Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit, 46 Pack

Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit, 46 Pack

The Safety 1st Essential Child Proofing Kit is designed for targeted key areas of your home and offers solutions to help create a more secure home for your child. It has a four grip n’ twist door knob cover, twelve wide grip latches and 30 press n’ pull plug protectors.

Main features

  • Four grip n’ twist door knob cover
  • Twelve wide grip latches
  • 30 press n’ pull plug protectors

Verified reviews


Good Kit but more expensive than Walmart

This kit was two dollars less at another store. These safety items are a must have for curious toddlers. The drawer and cabinet latches are mainly the reason I got this kit. The latches are decently easy to install but do not work on every style of drawer. It makes it easier if you have a drawer or cabinet that has a thick piece of wood that comes down and meets with the door/drawer. Older style cabinets can present a problem, we found out. But, we overcame issues with making it work by not installing the plate and just letting the latch catch on the top edge of the frame of the cabinet or drawer. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll have to look at how things are set up in your home and see if there is an actual box style cabinet or if the cabinet is open inside at the top. If it is open, it will be more of a challenge to get these to work but not impossible.So, there is a drawback to these latches. The latches allow you to open the drawer just enough to get your finger in there to press down on the latch releasing it from the plate. The gap is wide enough for babies to get their hands into the front part of the drawer. We have had to push all of the junk in the drawers to the very back so the babies can’t reach anything. Sometimes they get their hands in there and lean forward closing their hands in the drawer which is obviously not good. We haven’t had any injuries so far, but they’re not completely safe and still require supervision, speaking of which – supervision is always required anyway and is stated clearly on the package.

Maricela Ruby, NY

Safety First has become a joke!

I have 4 children ages range from 24 to 1 and over the years Safety First has become a joke!! The cabinet/Drawer locks are great for keeping ADULTS out of the cabinets!! The “Door nob” covers, my toddlers (1 & 2) walk right trough them! And the Outlet covers, my 1 year old daughter pulls them right off and they are small enough that she can choke on them!!!! How Safe is that?????? Safety First??? Safety Joke!!!!!

Freda Skiatook, OK

Great babyproofing kit!

We used pretty much everything in this kit for babyproofing our new house for our 2 year old and newborn baby. The only thing I don’t like are the doorknob covers as they are kind of awkward.

Dolly Cropwell, AL

Great accept for the cabinet clips

I like the door knob protectors the best. The keep my son out & are easy to use for adults to use plus they glow in the dark! The socket protectors work just as expected. Reason for 4 stars some of the cabinet clips have broken. We’ve had to replace them. If you give them a tug the plastic will break or bend allowing the cabinet to be easily opened.

Joanne Pelham, AL

needed to baby proof the house

was in need to baby proof, got almost everything I needed from this kit. we have a lot of outlets around the house, and we still have extras 🙂

Mollie New Ross, IN

Some pieces work, some don’t

Better off getting separate parts. The pieces for the drawers broke instantly (ALL OF THEM, this was not a fluke) the first time we closed the drawer. The outlet plugs work great, but those are not complicated.

Brigitte Crab Orchard, TN

Worked as expected

Product worked as expected and got the job done. No issues noted with the product and was pretty easy to figure out how to install without instructions (for this first timer)

Lawanda Lake Ozark, MO

great starter kit

It doesn’t have everything you need to baby proof and the plugs are a little awkward but it’s a great starter kit. It makes a good shower gift.

Aurelia Basye, VA


This product does what it’s supposed to do but we needed more of the outlet safety locks. Otherwise, this was a good buy.

Nita Appleton, WI

Okay but not great

The plug outlets come out pretty easy and I feel they should fit more snug. The door covers work pretty well. Overall ok product but not great.

Freida Lu Verne, IA