Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard, 2 Count

Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard, 2 Count

Keep your child’s little hands safe next to doors. Easily attaches to any door to help prevent pinched fingers. Made of a soft flexible material. Prevents door from closing. Soft, flexible material. Easily attaches to most doors.

Main features

  • Helps protect little hands and fingers from pinching accidents
  • Soft, flesible foam forms a soft cushion between the edge fo the door and the frame
  • Convenient 2-pack for mutiple doors
  • Easy to attach
  • No drilling

Verified reviews


Works but too expensive

I use this on the 2 main doors my daughter likes to play around. It has kept her from slamming the doors on her fingers. However, she can still pinch her fingers in the door jam. This product is ok. But I don’t think it’s worth the price. I could accomplish the same thing by tying something to the handles for free.

Charlotte Arvada, WY

No more fingers getting smashed!!! 🙂

I love it, Its easy to put on and take off. My daughter hasnt had any smashed fingers since we’ve had it Yay!!!

Corinne Caribou, ME

No Pinching!

I’m not sure you can write a poor review for these if you wanted.It’s a foam door stopper… did just that.I had it on my son’s bedroom door, high out of reach. No fingers were injured. 🙂

Olivia Busby, MT


Works as intended, thick enough that it can withstand door slamming by 1 and 2 yr olds. Pinches hard enough to fit on most doors and can hang on door knob.

Kate Altha, FL

Just as functional as a pool noodle!

These are cheap foam, pure and simple. The ones I received this time (I’ve ordered twice) seem to be more dense, and have held up to my son slamming the door on them repeatedly (to watch the door bounce. ‘Cause it’s funny! I guess.). The first set didn’t hold up to this treatment.That said, if you want the most bang for your buck, buy a pool noodle from a dollar store, cut it into 4-6" pieces, and then cut 1/4 of the side off so you can clamp it onto the door. I bought these because they’re smaller and look a little nicer than pool noodles.

Nelda Rex, NC

Easy to use, did the trick

I got these to take on vacation after reading a few reviews about little kids locking themselves in the hotel bathroom. Yes, you should watch your child, and you can use towels over the door to keep the doors ajar, but this way we didn’t have to worry about checking whether the towels on multiple doors had been removed by the cleaning staff, replacing them, etc. – not to mention using up our extra towels! I also looked at plastic door knob covers but wasn’t too keen on them, and couldn’t be sure they’d fit well. Anyway, these are foam, very lightweight, and fit easily on several doors in our room that had push button door locks (which would be very interesting to our toddler). I saved them to bring on future trips – we’ll be using them again soon.

Etta Taopi, MN