA

A little pricy but works fine

I couldn’t find anything cheaper, but to keep our glass door entertainment system away from our toddler, I’m glad this exists. We’ve had it for 2 weeks and have had no problems, it’s been perfect but just seems like it could be cheaper since it’s quite a simple contraption.

Tessa Hammond, IL

Suprisingly strong

I didn’t want to do the work of drilling anything to keep my cabinets closed so these were a great option. They stick very strong and are easy to open and lock, I placed several on my kitchen cabinets and one on my oven door. My son has tugged and pull on these in an attempt to get into the cabinets and to my surprise there very strong. I have even pulled on them to test the strength and I don’t think these things will be falling off ever. The only drawback is Im not sure if I can remove these without damaging my cabinets………… but ill worry about that when the time comes. For now, these are perfect.

Lenore Scotia, CA