Safety 1st Exchangeable Tip 3 in 1 Thermometer

Safety 1st Exchangeable Tip 3 in 1 Thermometer

As a parent, you want options when it comes to taking your child’s temperature options that the Safety 1st Exchangeable Tip 3 in 1 Thermometer provides. With a fast accurate reading in 3 different modes, you choose which option works best and our auto tip recognition feature switches the thermometer into the proper mode. Our Fever Light bar built right into the thermometer will alert you if your little one’s temperature rises above normal.

Main features

  • Fast, accurate reading in 3 modes: oral, rectal or underarm
  • Fever light bar lights up red for fever
  • Auto tip recognition
  • Large digital display
  • Memory recall

Verified reviews


Don’t Waste Your Money

I bought this thermometer because the first one died on me and I couldn’t find the battery replacement anywhere. Of course this one used the same battery (which doesn’t state so on the package, otherwise I wouldn’t have got it… You have to actually change the battery to find that out). I liked the shape of the R thermometer to protect from any accidents with a squirming baby impatient with a temperature check. Plus the 8 second read (which seemed a bit longer). BUT THEN… The battery died after a couple of uses. Since the battery was impossible to find in stores (even at FRY’s who has a battery isle with hundreds of batteries) I got a 5 pack online, happy that I wouldn’t have to deal with this issue again. I figured the original battery was for store use when people test them out. WRONG!!! The brand new battery died after 2 uses. I looked for reviews on BRU (just to make sure it wasn’t my new Energizer batteries) and found that everyone else who had this same brand/model (different color) had the same problem. I don’t understand why this was even able to be sold to people because for $20.00, it is a complete waste.

Marquita Melbeta, NE


Please do not waste your money on this item! It’s horrible! It does not work at all! And the battery is a special C battery that is $6! I have changed the battery twice and the thermometer does not work. What a waste of money! It should be pulled from the shelves and sent back to the manufacturer with a “shame on you” message!

Marissa Monroe, IN

Still new but worked great!

My thermometer is still relatively new so I’ll update if I experience the same issues as some of the other reviews but I had to do a rectal temp on my newborn and it was very easy to use and I liked the safety feature of the shape of the rectal so it can’t be put too far in! The temperature took very quickly and was accurate as well. I like the fact that I get three different tips in the package and that they are inter-changable. I’m really happy with it so far!

Allyson Shamrock, TX

Much better ones out there.

We ordered this mostly for our coming baby. We have had the opportunity to test it out this week while my wife, daughter, and I have been sick. The oral tip seems to work fine, I even think it’s cool that a red light goes off when you do have a fever. For my daughter, I used the under arm tip. It read 95.4, I could tell by felling her this had to be very inaccurate. So, I took it orally and her temp was 101.2. On my four year old, using a different tip isn’t a big deal, however if I had used this on an infant it would be a different story.

Michell Gwinn, MI

Great concept. Can’t deliver.

I like that you can exchange the tips, and it comes with a handy fever reference guide. The thermometer claims to take quick temp. Worked perfect first time used. After one use, it takes longer than the cheap therm got from the hospital. So disappointed!

Diane Langley, AR

Battery dead before first use

We received this packet as a baby shower gift. Battery was dead before first use. Kinda sucky when it’s the middle of the night and your baby is screaming and your brand new thermometer is complete junk. Glad we didn’t waste any money on it, but it was definitely emotionally stressful because there was something wrong with our baby and we didn’t know what. Don’t put yourself through that stress. Get a reliable one.

Imogene Sparkman, AR

Waste of money

We have used this thermometer less than 10 times. Last night, as my daughter was screaming inconsolably, I grabbed the thermometer to check a rectal temp, and it wouldn’t even turn on. Really? Dead battery after a handful of uses? The idea is good, with the interchangeable tips, but spend your money on a better setup that will work when you need it. I bought this at Target, so didn’t read reviews first, but wish I had. After reading the other reviews, I’m not even going to bother with replacement batteries, I’ll just get a better thermometer.

Mercedes Melville, NY


I echo what everyone else has said – how can something that needs to be so reliable, and something so basic, fail so miserably? When your baby has a fever and is screaming and you’re pushing the stupid button on this thermometer and it’s not working you’ll very much be wishing you had an old-school basic version available. Thank goodness the hospital sent us home with a basic backup. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Milagros Holliday, TX


Can’t really add anything new to the scads of awful reviews. Battery died after about 4 uses. Inaccurate. Slow. Now I’m on amazon looking for another thermometer.

Hattie Conowingo, MD

pretty good

What I like:1. I can use the underarm tip for my preschooler and the rectal tip for my baby. 2 kids, 1 thermometer.2. The tips are easy to clean without fear of destroying the whole thing3. easy to store, handy chart included.What I don’t like:1. Takes FOREVER to get an underarm temp. Try holding down the arm of a 2.5 year old kid who’s cranky because he’s sick.2. Don’t really want to use the oral tip after using the rectal tip. ick.

Sandy Diana, WV