Safety 1st Fever Light 1 Second Ear Thermometer

Safety 1st Fever Light 1 Second Ear Thermometer

Safety 1st Fever Light 1-Second Ear Thermometer Safety 1st Fever Light 1-Second Ear Thermometer provides accurate temperature readings in just in one second. Get fast and accurate results with an easy to handle thermometer that beeps when it’s finished reading. It can even be used for the entire family. Why You’ll Love It: Know if its a fever fast. Features Instant accurate reading Large digital display is easy to read “Clean me” reminder for a clean reading every time 12 memory recall Fever Lightbar lights up red when baby has a fever Scans 16 measurements and averages the highest four Backlit display for nighttime use Protective cap for storage Cleans easily with water and alcohol Long-life battery Includes Fever Chart 1 “CR 2032” replaceable button cell battery

Main features

  • Instant accurate reading
  • Large digital display is easy to read
  • “Clean me” reminder for a clean reading every time
  • 12 memory recall
  • Fever Light TM bar lights up red when baby has a fever

Verified reviews


so far it works great

I’ve researched ear thermometers for a while and finally decided on this one even if some reviews say that it was inaccurate. At 2 months my son had his shots so I took out this thermometer just in case. When we came home he was fine but I took his temperature anyway and it read normal. I tried 3 more times just in case and they all turned out to the same temperature. I did this because I read a review that said they got different temperature readings when they took the temperature right after another. Later on in the day my son got fussy so I took his temperature again. It showed that he had a fever. I took his temperature 2 more times and it showed the same fever temperature again, so I gave him his medicine and he got better. I am happy with this thermometer because it is easy to use and gives you readings quickly.I saw on a TV show…the doctor said the problem with ear thermometers is that you need to be sure you are aiming it at the child’s eardrum. If not then you may get an inaccurate reading.

Chrystal Fallbrook, CA

Easy to use

I really like how easy this is to use. I took my temperature multiple times with ease, and the results were consistent. My husband also was able to take his temperature easily and the results were consistent. Overall I like this thermometer.

Kathy Scott City, KS

Doesn’t work

I bought this because it was cheap. It was a mistake. It doesn’t give an accurate temperature read. Took my son’s temperature at home and it read normal, took him to the doctor, he had a fever over 101. Needless to say, this is worthless. And on top of that, it is completely unintuitive.

Madge Altamont, KS

too complicated

I agree — this thermometer is way too complicated and counter-intuitive.Imagine trying to use it on a screaming sick baby in the middle of the night. It will take 20 minutes to locate the instructions (4 pages, lots of fine print) and read them and figure it out.For example:1. Confusing buttons. It has 2 buttons and they are the same color and size and not labeled to tell which is the on/off and which is memory. The messages you get when you press the wrong button don’t prompt you on what to do next.2. Ambiguous error messages. “Lo” and “LO” are different error messages. Whodathunk? Like anyone is going to remember that a lowercase O means you are getting air in the ear so the temperature is too “lo” to measure. Whereas a capital O means “lo” battery.EPIC FAIL. SKIP!Should get negative stars.

Kay Arendtsville, PA


Never accurate. Sometimes off by as much as 3-4 degrees! Unacceptable. Not sure of a good alternative at this point except recal and two yr olds don’t tolerate that.

Lelia Gheens, LA

Wish I Could Rate it a “0”

Plain and simple…it just doesn’t work.The apparently simple design of just 2 buttons on the front is misleading because you just can’t get the thing to work right. On top of that it insists on being cleaned, even immediately after a thorough cleaning. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, my little one hated having it placed inside of her ear.Another BUST form Safety 1st.

Rachel Oak Island, NC

Yes, truly inaccurate!

Oh how I dearly wish I had went online before purchasing this at target. First of all, it IS a bit difficult to get started but after reading the directions (really??? I need to read directions for a simple thermometer??) but the main problem is inaccuracy.Every time I use this on my son it shows he has a much higher temp in his right ear than his left. I mean a difference of 102 to 99. Seriously. Even after holding it in position for up to 15 seconds instead of the 1 second and multiple attempts. It has actually made me very wary of spending more and trying other ear thermometers, so I have been trying to get an average of many temps from this one along with an underarm and oral temp (very, VERY hard to do with squirmy, feverish 3 year old) to get a more accurate idea of exactly how high his temp is.I would most definitely NOT recommend this thermometer.

Eleanor Scranton, SC