Safety 1st Deluxe 4-in-1 Bath Station

Safety 1st Deluxe 4-in-1 Bath Station

This Safety 1st 4-in-1 bath station grows with your child from newborn to infant to toddler. It offers 4 distinct bathing stages: mesh bath sling, infant bath with sling, bath ring seat and 2-year toddler tub. Stage 1 fits in a kitchen sink to make bathing newborns easy. Stage 2 has a sling support that snaps into the tub for easy bathing of infants. Stage 3 has a swing-out bath ring seat that provides a sitting infant additional support. Finally, stage 4 accommodates a growing full-size toddler. Its easy-release recessed drain plug conveniently releases the station’s bath water into the family’s tub. Station also has 4 suction tabs that secure it to the tub and it folds up for easy storage. Imported.

Main features

  • this tub appropriate for several stages
  • full-size toddler bathtub

Verified reviews


Dont bother.

I registered for this and got it home and put it together. It didnt seem to fit together right. I took it back and bought a basic tub and a foam bear pad to lay her on. Much better. less $$ and easy to use.

Amelia Clyde, NC

Isn’t the point of the tub to keep water in it???

It leaks every time I use it. It’s impossible to snap back together if by some miracle you can change the size. I have to put towels underneath the tub to collect all the water that leaks out of it. I love the sling, but I am tempted to beat the tub with a hammer just to take out my frustrations with it. If I could get down on the floor and bathe my son in the big tub with this tub inside, it would probably be easier (but I don’t think my knees would appreciate it. I received this as a gift and didn’t check the reviews before using, I should have. I am currently looking for another solution to this piece of junk. Buy at your own risk.

Zelma Clarks Point, AK

Probably will not buy again

I bought this tub without doing any research on it. I bought it because I liked the idea of it growing with my baby. Well, I got it together all right but it is WAY too big for the bathroom and/or kitchen sink so I had to put it in the big tub from the very beginning. Also, I have yet to get it to shrink, so I have this huge tub in the bathroom all the time. The sling seemed to work all right when my son was smaller, but now he is 4 months and he loves to kick. However, that causes him to slide down the sling and it’s quite hard where the sling ends, so he ends up with this red mark on his lower back. Also, it just doesn’t seem to hold water. I have read the directions and everything but the water just leaks out. All in all, I will give this tub another chance once my son gets older and can sit up but if it still leaks, I am getting another one.

Mercedes Joiner, AR


I’m shocked by all of the other reviews on this particular product. Many complain that it’s too small for their sink…hello!!! It wasn’t made for a SINK. Anyway,…I love this tub. I wouldn’t want any other one. It was the most convenient when my son needed to be on the sling =perfect=, and now that he’s sitting up,… it’s even more convenient. Please ignore the negative reviews and I highly consider buying this product. It may be the only tub you will buy in you child’ early stages.

Lawanda Geary, OK

Never got to use this…!

Being the excited new mom I opened this to get a feel for it and see how it would fit in our home and almost cut my finger sliding it open! I was shocked and then thought if I have not even used it and it does this I do not want! Plus if it did this to me then what about when I am washing my child. And I read all the instructions before attempting to play with it so I could do it correctly. Right back in the box and I drove back to the store the same day….got another brand….

Carla Rayland, OH

Leaks all over

This was terrible. It leaked all over the place. Finally my husband put silicone all around it which helped. Save your money & buy the cheap $10 one that’s one piece.

Gay Clyde, TX

I don’t recommend this tub

I registered for this tub because I thought it is very cool and so multi-functional.After the baby was born and passed his stage of dry bath, I found this tub is not very easy to use. My husband and I coudln’t solve the leaking issue. It also difficult for me to expand or close the tub.The sling is not very good, either.I tried to use this tub for 3 times and returned it. I got Sure Comfort Deluxe instead. I think Sure Comfort Deluxe is a much better choice for new born. It is very easy to put over my sink. The green net comes with the tub is easy to use.

Taylor Jerome, MI

Engineering nightmare

70% of the time, the tub doesn’t leak. The 30% that it does leak, however, is a fiasco. Here’s how it happens: Once the tub is full expanded and the clips under the side are “clicked” into place (and yes, we did read the instructions) we fill the tub. Once we finish bathing her, we slide the entire unit forward just enough so that the drain hangs over the edge of the sink and let the water drain. It is at this point that by moving the tub, the suction cups stick to the counter and while moving the tub, it unhooks the clips and out come the waterworks….all over the hardwood floors. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy to remedy this while holding a wet, squirmy baby. Mothers (and fathers) have far better things to do with their time than fiddle with the damn clips and mop up a huge mess. My husband, an MD and engineer says it is obviously incapable of maintaining a reliable seal. Look at it! Meanwhile, we’re shopping for a different type of tub. We cuss too much using this one.

