Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster Seat, Décor

Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster Seat, Décor

Simple-to-clean design, 3-level height adjustment, dishwasher-safe, 1-hand swing-out tray with cup holder, 3-point harness, chair straps for non-slip security.

Main features

  • Simple to clean design
  • 3 level height adjustment
  • Dishwasher safe, 1 hand swing out tray with cupholder
  • 3 point harness
  • Chair straps for non slip security

Verified reviews


for daycare

I bought this for my son for his daycare. It works and it’s good for big babies. It’s low enough that you’re not worried about babies falling off.

Eugenia Talmage, UT

Good product at a great price!

Seat is easy to assemble and seems comfortable enough for my daughter. And at $15, this is a great bargain! The leg openings are big, so that works great since my daughter has HUGE thighs.I decided to give this product a 5-star for their superb customer service! I called to inquire about what type of plastic the seat and tray are made of (since there are no labels at the bottom). They informed me that it’s polypropylene (PP), which is plastic #5, and it doesn’t contain BPA or PVC. To those who are concerned with toxic chemicals, I hope this helps. On the other hand, Fisher Price will NOT give you information on kind of plastic their products are (supposedly it’s “proprietary”).

Katheryn North Bend, NE

2nd one we own!

We received the one in green years ago as a gift. We have always been pleased with it. When it came time to buy a 2nd seat, due to our family growing, I was so pleased to see that this chair is still being made!We got the tan one. It is the color of coffee with a lot of creamer mixed in it. The legs are coffee colored without creamer mixed in. The high back can be removed when the child is older so the chair slides under the table top better. Ideally, you would use the back and seat safety straps to secure the seat to your adult-sized chair. However, the seat will remain secure if you can only do on or the other.Another bonus is that the tray can be removed for when the child is ready to use the table top.This seat is easy to clean!!! It is light weight!!! It doesn’t slip since the legs have plastic anti slip grips. It is easy to assemble. No tools required.When our kids outgrow these seats, we will be keeping at least one of them for the future in case we have little kids visiting us. I highly recommend. I am a mom of 3 kids under 3 1/2.

Sara Cazenovia, NY

Use as booster seat.

We have never used the tray as I bought to use as a booster seat. The legs adjust so you can make it fit the height of your child and the height of the table. It does strap easily to the chair and the straps are easy to remove so that they can be washed!

Margaret North Palm Beach, FL

Good seat for the price

I picked this up recently at Walmart for $16 for use in my vacation home. It will get use very rarely so I went for the cheapest option at Walmart. For the price I paid its pretty good but I wouldn’t recommend you use this as your primary high chair.The strap is only a 2 point harness. Although it goes around the baby, it only is attached in the back and between the legs. Our primary one is a 5 point harness.Also the legs on this are a bit strange. We have narrow chairs so they barely fit on the seat base. This causes an issue because it does make it a little bit ore wobbly than I would like it to be.I do think its convenient how the tray swings off as opposed to be removed completely, but its a pretty tiny tray so expect food to be everywhere!

Lottie East Carbon, UT

Great little seat for price

Highly functional, sturdy and simple. Only complaint is I wish the tray was a bit bigger. Great buy for a simple straight forward seat.

Judith Garden City, IA

Great Product for the price

Really have no complains about this. Its working out exactly how we wanted it to. Our baby is almost a year now and its still going strong. I have already recommended this product to many. We wanted something that does not take up space with extra stuff in our dinning room and rather wanted to mount it right on one of the dining table chair. It has been GREAT!

Louise Spring City, PA