Safety 1st Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Tub, White

Safety 1st Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Tub, White

The Safety 1st Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Bathtub gives parents great options during bath time. The tub fits inside a bathtub and can also be easily used in either a standard or double sink. You’ll be able to give your infant the comfort and support they need with the soft bath hammock during the early months. Remove the hammock and the tub is just right for your growing baby. Our SlideGuard contours help you to keep your little one steady while bathing. There are 3 convenient holders that make it easy to keep soap and accessories within reach as well as a built-in bar so that you can keep a towel handy too. After bath time is over, the shower hook makes storing and drying the tub easy.

Main features

  • Contours to help keep your baby steady while bathing
  • The soft bath hammock is comfortable and machine washable
  • Fits in the bathtub and single or double sinks
  • Features 3 convenient soap and accessory holders, a towel bar and a shower hook for easy drying
  • Color change plug indicates the best water temperature for use

Verified reviews


Dont buy!

I would have to say that this is the worst tub ever! There is just a little bump that is supposed to be the part that your baby stradles to be able to sit in the tub. It doesnt work. My baby just slides right off of it. I cant even bath him, as I am trying to keep him upright to wash. For my previous babies I had the First Years Sure Comfort newborn to toddler tub. It has a shelf for your baby to sit on. Well I gave that one away and so I had to buy new. I purchased this not through amazon, but bought it at walmart. I wish that I would have just spent the extra money and bought the good one to begin with. Now I am going to throw this one away and purchase through amazon the blue first years tub. Good thing is that amazon charges less than stores for the First years tub (well in Alaska). Save your money and purchase the first years tub!

Jeannette Mcleod, ND

My 5 month old floats on his back in this tub. TERRIBLE DESIGN

There is only a small timeframe that this tub is super useful during. When my son was first born, he was too light to push the sling down into the water, so as I was pouring water over him, he was getting goosebumps since he couldnt be semi-submerged. He was born at 8.5 pounds. Now, he is 4 months and about 15 pounds, and is pushing the sling down a little better, so it is working out fine for now. I foresee as he starts getting more and more mobile, that I am going to have trouble keeping him on the sling, because he is already wiggling quite a bit and isn’t even sitting up yet. The sling is not adjusteable, but does come off and is washable. It is easy to rinse and get all of the soap off of him with the sling tho, and he seems pretty comfy for now… but as I am looking at the design a little closer, for later use that is, there is a huge plastic BUMP in the middle of the tub, I’m assuming to assist your little one when they start sitting up, but it looks so uncomfortable, and I’m reading everyone elses reviews about how their babies aren’t able to stay supported by the bump. What I am thinking that I will try when my son gets to this point is a folded up bath towel completely underneath his butt, for comfort, and grip so he doesn’t slide under the water or something. The little plug at the bottom changes from blue to white when the water is too hot, so that’s a pretty nifty feature, and I like the side pockets for his baby wash and rinsing cup. Now behind where your baby’s head would go, there are two other pockets that I am assuming are to prevent overfilling the tub. Well they defeat the purpose because they don’t drain… They hold water, which collects soap residue, so that next time you fill the tub, that old dirty bath water that has been sitting there is now in the tub with your baby. You would have to turn the whole thing upside down after every bath, and who has time for that while you are trying to deal with drying off and watching your baby? I drilled holes in the bottom of these two pockets so that they now work properly. I really wish I would have purchased a different baby tub, but there are good features, and things can be done to make this tub more functionable.UPDATE: Just as predicted, my son is now 5 months old and was too heavy for the sling. He still isn’t sitting unassisted yet, and this tub is a NIGHTMARE at this stage. He freaks out a little when the water begins to pool in the tub, and holds his breath while wiggling, and floats right up out of the little contoured spot for their bottoms. So then, the hump in the middle of the tub is jabbing him in the middle of his back and he is just floating in this awkward little bath tub! I refuse to fill it at all now, even though I never leave my son’s side through the bath, but it just isn’t safe at all! I’m lowering this one star. And the towel idea I had before DID NOT work at all. It just clogged the tub to where it didnt drain, and when my son floats up, the towel does too. Hectic bath time!

Lana Independence, OH

Love the hammock part for a newborn.

I purchased this for my 4th baby. All of my other children I had either bathed them in a sink or in the regular plastic tubs, but with my newborn I needed the extra help of the hammock because I needed to do the careful sponge baths for a little longer, he fusses a little and he was really small. This tub is perfect, the hammock is very sturdy, it almost acts as a third hand. Obviously you would still want to keep a hand on baby at all times, but it provides really good support from the bottom and allows me to do a good cleaning. Absolutely recommend this product, and you cannot beat the price.

