Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs, 8 Count

Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs, 8 Count

Deluxe press fit outlet plugs are specially designed to lock into outlets to help keep little fingers out, includes 8 child resistant outlet plugs.

Main features

  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Made using high quality materials
  • The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes
  • Includes 8 child resistant outlet plugs
  • Two touch press and lock for optimum security
  • Removable and reusable

Verified reviews


These were 3 prong!

I ordered the wrong ones, so just make sure you order the correct ones, otherwise these would have been perfect.

Patrice Monroe, GA

Safety FIRST

I switched from the basic plastic covers to these when my son learned how to pull those out easily.These require two hands and some wiggling back and forth to get out: they don’t pull straight out.There’s no way my son (or any kid!) is going to get these out, and that’s their purpose… To keep him safe. I’m willing to spend the extra 10 seconds and a little minor effort to pull them out to keep it that way.

Katherine Shawnee Mission, KS


No worrying about toddlers or even pre-schoolers figuring these out…very well made and they do their job.To open them you have to depress the top button, then pull down towards the floor a bit and out. It takes a few minutes of practice and some finger strength for adults to get it right, but there is absolutely no sense in installing the ‘other’ outlet covers that can be ripped out of the wall then choked on by a baby is there? I’ve also had a few of those ‘other’ ones snap off inside the outlet, which really was a treat..should not happen with these plugs.So if you want safety these are the plugs to get. Been using them for nearly 5 years now and never have my kids come even close to getting them removed. I personally was nearly electrocuted as a child, having stuck my parents car keys into a socket…trust me, it only takes a second for a life threatening incident to happen with your child. Why take chances???Pick up a few extras for grandma’s house too.

Addie Talking Rock, GA

If you want really safe outlets, this is for you!

You don’t have to worry about your kid getting these out of the outlet since it’s nearly impossible for you to get them out of the outlet. They lock in securely and require some serious effort to remove. Great for peace of mind!

Caryn Mansfield, MO

Gets the job done!

I have to agree with many of the reviews here…these outlet plugs manage to keep babies and adults from accessing outlets pretty effectively, but that was why I bought them. It seems there are two types of outlet plugs available at this point: those that babies can figure out in very little time (and are easy for parents to remove too) and those that keep babies out (yet give parents trouble as well.)I have lupus and even in the middle of a flare, when my hands are very weak and stiff, I can still get these plugs out even though it requires a good deal of effort. They do give me confidence though that my baby is safe–now he’s only 8 months, but is very active and I’m sure would figure out other plugs in no time. So far, he has seen these, touched them, and lost interest pretty quickly. I do have to say, though, that I have access to some outlets placed higher on the wall that I use for vacuuming, kitchen appliances, etc. and have tried to minimize the need to take these plugs in and out of high-use outlets.

Maricela Tetlin, AK

LOVE these

I love this product – highly recommend for the mommy and daddy who have busy body babies that cant stop touching everything!

Amie Phippsburg, CO


Finally, an outlet cover that my 18 month old can’t figure out how to remove!

Belinda El Campo, TX


They work alright, NO ONE will use your outlet, not even you. They are impodsible to remove. I had to use a pointed tool with one hand while squeezing three buttons simultaneously with the other hand. Sounds easy huh? Don’t buy.

Carmela Norman, NC

Very solid and work on rectangular face plate opening plugs!

These things are bomb (and almost adult) proof! And, they’re the only ones I’ve found that work on the plugs with the rectangular openings in the face plate.

Valarie Gloster, MS

The ONLY cover that works for my two year old.

These along with the Safety 1st Adapter and Plug cover (for outlets in use) are the ONLY thing that stops my toddler in his tracks. I tried your cheap flat plug covers, which he gets off in three seconds flat. Then I tried the convex style Munchkin brand covers, which he actually got off BETTER than I could due to his small fingers. He’s a smart kid.Despite the bad reviews, I decided to try these. They work. He can pull on them all he likes, but he doesn’t think to use the two-step release system. He got frustrated in about 30 seconds and never messes with them anymore. I think they may have improved the product or something since the reviews started. Definitely give it and/or the Safety 1st Adapter and Plug covers a try if nothing else seems to work and you have a little tinker on your hands.

Marcella Southbridge, MA

They were a must

The basic covers did not cut it. They are tough to remove, but that is the point. We feel much safer.

Marissa Rockville, RI


These are good and safe, exactly what they should be but, if i had known better i would have bought the sliding ones with the screw.

Casey Parks, AR


Yes, these things work. NO baby can get them off. Thing is, if your outlets aren’t 100% sturdy (i.e.. loose sockets), you adults will have a tough time too (because of how tightly they stick). Your best bet is to alternate: use these in your baby’s primary play area and choose a more user-friendly model for the places you plug in most. (The simple ones without the release buttons.) This works for us.

Carole Lindside, WV

Super safe!

