Safety 1st Double-Touch Plug ‘N Outlet Covers

Safety 1st Double-Touch Plug ‘N Outlet Covers

Ideal for outlets your family uses frequently, these plug ‘n outlet covers from Safety 1st are easy to operate on a daily basis and require no hardware installation.

Main features

  • Includes two covers that fit over outlets with plugs
  • Child-resistant double-touch release
  • Removable and reusable

Verified reviews


Painfully hard to open

There are two pieces to the outlet cover: back part replaces the outlet cover (and needs to be screwed on) and the front cover, which is released from the back cover by squeezing the two plastic pieces on the sides. The plastic side pieces are part of the back part, made of stiff plastic and extremely difficult to squeeze. This outlet cover also did not fit one of my outlets (it would not stay flush to the wall).

Leeann Willacoochee, GA

It works !!!

This thing works but it’s very tricky getting off. If you work it a little you figure out how it will just pop off. Don’t get discouraged like I did. Work it gently and It will come off easy with a little presure. Does not fit a bulky box plug in head only standard ones like a lamp.

Shirley Geneva, OH


What a waste of money and more importantly my time!This thing does not work well at al!! I can’t fit a larger cable through it. PLUS if you have plugs that go sideways like our ROKU does. You can’t use it. So i had to buy a power strip but the power strip is too thick and won’t work. So this ended up in the garbage.

Flora Fillmore, UT

Child and Adult Proof

Bought this to keep my toddler from unplugging some important plugs (ie: tv, chest freezer, etc) It works very well and is extremely secure. I actually have a very tough time getting into this. The narrowness makes this not work for adapters or thick cords. And the two small openings at the bottom of the unit are for thinner or normal sized cords only. I had a hard time getting my thicker cords through (the surge protector and chest freezer cord). I actually broke the bottom section that separates for two cords off so the larger cords would go in more easily. When I did this I was actually only able to put one cord per cover. Recommend this just for thin plugs, no adapters. Good buy for the price.

Lucy Spring Grove, PA

Great purchase and a must have.

My little guy is very active and loves to get into trouble. We only have a couple items plugged into an outlet that isn’t covered by furniture so I purchased these to make sure he couldn’t pull the plug out of the wall and get shocked. They are wonderful and I feel much safer letting my little guy explore the house. Even though I am never too far away our let him out of sight he still manages to get into things. He is so fast and just a little distraction could be fatal. But I don’t have to worry about the plugs anymore! One less worry and just the little bit of stress relief that makes this purchase very easy for me to recommend it to all parents.

Pamela Hilliard, OH

Great product

I bought these to help baby proof my house. My son gets into everything!! These covers are fantastic. They are sort of hard to get open when installing them. There is no way my son will be able to open them….he’s tried! haha. Only problem is, it doesn’t prevent him from pulling on the wires. So you still need to be vigilant 🙂

Roseann Rienzi, MS

Awesome! Just what I needed.

These outlet covers do just what they are supposed to. I’m not at all concerned about my little ones being able to bust into them…they are hard enough for adults to disconnect! I wasn’t sure about the quality of a Safety 1st product (seems to be hit or miss with this company), but I was pleasantly surprised by the integrity of these covers. And the price is great for a 2-pack.

Lucinda Canaan, ME

Not a good design

Unfortunately you cannot tell from the picture, but this product is not well designed. It projects far out from the wall, and cannot accommodate any plugs larger than a two prong (meaning non grounded) table lamp cord. Anything like a power strip, laptop cord, etc, will not even be able to be plugged in because the casing blocks it. In addition, the slot to feed the cord through to exit the device is also very small and fits almost none of the electronics in my house. It also sits on top of the outlet cover, so there is no way to really secure it tightly and it can rotate a bit.

Clara Corona, NM

Does Not Work For Heavy Cords (like Power Bars)

These are fine for standard, thin power cords. We have had one in place that the kids have never dislodged despite two years of trying. But they will not close over the heavy, thick cords like those for microwaves, computers, or power bars. We finally ended up attaching ours to the wall with duct tape to cover those cords.I am giving this three stars because it does work fairly well for thin cords, and because I have yet to see anything better out there. My advice? Invest in duct tape.

Queen Rockport, TX

Work well, need to modify to accomodate thick cords

This things install quickly and easily if you’re running standard cords (for lamps, etc.) though the holes. If you want to run something thicker (like the wire on one of my power strips) I found I had to do a bit of modification to make it fit. I ended up trimming the gap so it was larger on the backside plate and that did the trick.I think the ones I got are more than difficult enough to keep my son from opening them. I’d consider them on the fence for an outlet that I’d want access to all the time, and someone with arthritis would probably want to stay away.