Donna Spring Valley, MN

It leaks

I pressed and clicked the correct spot like it said in the directions and yet it still leaks. This was a problem because i used it on the kitchen counters for the first week. I had to put towels under it to absorb all the water. So i moved it upstairs to the bathtub and this way i don’t have to worry about all the leaks. Really, who wants a tub that leaks???? My daughter is not yet sitting up on her own and yet she is too long to be reclined comfortably in this tub….so we are in an awkward transition phase. a phase that this tub doesn’t suitably deal with. I wouldn’t buy this tub.

Nannie Robeline, LA

Leaky Leaky

I was so excited when I recieved this tub thinking it would last for years. Well, first you can NOT use it in your home bathtub, because the suction cups will not adhere to a non-slip surface. Most tubs are non-slip, that’s what the little bumps are for in your tub. This was fine though, I planned to use it on our kitchen counter. No matter how hard I pressed on the middle “locking” device water always leaked out onto the counter and floor. This tub is more trouble than it’s worth!

Kathleen Sutersville, PA



Cheryl Dublin, MS

1 star for the sling, zero for the rest

We registered for this tub, before doing any research. Big mistake. As a newborn, I used the sling to bathe my son. As he got bigger, I put the sling into the tub (2nd way of the 4-1 system). Bath time became a pain. My son kept sliding down, even with one hand on him at all times. He didn’t really seem to enjoy it either. Finally, after reading great online reviews I bought the Eurobath. LOVE IT!!!!! From day one my son had a great time in his new (huge) tub. He fits securely into the reclined side of the tub, with no slipping. He is comfortable and there is enough water around him to keep him warm and for him to splash. We’ve had it over a month, I highly recommend the Eurobath over this bath tub.

Carole Mineral Bluff, GA


this is the worst bath tub i’ve bought. i returned this item right away. it leaks. once i pulled it out to be longer but, no matter how much i struggled to put the extension back together, it just wouldn’t click. when i pressed it to lock the extension, i couldn’t tell whether it locked or not, so then i put water to test the lock system. the result was that my kitchen counter and floor were a, i bought the Euro bath. it does a good job.

Mable Seelyville, IN

Considering Returning It

I had ordered a different tub for my shower but never received it. I had my baby so I picked up this tub last week. However I could not figure out how to use the sling alone for my 1 week old infant. It appears that you have to hold her head up while in the sling which leaves you with only 1 hand to bathe her with. But anyone with an infant knows that they kick and squirm and I found it very hard to use. I tried to snap it into the tub for the 2nd stage (thinking better support) and I could not get it to fit!Much easier to sponge bathe a new baby on a contoured changing pad. I’m thinking of returning and going for the EuroTub.

Therese Springfield Center, NY

great tub!

I haven’t had problems with this tub…. I used another tub for my son for the first 3 months, and that tub became too small, so I purchased this one. I’m so glad I did.At 3 months, my son was large for his age, but unable to sit up yet, so this tub was perfect.I’ve given it 4 stars instead of 5 because I agree with the other comments that it is not easily collapsible to store, and it is bulky, but we simply let it dry in the bathroom overnight and store it under his crib during the day – so space turned out to not be so much of a problem.I have had no issues with the tub leaking though. Once it is completely extended, there is a good seal and it does not leak.I have and will continue to recommend this tub to all my friends.It’s accomodating for longer than any tub out there.well worth the money.

Ora Wingate, TX


I looked everywhere for a tub without all the grooves for baby’s body – I wanted something that would submerge nicely from the neck down and this looked like it would do the trick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold any water to submerge anything than perhaps the feet. Leaks horribly, bulky – we gave up, returned it, and now we just bath with baby. Nothing works better than you own hands on your slippery baby anyway, and you can avoid sore knees from bathroom tile and stiff back from bending over the tub.

Corrine Midlothian, MD

It’s okay, but….

We’ve only used this tub a handful of times because our son is only 3 weeks old. I have not had any problems with the tub leaking. But like I said, we’ve only used it a handful of times. I definately don’t think this tub is appropriate for small babies. The tub has absolutely no support for his head OR his body. It takes my husband AND I to bathe him b/c the tub offers no help. It would be just as easy to put him in our full size bath tub. I wouldn’t recommend this tub for small babies.

Tabatha Port Ewen, NY


I hate this tub!!! It leaks everywhere. I do not recommend buying this item

Fanny Bethlehem, PA

love it

We love this tub. We have been using it since our daughter’s first bath. It was tough to pop the tub into the expanded version, but that tight fit means it won’t leak. If you don’t pop it together right it will leak. We leave it set up in the tub when not in use so it’s not really taking up any vital space. Our daughter seems to like the sling. She’s four months old now and didn’t cry even during her first bath.3/06 – We’re now using this tub on child #2. Still no problems. This child likes it too. Between the two girls we’ve been using this tub for 22 mo. It has never leaked, not once.

Cara Foothill Ranch, CA

too much work

I wrote a review a few months ago but I have to edit it. I followed all the directions, I was very careful and patient with this tub, I washed it and dried it after each use and still I find things growing in the crevices and between the top and bottom. The design idea was good but it just isn’t practical for a baby tub that will need to be used regularly. The sling slips out of place all the time and the bath ring isn’t worth the extra work it takes to clean it and the little ridges that hold it into the tub. No matter how hard I work it’s impossible to keep this tub clean.

