Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper

Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper

The Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper is designed for cushion falls and helps protect against injuries on sharp corners or table edges. This table edge bumper fits almost all tables of any size or shape. This comes with four corner pads to soften sharp edges. Item expands upto 135″ without object, with the object it extends upto 140″.

Main features

  • Expands from 90″to 140″.
  • By just hand stretching it, it only goes to approx. 135 inches but around a fixed object it stretches to the 140 inches
  • Elasticized design fits most table shapes
  • Four corner pads soften sharp edges
  • Easy to remove and clean

Verified reviews


No more bumps

This table edge safety protector is just what I would have made but this is made of a most durable padded material. Was surprised at the extra width which I need, as using on a wood table with a piece of glass on top. This will keep all in place and protect little noggins! A bit too large for our rectangular coffee table, but the smaller size would not have fit. I am handy at altering anything so not a problem for me to shorten, but would be for many customers. I am thrilled with this product quality so far, just sizing is something to consider carefully when ordering, needs length to stretch to fit snuggly but not too big. Also need room at corners to fit in supplied corner cushions if you feel you need, allow little extra length for them but I would stay close to the smaller end of measurement for what you need. All in all, very pleased with item….”just what the grandma ordered”!

Brittney Edward, NC

Sooo disappointed

My coffee table fits within the measurements that this product says it works for…WRONG! It was soooo big there was no way to make it work. Then i thought well this size is so big the small should work perfect! WRONG again! I tried both sizes and neither worked. The small ended up being way to small and medium way to big.This would be a great product IF they had more options for sizes instead of small, meduim & large. Because clearly ONE size doesnt fit all….not even close!

Michell Speculator, NY

Not beautiful but do the trick

love the expandability as they fit all tables and coffee tables depending on the size that you buy using the inches they quote and you can stretch to get another couple inches.Did not like the color grey as most furniture is in brown or brown tones. Other than that it does the trick it basically expands out covers the corners and protects your child from being injured when falling.

Crystal Lovejoy, IL

Below Average Quality

The protector doesn’t fit firmly onto the table. We have a square glass table and only the edges are now well protected.The cover on the sides of the table keeps rolling down and expose the glass. Not worth the money.

Latasha Valley Spring, TX

We already had one, works great on sharp edged tables

We already owned one of these for our home, bought for my parents home who have a glass table. My only wish is it came in more sizes as the medium is a bit big, but it stays on well enough and one could take up the slack pretty easily if need be.

Cindy Ransom, PA

Very nice

We’ve got two of these for an oversized coffee table (top and bottom edges), and they’re great. Very padded, my son has fallen on them many times and never hurt more than his ego. Our coffee table is on the smaller end of the large size, and while it’s a little loose, it stays in place well and still does the job. These came with small corner pads to protect the bumper, which have also stayed put and been particularly useful, since our table has sharp corners.

Monika Millwood, WV

Great idea, but doesn’t work.

I was excited to get this product as it seems like it would work better than the stick-on foam edging, which my baby would pull right off of the table. When it arrived, I immediately tried it… and then immediately packaged it for return.The Medium size is supposed to fit tables that are from 141-192″ in size. Our table is 176″ and this made me think that the bumper would fit somewhat snugly, since we aren’t at the bottom of that size range. Wrong. It’s so loose that the long sides sag, and if baby were to pull up on the short ends, she could merely pull the bumper right off as she falls, thus smacking the head that I am trying to protect. In theory this is a GREAT product but it needs some kind of cinching ability – perhaps a drawstring that can be tucked into a zippered compartment or something – to make it fit snugly. Otherwise, any baby of pulling-up age will simply pull it right off the table.If I were crafty, or had oodles of free time, I could figure out how to rig this – some people have sewed it, I think – but I don’t, and I suspect that most people ordering this product don’t have the time to finagle it either. Sadly, I’m returning this.

Angela Harrisville, PA

Was just a huge pain!

Did not fit table right, my son was obsessed with pulling it off was a total pain to get back on, gave it away to my best friend hoping it would work on her table have never noticed it being put use there. Was an expensive waste of money….oh well you can’t win them all!

Virginia Stockbridge, MA

definitly works

just like other reviewers, yes the baby can pull on it but it still does a very good job at padding the table edge of our rectangular coffee table

Vicky Madison, ME

Elastic does not work well

Either it’s too large or the elastic wont shrink. Hangs loose around table and baby uses it to pull himself up.

Addie Adamsville, TN

threw it away

This was awkward to put onto the table – needed both me and my husband to stretch it around and get it in place. My son had it off in about 5 minutes so it never really had a chance.

Angeline Emmalena, KY

Finally a product that works!

I would recommend this product to every parent who has a baby/toddler who is learning to walk/runs without looking. It works very well, it wraps around the table and protects your child from hitting themselves.Please note: Medium is pretty big, so please plan your purchase accordingly. We got it for a very large square coffee table in our living room – and the fit was perfect.It’s very night grey and not very pretty but I am very happy I bought it and feel much better with it being on because I know my child is safe.Just to compare: we bought 2 different kinds of corner guards and they all stopped working/fell off in a couple of days. So please save your money and get this protector instead.

Odessa Sharpsburg, OH