These will definitely keep your little one out of the outlets — highly recommended for safety! However, I have weak hands and can’t get them out w/o my husband’s help. If you have similar issues, you may not want to use them in outlets that you need to use frequently.

Latonya Pine Meadow, CT

Unobtrusive and toddler-proof so far.

Unobtrusive, and my toddler hasn’t figured them out yet — can’t argue with that. They are a bit tricky to get in and out, and they require enough force that if your outlets aren’t solidly mounted, they’ll move about too. They do the job, but I much prefer theSafe Plate for Electric Outlet – Bulk 25 Pack – White with Single Screw. I used these where the Safe Plates wouldn’t fit (double gangs, for instance).

Nancy Etna, NH

Even hubby couldn’t remove them…

It takes both hands (and adult hands at that) to get these back out of the outlets again. And that’s exactly what we wanted — something impossible for babies to remove and a very appreciated pain the the a– for adults to take out as well. Great product, Satefy 1st! I’m ordering more this week for the rest of the house!!

Tracie Luna, NM

Break Easy

Yes, they are difficult to remove… that is the point, of course.But they break easily upon removal.Only use in outlets you have absolutely no intention of using until after your child is old enough to know not to stick anything in them.

Keri Shelby, NC

save your money

We tried these when my todder started to be able to pull out simpler socket protectors. First, they wouldn’t go into all the sockets. Sometimes they’d work on one socket in a pair, but not the other, so I don’t htink that was user error or some problem with the fixture. Second, my 2 year old was able to figure out the mechanism and strong enough to pull them out within 20 minutes.

Althea Cason, TX

Certainly Keep Toddlers Out!

These are some heavy-duty plug covers, which is a good thing. I have twin boys who see everything as an interesting challenge, yet they can’t get these covers out of the outlet. Sure, they take a couple moments for us adults to remove, but the benefit outweighs any silly impatience one might feel while wiggling the cover out. These are so much better than the old style plug covers, which my daughter used to just pluck right out of the outlet and put in her mouth.

Victoria Perkins, GA

gets the job done

There is no way she will be getting these out. That said… They are very hard for mommy and daddy to get out too. Don’t buy these if you think you will need to take them out often

Ila Tollhouse, CA


We purchased these along with some cheaper plugs. We installed these on outlets that we use often and they are a breeze to remove. So far, our child hasn’t figure it out, but we’re worried these will not work as well once she’s older and may switch to the cheaper ones.

Pam Bates, AR

Don’t work on our outlets

These did not work for out outlets. Possibly because we have an older home?? The latch that is supposed to hook on to the plate isn’t long enough so it doesn’t grip and they pull right out.

Gayle Abbotsford, WI

Keeps my child safe

PRO: I feel confident that my child will not be able to remove theseCON: We have a hard time removing these when we need to use the outlets. It definitely takes two hands to push the top button and squeeze the sides at the same time.

Tessa Hartford, OH


These plugs are actually really difficult to open so I end up pulling them out of the outlet sockets anyways.

Rosemary Bethlehem, IN

Its okay

It works for the baby(and me…. haha…) I have installed only one and can’t removed it. My husband can but I can’t.

Jeannette Backus, MN

Love these!

My 18 month old son easily pops off all the other plug covers but cannot get these off. They take a couple seconds for me to get off but not really a hassle.

Dorthy Camp Hill, PA

Clever Toddler Proof

I love these outlet plugs. We had the cheaper ones by the same company that you don’t press to put in the outlet and my 18 month old daughter was able to pull them right out. So we decided to try these. Let me tell you… these things are HARD to get out of the wall, even for me. But that’s a GOOD thing in my opinion. I would rather have something that is so difficult to get out that I even have to take a few moments to do it than something my daughter is going to just pull out and possibly end up hurting herself.PROs:+Hard to pull from the wall+Easy to install+Works on any standard outletCONs:-Hard to pull from the wall even as an adult-A bit pricey if you need to do a lot of outlets

Latoya Scottville, NC

Love them!

Since the first time my daughter noticed the outlets she has been obsessed with them. That’s why I got these ones for her room and the living room, where she spends most of her time, and got the simpler ones for the rest of the house.They are hard enough that she can’t take them out, but not too hard that I can’t remove them with one hand.

Britney Lyndon, IL

Hard to remove

I purchased these after reading the reviews on how hard they are to remove so I was not too surprised by how hard they are to remove – lol. You just need to figure out how to take them out and find a gadget that can help depress the safety – a screw driver works well for us. We bought two types, put these in the areas our son has a lot of access, and on outlets we dont use much. We used a cheaper, easier to remove style on the other outlets.

Katharine Jesup, GA

does what is supposed to do!

I was a little concerned about getting these after reading reviews from people who struggled getting these plugs out of the outlets. But, glad I decided to order them- they work like they should- making it difficult for little hands to pull out of the wall. Yes, they do take a little work for an adult to remove- you have to kind of wiggle them out-but it is pretty simple. Overall a great no fuss product at a great price!

Rosalia Polk City, IA