Ruth Blanks, LA


Unfortunately, I am not able to find this bathtub anywhere (( My son used to have it 6-7 years ago). It is great! It is the only one bathtub where a baby does not slip forward and doesn’t go under water. This blue gear is awesome. I do not understand why it is discontinued. I do not care if it is leaking. I did not notice that because it was used in adult bathtub. IF SOMEBODY HAS IT, PLEASE, I WILL BUY FROM YOU.

Fanny Sinclair, WY

No problems here…

It’s been 5 months aleady and we’ve had no troubles at all. It leaked the first time we used it because I didn’t snap the locks into place all the way. My boys are quite big for their age, and they love to kick their legs and splash around. There is plenty of room for that. In the beginning I put the tub on my bathroom counter, but when they started splashing water all over the place, I put this tub in our regular bath. I don’t use the sling anymore, but it wasn’t a problem when we did.

Shelby Telferner, TX

Try another tub

I’ve used this tub since my baby was born 6 months ago. There are far more things I dislike about it than like.I liked the sling. I used it alone in the kitchen sink.I disliked the sling in the tub. I felt it did not fasten securely to the tub and there wasn’t enough cushioning for his head and bottom. My son now sits up on his own but I feel he can slip too easily in this tub.

Latasha Rehobeth, MD

Best tub I’ve seen out there!

I registered for this bath tub and recieved it as a shower gift. Everything on the tub works well. My son does slide down the sling and I do have to put him back. But I don’t think it’s possible for that not to happen because he’s so actively moving the whole time. I’ve never had a problem with it leaking. The suction cups do get stuck on very hard and I really have to pull to get it up so much that I pulled one suction cup off last time(It went back on very easily). But theres a reason they stick so much to keep my son safe. So I am glad to have this tub and would recommend it over all the others.

Gertrude Larimore, ND

You can do better

I like the fact that it’s a convertible tub, and I seem to have escaped any kind of leaking problem, but the sling is a pain in the rear. Baby gets playful, kicks his legs, and Mom spends half the time repositioning him on the sling (which operates more like a slide), so that he won’t slip all the way into the water. I regret not getting the kind which sling stretches across and keeps baby buoyant. Oh well.

Mitzi Hartford City, IN

Leaky and doesnt fold easily

this tub leaks – i had to put it in my bath tub to use it, which really hurt my back and made me nervous when taking my daughter out of the tub and trying to stand up. couldnt use it on a kitchen counter unless i wanted everything to get wet.doesnt open and close very easily – i gave myself more than one bruise (due to pinched skin) when trying to open and close it. also, by the time your child can sit up in this might as well put them in the big daughter slipped and slid all over when we tried to sit her up.too short – by the time she was 4 months, she was too long for this tub and would kick the sides.i had regisered for the eurotub, but rec’d this. preferred the euortub by far!

Madelyn Port Gibson, NY

It leaks

Enough said.

Wanda Rose, OK

Not Comfortable for Baby

My son is now 11 months old and I have been using this tub since he was 5 weeks old. In the beginning, we used the infant sling, but my baby would constantly slip down into the water. We had to put a large bear-shaped foam bath sponge between him and the sling to minimize the slipping, but we still had to readjust him quite frequently. When he learned to sit on his own, we tried using the bath seat feature. He would arch his back and slip forward into the bath ring, thus painfully squishing his private parts. We decided to try it without the ring and it was a little challenging holding him in place while washing him, but we managed. Now he twists and turns and won’t stay put in the tub. I have thought about buying a better tub, but since we are so close to graduating him to the big tub, I don’t want to spend the money. Please consider buying something different for your baby. I will not be using this tub for my next child.

Julia Worth, WV

Perfect for curious baby

My mom bought this for us after she decided that the bath chair we already owned was not good enough. This has been the best bathtub we could have ever wanted! The newborn sling is nice, and lets baby have contact with the water without feeling overwhelmed. Our baby didn’t really like bath time until he could sit up by himself, and at that point this bath tub became a necessity. Baby loves to explore the tub, and the secure bath ring helps keep him safely and securely in one place. He is now almost 20 mos and we still use it with the bath ring in place because he likes it better that way, too! I especially like it because I don’t have to worry about him slipping under the water accidentally if I look away for a second to get his towel ready or something. We had a problem with leaking at first, too, but once we read the instructions and pushed the bottom down securely, we haven’t had a problem since.

Tracey Sharon, MA

Hard to use

I was never fond of this even with the first use. The baby sling never stayed in place and i was constantly adjusting the sling and baby. When i moved to the bath ring it’s plastic edges are sharp and usually scratched him while he moved around. It doesn’t colapse or open easily leaving a large tub. The only time i was happy with it was once he was old enough to sit in the full tub which is when this isn’t needed.

Marissa Dallas, SD