Safety 1st Emery Boards and Travel Case, 10-Count

Safety 1st Emery Boards and Travel Case, 10-Count

Keeping babies nails trimmed and smooth is important so they won’t scratch themselves. The Safety 1st Emery Boards are especially designed for baby’s little nails. Convenient vinyl travel case is also included.

Main features

  • 10 emery boards
  • For use with Nail Clipper emery board slots
  • Travel case holds all 10 emery boards
  • Gentle on baby’s tiny nails
  • Great for home or on the go

Verified reviews


Does the job but they don’t last long

These definitely do the job, they just don’t do the job for long. The “grit” on the nail files wears out very quickly and I seem to use up the nail file in one go after filing all my baby’s nails. I imagine that it’s like that to prevent hurting your baby’s skin with a coarser grit so I’m fine with it. It’s just not a very cost effective solution so I’ll probably be looking for something else next time.

June Andover, SD

dont do the job

i think they are useless. i got them so that i can file my son’s nails instead of cutting them when he was just a newborn, but it didn’t do anything. then i tried to use the boards to make his cut nails smooth so he won’t scratch himself, but again – didn’t work.

Estela Westfield, WI

Flimsy and come apart

Very flimsy, they come apart easily after only one use. Would not buy again and would not recommend. They do work, just not well, and as I said, they fall apart.

Kristin Gallaway, TN

Silly product

These are smaller than my pinky finger and don’t accomplish much. I was hoping to use them on my newborns nails instead of clippers. Safety 1st actually makes a pretty decent set of clippers that I used to clip my babies nails. I just waited until he was good and sleepy before attempting it. You won’t get far with these emery boards.

Pam Congress, AZ

Never use them

While I was pregnant, everyone told me I would need to get emery boards because of how fast/long babies finger nails get and it’s too hard to clip them with a nail clipper. I bought these and my son is now 2 months old. I’ve never used them. I am easily able to clip my son’s nails while he sleeps with the nail clippers. I keep these in the diaper bag though, just in case. I’m sure they work great for others!

Katelyn Geary, OK

Safe option for newborn nails

When I had my baby I was terrified of trimming tiny nails with one of those scary-looking clippers or baby scissors. I was so relieved to find these small emery boards. For the first couple of months of my baby’s life, that’s how I did her nails: by filing! These are the right size for a baby’s fingers, and the right texture. A regular emery board would be too rough. Now that my baby is a little bigger, I first cut her nails with baby scissors (imported, tiny delicate baby scissors–not the chunky, blunt, oversized things that pass for children’s scissors here in the US) and then I use this emery board to smooth out the edges. I also like that they’re affordable so I always have several in stock.

Clarissa Buchanan, MI

Doesn’t work, save your money

Bought these for my newborn’s nails; they didn’t work for that purpose at all. I’m really disappointed in every Safety 1st product we bought!

Harriet Edgarton, WV

Doesn’t file very well

I usually use baby scissors to cut my baby’s nail. I bought these emery boards thinking that it’ll be good to file the nails so that they won’t be so sharp. The boards are very fine, and doesn’t file my baby’s nails much. Will have to try another brand to see if they are any better.

Summer Othello, WA

Barely work

The abrasive material comes off so easily, you barely get one use out of them. And they’re not very abrasive to begin with as well. I wouldn’t recommend these.

Abigail Griffithville, AR

Too soft to be useful

Got these because I was too nervous to use nail scissors on my newborn. They don’t do anything! I ended up buying the Piyo Piyo nail scissors and they work great.

Rosemary Lake Mc Donald, MT

Cute little case

This case is light and easy to travel with. Perfect to put in my daughter’s diaper bag. They also work perfectly with the safety first nail clippers with a light.

Lindsey Aston, PA

Gentle on baby nails

I really like these nail files. They have two sides – one for filing and 2nd one for polishing/smoothing the nail. So far they get the job done 🙂

Tanisha Ratcliff, TX

Good file, but inconsistent quality within the 10 count

In general, these are very fine grained and are great for younger babies (like, under a year old, before their nails become harder). I wouldn’t pay full price for them because of some of the duds, but when they’re under 2 bucks, totally worth it. For newborns, I’m not sure any file would be helpful since their nails are so paper thin… when I filed them, it would just create more scratchy surfaces. I used these with the safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper which is awesome.Cons:1. They wear out very quickly. Because of how fine the sand is, you usually won’t get much use out of each one. I’d estimate about 10 uses per file?2. Not all the files are created equal. Some have more texture than others. Some have great texture on one side, but barely anything on the other. Some are just smooth on both sides. So you might get 10 actual files, but some of them will probably be duds.Pros:1. The little plastic bag/case is nice for travel.2. I haven’t been able to find another file with such a fine grain.

Brandy Bowie, MD