Safety 1st Fingertip Toothbrush and Case

Safety 1st Fingertip Toothbrush and Case

Safety 1st fingertip toothbrush and case, safety first tested and approved hospital choice finger tip toothbrush and case. Dual sided instant toothbrush and gum stimulator. Includes storage case.

Main features

  • Fingertip toothbrush
  • Includes storage case
  • Dual sided infant toothbrush
  • Gum stimulator
  • Tested approved hospital choice

Verified reviews


Should be colored for easy finding

I keep loosing this brush since my baby likes to play with it during bath time. The clear color make it hard to find in the white tub. Also it is too thin.

Lora Tampa, FL

My baby seems to like

My 6-months-old likes to chew on this gumbrush. It’s soft, and pretty convenient. Just be aware that it fits only thin fingers.

Sharron Tioga, TX

Always reccomend Safety first

It may sound like an add but it is not! I love their products.High quality for my baby!Use this toothbrush daily and even when the gumms are sensitive due to a new teeth it is very helpfull releave the ichness.

Mabel Thayer, MO

It is ok

I have trouble opened this container, and I think the brush is also little too big for my 5 mouths old baby

Shana Oxford, MD

how is this suppose to clean teeth?

Not really sure how this is suppose to take anything off my babies teeth. its more of a gum massager. a wash cloth works better. no purpose to purchase as a toothbrush.

Herminia Cherryville, PA

Very easy to use and affordable price!

This is so cheap in price and easy to use! Definitely a good product to use for initial teeth/gum cleaning!

Bethany Quinton, AL

easy to use

It provides reasonably good control but you do have to find a good position to hold your child to make it work. It’s hard to just have him/her face you and brush their teeth but I think you’re going to have to wrestle a little until they get used to tooth brushing anyway.

Deirdre Guntown, MS

Baby loves it!

Our son loves this, we use it twice a day (morning and night). It fits a little snug on my index finger, but won’t fit on my even my husband’s pinky.I wish it were just a little bigger so he could use it too.

Clarice Higbee, MO

Works great

This works very well and my daughter loves it. It’s soothing on her gums, which are sore from teething, and she likes to chew on the bumpy part.

Letitia Earlimart, CA

My baby loves how this feels on her sore gums!

Easy to use and my baby, who HATES having fingers in her mouth, loves this. She likes to chew on it, so I think she loves how it feels on her teething gums. We’ve been using it for a few months now and it has stood up great to her 7 little teeth : ) It isn’t that big, so my husband feels like he can’t get his finger in it very well, but I love it!

Marva Mouth Of Wilson, VA

He Thinks It’s a Toy

Our 6 month old (now almost nine months) opens right up when he sees this during bath time. I guess he likes how the bristles feel against his tongue or the numbs on his gums. Often we just let him chew on it because he takes to it so easy and it’s a real gentle rubber.Excellent way to help start building good oral hygiene.

Juanita Shidler, OK

a little too small

My fingers may just be wider than the average mother’s, but I can only fit this on my pinky. It works fine, though, and my little guy loves it. He liked how it felt against his gums, and now he likes how it cleans his (two) teeth.

Zelda Avon, NC


it is a very nice tooth brush and love the case. i find that little kids dont like the other side. Maybe when they get older.

Shauna Waverley, MA

Case Is Not the Color in the Picture

The picture shows a clear case with a clear brush. The case is actually green. Haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet, but it seems like it will work fine.

Katelyn Shawnee Mission, KS

Just okay

It is quite fitting on my finger and difficult to remove if my finger is wet, have to really pull it off. I consider my fingers to be slim so it may be tight fitting for someone with big fingers. Other than that, the baby likes it and massages the gum nicely.

Pearl Hamburg, MN

Cool baby toothbrush/ love that it comes with a case

we use this as our "traveling toothbrush" for the baby. we love that it has the case that comes with it which has slots so that it can dry out and not trap all of the moisture inside the case with is. our daughter loves the feel of it on her gums and teeth

Beatrice Bremen, OH

Five Stars

Great for gum massaging to to get baby ready for using a toothbrush.

Marietta Lancaster, MN

Great for the little ones

This is great as a first toothbrush. It easily slides on any finger so when a head is turning around to look at everything, you can use whichever finger or hand is easiest to maneuver brushing. It is snug enough on my index finger (ring size 9) or ring singer (ring size 7) to stay on while using it but still easily pull off when done.

Mia Stanley, NM

Infant toothbrush

I had this for my daughter and ordered another for my next baby. They are easy to use and baby doesn’t seem to mind. Sometimes babies get that milky residue on the tongue so the brush side helps to scrape it off if needed

Jill Glen Burnie, MD


big for a new born but you can wipe their tongue with gauze, great material and the carry case keeps it clean! a must buy and for the price…definitely!

Karin Surprise, NE

It’s nice and soft

I am satisfied these are so nice and soft. I think I might purchase another one for my dog too.

Stefanie Blue Jay, CA

Used for teething

Baby loved to chew on suck on this for soothing her teeth. Easy to clean . Used to brush her teeth easily

Trisha Silver Lake, NH

better than the rest

Great product. i love that it has a case. i keep one in my purse and diaper bag as well. baby/toddler cavities are no fun.

Laura Levittown, PA

problem solved

My kid hated brushing her teeth, until we switched back to this fingertip toothbrush, and have had zero problems since.

Carey Weston, WV

As Described

The price was right and the toothbrush works as described. The case sometimes breaks, but at the price, I don’t mind replacing it every 6 months.

Rosa Niobe, NY

Perfect for baby

This is one of my favorite baby items.I bought 2 of them so that I could keep one in the diaper bag.It’s great for cleaning infant gums, but even better, it’s great for teething!The product is very durable, and I love that it comes with a case. It’s very convenient and easy to clean and keep clean.Every parent should have one of these.

Luz Eagle, WI

the fingertip toothbrush is small

the fingertip toothbrush is really small. it gets stuck on my finger and i can barely get it off. not a fan

Margaret Luxemburg, WI


My son has loved this from the time we first tried it with only one tooth, now he has 7! We still use it with all of his teeth even though we have other big bristle toothbrushes. He almost thinks it’s a game and likes to chomp down with it touching his bare gums. I imagine the little bumps on the back feel great on them.

Elizabeth Harrisonville, PA

Basic, easy to use

Basic design with nice case. My baby loves it when I brush his teeth using this product. So, I love it too 🙂

Laurel Canon City, CO

So convenient

I got this because I wanted to protect my baby’s toothbrush from germs in the bathroom. The case is very protective and I am confident minimal contaminants from flushing are getting to the toothbrush.

Bernadette Saint Ignace, MI