Mandy Lincoln, IA

Not that great…

I had a couple major issues with this outlet cover.#1: The screw that probably is in your existing wall outlet covers is not long enough to accommodate this outlet cover. They made it much thicker than the outlet cover it replaces so for me, I need to go purchase a handful of screws.#2: Box is not big enough to accommodate ANYTHING except basic, small, two-prong plugs. So what won’t fit? Our laptops, our phone charger (Samsung Galaxy has a small box that plugs into wall), iPod chargers, computer charger, power strip plug, light dimming plug attached to lamp, DSLR charger, baby sound machine, Verizon Fios plugs. Well crap… what appliance plugs DID fit, you ask? A lamp. Just one lamp. Oh, and the electric toothbrushes.Useless, sending them back. The Safety 1st units are square (not pyramid shaped) and hold various plugs.

Tracy Annapolis, MD

impossible to open.

If you want to keep the plug in there forever, it is the best one. But the first time, you still need to open it to install. After you put it on the wall, it’s really hard to remove. Another con is the cover is too small, that I cannot put anything other than a stand lamp in it.

Clarice Spring City, TN

Works for us

These work great to keep kids out of the plugs and are easy enough to remove by an adult. We use them in our nursery.

Adrienne Shonto, AZ

Won’t work with all cords…

The slots for the cords on the bottom of the cover are too small. I wanted to be able to thread the powerstrip’s cord up into that–but this is meant for thin wires like a lamp or something– not a thick wire. Also, it wouldn’t cover the box of the cell phone charger, either. This is for very basic wires and plugs.

Rachael Ingram, TX

Cheap and very functional for covering plugs that are in all the time

These are designed to cover plugs you leave plugged in, such as lamps or alarm clocks, so keep kids from pulling on the plugs/cords and damaging them or injuring themselves. And that’s exactly what they do. We use several in our home and have had no problems. They’re also very easy to install with a simple screwdriver.Many of the negative reviews here complain either it is too hard to open (which is completely the point) or that it only holds “small” (aka standard) plugs, which should be obvious from the description and picture, so they’re not really being fair.

Nadia Poestenkill, NY


I bought this thinking it was a great idea but you can’t use it with any plugs that have a larger than standard plugs. I feel everything of my children’s has an oversize plug that goes in the wall. Have yet found anything to use it for.

Loretta Waverly, AL

Too hard to remove, even for adults

Great to keep kids away from plugs, but it prevents me from using the plugs as well. If you have something that is plugged in permanently, it may work great but don’t use this for an outlet you need to access regularly.

Abby Andale, KS

Very good buy, easy install

I have 18 month old twins, and an older child with cerebral palsey, she has a hospital bed downstairs where we all get together during the day and evening and the babies are always getting into the cords, pulling them out of the wall, came on amazon (found this) and it goes over even the thick cords for the hospital bed (3 prong) so it is well worth the money as the babies have now completely given up on the cords 🙂

Terrie Sandy Creek, NY


My 2 year old hasn’t been able to figure them out yet, so naturally, we’re sold! He pretty much ignores them now. Yay!

Charity Elbow Lake, MN

They’re okay once you pry them apart to install.

These were a complete hassle to pry apart just to install them. My mom and I each held a side and pulled, but nothing. I finally had to shove in the latches as far as I could to get them apart. Since that seems to be the only way to take the cover off, I had to leave the latches pushed in, defeating the purpose of keeping kids from pulling them off. Definitley something I would use as a permanent fixture. It’s too much of a hassle to take it off every time you need to plug something in. I plugged in what I needed to and have not intention of switching them up.

Penelope Higginson, AR

too hard to open, not suitable for all outlets

I attempted to pop this thing open for about 20 minutes then gave up. It took both my husband and I 10 minutes to finally pry it open. Yes, it’s childproof, but also adultproof too which is not convenient at all. It also doesn’t fit all outlets. I ended up getting the Safety 1st covers because they don’t have the sides that have to go into the wall, instead they protrude out.

Rosario Stuttgart, AR

No one in your house will ever get to your plugs again

This thing is so hard to get off that neither you nor your children will ever get to your outlets again. This is not a product you should buy if you want to use your outlets once in a while. It took me 15 minutes to pry it open.

Eleanor Buckhorn, KY

Works with some cords but pain to install.

What a pain to to remove the cover and does not fit some plug types. Only the smallest plugs will work like lamp plugs not not thick cords like computer plugs. Xbox, ps4, etc are out of of the question. You can replace computer cables with thinner, lower grade cables to get around this.

Lashonda Mifflinville, PA