Safety 1st Double-Touch Plug ‘N Outlet Covers

Safety 1st Double-Touch Plug ‘N Outlet Covers

Ideal for outlets your family uses frequently, these plug ‘n outlet covers from Safety 1st are easy to operate on a daily basis and require no hardware installation.

Main features

  • Includes two covers that fit over outlets with plugs
  • Child-resistant double-touch release
  • Removable and reusable

Verified reviews


not great

I am not a weak woman by any means but I had to give up trying to open these. I thought maybe the first one was a dud so tried another and could not open. I don’t think there is anyway anyone including a man could open this with one hand. I was using both hands with all my might and could not get the tabs to release. My husband was able to use it easier than me. Also, we needed one of these for an outlet where we have a power strip plugged in, but the cut out for the cord is not wide enough for a power strip cord. It can just barely fit a regular width electrical cord. I’ll probably be sending these back. Just too hard to operate for me.

Simone Pantego, NC

Keeps my son safe

These are a little hard to get into a lot but then I know it makes it hard for my son. He is now almost two and still cannot figure how to open these. They do have a rather small spot for the cords but I did have my laptop charger covered by one of these and it still worked.

Samantha Altoona, WI

Perfect for toddlers!

We looked all over and at every store for a cover for outlets. All we could find were the plug type ones but we needed ones that were for things actually being plugged in to make them tamper proof for our two year olds little hands lol these are perfect! Worked great and easy to install.

Lilly Wagram, NC

Definitely Baby Proof

It definitely did what it was designed to do, kept baby away from the outlet…But he was still able to pull cords loose from the outlet. And yes, it’s difficult to remove… sure, that’s the point so baby can’t get to it…. but my husband broke the outlet plate trying to remove it. There is baby proof and there is just plain impossible to remove.Overall, did what it’s supposed to. Baby didn’t electrocute himself.

Cassie Marietta, MN

Effective, but difficult to use if you plan to remove

If you plan to stick these on and never use them – they are great. The pinch and remove cover is so difficult to get off that I avoid all outlets with these installed : I imagine thats a good thing. Baby certainly won’t be removing them.

Twila Gladeville, TN

Great product

Perfect for my son’s room. He is 3.5 now and I wish I had purchased this sooner! The cover was hard for me to get off but my husband didn’t have any trouble–even if it is a bit difficult, that’s a good thing, because my son definitely couldn’t get it off if he tried. Could have used this from the moment he started crawling!

Michele Sewickley, PA

Effective, that’s for sure

The fit & hardware included were all perfect for my standard outlet, but…It took me about 10 minutes of squeezing, prying, and praying to separate the two pieces of this outlet cover just so I could install it initially. There is no way a child is getting this sucker off, but I’m also genuinely worried that I’ll never be able to unplug my lamp now.So…it works really well, I guess? I’ll probably try something a little less effective next time.

Alice Literberry, IL