Safety 1st Foam Corner Bumpers

Safety 1st Foam Corner Bumpers

Turn sharp corners into soft corners with the Safety 1st Corner Edge Cushions. This uniquely shaped corner protector is made of fire retardant non toxic, latex free cushioned soft foam that easily molds to table corners and other home furniture. The double stick tape keeps them securely fastened, and removes easily when no longer needed.

Main features

  • Cushioned, soft, foam material
  • Fits tables, counters and other home furniture
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Easy to remove and reuse
  • non phthalate vinyl

Verified reviews


Peels off or falls off way too easily to be useful

It’s a nice thick, shock absorbent rubber with three sticky tape areas (one on each edge and one on top underneath) but that doesn’t do any good if they don’t stick to the surfaces they’re put on. I had one fall off our wood entertainment center, another fell off thick wood wall trim edging. My daughter, 8mos old, pulled one off and was playing with it. If they stuck to the corners, I’d love them but since they don’t stick, they go in the garbage.

Dawn Trussville, AL

Would be awesome is they actually stuck!

I got these for our fireplace. They offer great protection and I’m confident they would protect my child from bumps that are bound to happen. Just one problem – they don’t stick for more than a few days. My 9 month old tugged lightly once and Pop! Now its a daily struggle to get her to keep her hands off and using it as a chew toy. I’m tempted to hot glue the dang thing on!

Anastasia Prescott, AR

Good, but not going to corner the market

We purchased a set of these about 2 months ago on impulse, which is why I waited to review them. Initially, while I liked the styling and padding depth of the product, I was unimpressed that the tape peeled off the back while trying to apply them. I was certain they would only last a few weeks, but that has not been the case. Since our coffee table has sharp metal corners, this product has certainly prevented a couple of disasters, for which I am grateful.In doing more research before buying a second set, I discovered that there appears to be no “killer” product and that people complain about the tape for most of them. I also think it makes a difference how old your child is when you apply this product. Since our daughter was only 5 months when we starting child-proofing, she seems to think these are part of the coffee table and hasn’t bothered them. This would probably not have been the case if she were older so I can’t really speak to how much pounding they would take from an older child.Bottom line is that this product has worked well for us and we like the look, but since aesthetics plays a role in addition to functionality, your mileage may vary.

Gale Stuarts Draft, VA

Wouldn’t stay

Awful. Wouldn’t stay affixed to the corners of our counter tops. Lasted less than a week before we abandoned them altogether.

Edwina Fairport, MO

Stick poorly

I purchased 2 sets of these. the tape they used to stick them with doesn’t stick very well. My 9 month old son was able to pull them off very easily. Also, i used them on perfectly squared corners and these do not line up well & leave gaps, so the tape doesn’t stick along the whole corner.I do not recommend these.

Irene Smithville, MO

No complaints

They attached themselves pretty solidly, and after being removed several times were still able to reattach. I have no complaints so far.

Carol Bloomingburg, OH