Mellisa Cadyville, NY

didn’t use it much

I like this tub but my daughter hated being in the sling so we always just got in the tub with her, which she loved. By the time she got big enough to use it without the sling, she was already so used to taking baths with us that we just continued with that method. When she’s old enough to sit up by herself we may try it again just to keep her contained.

Barbara Troy, NH

Great Tub

I purchased this tub because it had an infant sling with weight capacity up to 16 pounds. My baby was born 8 pounds and at 11 weeks is already 15 pounds. The sling feature has really come in handy (especially for a newborn) in giving my baby a safe, speedy, and cleaner rinse. The sling suspends baby while letting soapy water pass through. JUst this week, i transitioned my baby from the sling to sitting in the inclined postion. The non slip backing and bump work really well to keep my baby from sliding all over the place. I also chose this tub because it was one of the bigger tubs on the market and will transition well for when my baby can sit on his own. My baby is a big boy in general so the extra room comes in handy for him. The first years tub, was a little too cramped for him. I would recomend this tub to people because it is so versitile. Only down side is it is a bigger tub than a lot of others on the market so if you have a tiny bathroom and not a lot of counter space, then this isnt the tub for you. I on the other hand have lots of counter space and needed a big tub for my big baby so this really works for me.

Elena Orient, WA


This tub was even terrible when my daughter was a newborn. She was either not in the water at all or was sliding down the sling into the water. At 3 months old I still have to use the sling because she slides over the hump on the inside that is supposed to keep her up. And yep! She still slides down the sling and is only half in the water so gets cold very quickly. I hate bathing her and she is liking it less also.

Cheryl Sebring, OH

My baby loves it!

My baby girl is almost two months and she is on the tiny side. The hammock is perfect for her and she like to hang her feet to side in the water. I like that i fits across my double sink, even the kind with uneven sides. The plug changes color once the water is the right temp and that means no need for a bath thermometer that gets in the way. Also love the compartments at the foot for body wash, shampoo, cotton balls, wash cloth, etc. Great product!

Trudy West Newbury, VT

Good product

Bought it as a temporary tub for my daughter while we were away for a few months. Used it quite often and had no problems with it.

Cheryl Anacoco, LA

Works well

This tub does the job. It fits in my two side kitchen sink well. The infant insert is not very good, but we had a hand me down tub insert that we used instead.

Fran Pleasant Hill, TN

Great but messy for washing hair in reclined position

Loved the sling for when my baby was really little. the seat for the next stage is a little awkward to balance a little baby butt on. My main problem is the hole above the head rest. Pouring water on my baby’s head results in half the water going in that hole and spilling all over my countertop. It also spills along the grooves where the sling is hooked on. Now my baby is getting too tall for the tub, but she doesn’t sit up well enough yet to move to the next stage.

Lynda Hartley, IA

A little awkward

My son is still a newborn so it was used with the sling in it. He gets a little wobbly. I find it much easier to just run some water in our bath tub and sit in it and hold him. He much prefers that. Make sure water is really warm if using with sling because it will be cold by the time it gets to baby and mine hates anything cold.

Adriana North Windham, CT

Great product

This is a handy product and I’ve enjoyed having it. My son is huge though and outgrew the sling sooner than I expected (about 6 weeks). When he is in the tub it gets very slippery and he sometimes slides off the side of the seat. To be safe I hold him in place and only keep an inch or so of water in the tub (mostly use the spray nozzle on my sink to wash him).

Celina Weldon, NC

Safety 1st Deluxe infant toddler tub

I bought this for my grandson and they love it. Very high quality and they said they would purchase it again. I’m very happy with the product and would purchase again.

Benita Morse Bluff, NE

Baby Bath Tub

I purchased this bath tub because it was a really good price and looked like a safe tub for my baby. The first time I used the tub, my baby was 6.3 lbs. and I needed my husband’s help to keep him from falling off the net (sling). It wasn’t long until he fit nicely (maybe around 8 lbs.) When he was 15 lbs. I had him in the stage two position. He didn’t slide from the bump much, but I placed down a washcloth under his bottom and he would then only slips a little. He loved to splash and at 25 inches tall he would keep himself in place. I didn’t mind the tub and didn’t know any different. I liked how it had spaces for shampoo/body wash, wash cloths, toys, etc. The blue plug turned white if the water is too hot, which was nice. I feel this tub is great for the price. It’s nothing fancy, but does it’s job. I will use it for my next baby. Before my baby was 4 months (27 inches tall) his feet were too long for the stage 2 position, so I tried stage 3 (even though he wasn’t sitting on his own yet). Stages 2 and 3 allow for the same amount of leg room so instead of using stage 3, he now takes big boy baths with me.

Madelyn Catawba, SC


Greatpproduct for the price. Fits over the sink and is easy to drain. Sling for infants is great and comfortable. My son loves it!

Alfreda Sharon, GA