Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper

Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper

The Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper is designed for cushion falls and helps protect against injuries on sharp corners or table edges. This table edge bumper fits almost all tables of any size or shape. This comes with four corner pads to soften sharp edges. Item expands upto 135″ without object, with the object it extends upto 140″.

Main features

  • Expands from 90″to 140″.
  • By just hand stretching it, it only goes to approx. 135 inches but around a fixed object it stretches to the 140 inches
  • Elasticized design fits most table shapes
  • Four corner pads soften sharp edges
  • Easy to remove and clean

Verified reviews


Expensive but worth it

One day our little one started getting bruises all over the house and I went nuts buying safety bumpers. This one was seemingly a bit pricey, and I didn’t know how effective it would be but has ended up being one of my favorite purchases. Can’t tell you how many times this bumper guard has saved the head/face from a nasty bruise. Worth it–especially if your kid ends up being super active! Was on craigslist and no one sells this stuff 2nd hand, probably b/c they give it to good friends/family instead! BUY IT. You won’t regret it!

Misty Cherryville, NC

doesn’t fit a 90 inch table and UGLY, I mean really UGLY

I bought this for my end table where I really didn’t want to stick anything on. I was quite disappointed when I opened it because it’s really ugly. I mean it looks like a pair of hand-me-down training pants from the 1970s. But, anything for baby, right? So, we go to put it on in spite of it’s ugliness and guess what- there is no way this is fitting my end table or any end table less than a 100 inches. My table is 20×24, so a little small at 88 inches, but I have at least a foot of loose fabric hanging behind my end table and that’s with no stretching. So, on a 100 inch table it might fit, but it will be so loose that any baby could pull it off, even without trying, just doing normal baby pulling up and such. Which brings me to the other problem- what baby is going to leave this thing on? Just buy the Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard – it’s really nicely padded, looks really clean since it’s cut to fit and sticks on really well. I ordered that after this was such a failure, tested it out, rated it 5 stars and now I’m returning this thing. It was half again as much money, none of the usefulness and 10x the ugly. Maybe buy it for the sister in law you hate when her baby comes due? ;)I did give it two stars since the padding seemed good enough for a table it would fit on. And maybe there’s someone out there with a training pants fetish, who knows?

Dessie Bloomfield, MO

Wrong fit for our table

This didn’t fit our coffee table and we returned it. Other than that, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it.

Kitty Brunswick, MD

Initially worked well

This product initially worked well on our coffee table to protect our son from bumping his head on the edges. Only issue is that after a couple of months, he started pulling on it like it’s a bungie cord. It’s become a game to him to pull it off of the table.

Isabel Farnsworth, TX

Agreed. Great but U.G.L.Y. !!

This bumper does exactly what it is supposed to do…protects baby’s little noggin. Just be prepared for the not-so-beautiful result.

Joan Bristow, IA

Didn’t work on our table

We have a standard rectangular coffee table and per the size dimensions, it should have fit on our table. However, when I got it and tried to put it on, we couldn’t get it to fit regardless of how much we pulled and stretched it so we had to return it. The one we received did have a slight odor which may have gone away over time but we don’t know as it was returned.

Winifred Deering, MO

Great product

I purchased this to replace a more expensive product that used sticky pads to stick to the corners. My daughter tore off the sticky pads within a week of walking, but this just snaps back onto the table. Also, she hasn’t had any more accidents since we got this. Highly recommend!

Katrina Amherst, SD

Protects the corners, but sags at the sides.

We purchased this item so that we could bring our beloved coffee table (glass top, rectangle) back into the living room with our 1 year old. It has worked well so far, as it protects the sharp corners, but I have noticed the cover/cushion sagging along the sides. I wish that it stayed in place a bit more.

Susanne Diana, TX

Works good, wish it were more adjustable.

This product is very well made and wraps around our large glass dining room table. They are not adjustable in size so you have to get the small, medium or large size to fit. Our table was just a bit bigger than the medium, so we had to go for the large. The extra slack in the larger size just has to be bunched up on the back side of the table.

Lauren Sault Sainte Marie, MI


After everyone was going on and on about how ugly it is, I was prepared for the worst, so it actually wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting! We don’t bother taking it off for company or anything like that. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because I wish the corner pads were shaped like a corner instead of a flat square pad that you have to position over the corner and adjust when it shifts. Our coffee table is 28" x 42" and it fits well. It would fit if the table were a drop bigger also.

Alejandra Harrisville, RI


I bought and immediately returned this item. My table was at the upper end of the size range, and this thing still hung off of it. The baby would have pulled it down in a flash. It needs a drawstring or adjustable snaps or something to tighten and secure it. A few other reviewers have mentioned modifying it, but with a baby I don’t have that kind of time!

Josie Saint Louisville, OH

Ugly, but works

As others reviewers have said, this thing is U-G-L-Y. It’s an off-puttng grey/beige color that does not “blend with any decor” like the box mentions. It also has a plastic-y smell that lasted forever….That being said, it is easy to put on/remove. The padding is thick and it fits very snugly. It almost didn’t fit my coffee table, which I think is a regular size rectangular coffee table, so make sure to measure the perimeter before ordering. It comes with 4 corner pads to add in for extra corner protection. Since it fits so tight, I found these a little hard to stick in. But I guess it is better than being too loose. And, it works well! So if you’re after function and not fashion, this would be a great bumper for you!

Sharron Paton, IA

Protect your baby from boo-boos

We bought this to cover our oval coffee table. Covered well and was the perfect size. Recommended for anyone with a little one on the move.

Letitia Little River, SC

Great buy!

Fits very snug on my table and nicely padded. My daughter doesn’t hurt herself on the coffee table now

Robert Guthrie, TX

Great product

Love the product, looks and feels great. Only one problem for me, didn’t feet my table. So sad…. Had to return.

Dena Deerton, MI

not great

It does a good job protecting the corners on our table, but the sides, not so much. It slips down. There is no way to cinch this to make it snug which is a really poor design flaw. It would be easy to add that. My toddler actually hit her head on the coffee table and this didn’t help at all because it just slid down out of the way. My husband came up with a better diy idea….after we had to take her to the ER.

Brooke Schiller Park, IL

good bumper, a bit pricey

we put this on our coffee table, which is 140". i had to tug and pull quite a bit to get it on there and expecially to get the corner pads in. but now it gapes a little on the sides. that said, it’s a good solution that doesn’t involve putting adhesive on nice furniture. At 32 bucks, it does seem like an expensive fix.

Dale Yorkville, IL

Doesn’t stay on, baby pulls out of place

This does not stay in place. And then when the baby pulls on it, it stretches out and is no longer covering the sharp areas, which defeats the entire purpose. I recommend the one that you stick to the furniture, like the Prince Lionheart product.

Carey Fox, OK