Safety 1st Froggy & Friends No Slip Mat

Safety 1st Froggy & Friends No Slip Mat

44704 Features: -Skid-resistant suction cups PVC-free.-Perforations on mat.-Easy installation and removal.-Rolls for storage. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 3″ H x 3″ W x 15.25″ D.

Main features

  • Skid-resistant suction cups PVC-Free
  • Perforations on mat
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Rolls for storage

Verified reviews


Doesn’t stay down until used in water

Mat won’t stick to bottom of tub until you use it wet. Problem is that I pull this off to dry after the bath (otherwise it gets really dirty underneath). Packaging also causes it to be so tightly rolled that it still hasn’t flattened out months later.

Kaitlyn Yorktown, IA

Can’t get it to stick

It is rolled up, and for some reason we can’t get it to stay flat in the tub during my son’s bath.

Lakeisha Thorn Hill, TN

Does not stick

We got this mat for our daughter, its cute……but does not stick at all. Its going back! The suction pads are small…..

Nelda Neelyton, PA

Great anti slip mat

I love this little mat. It’s cute and it does it’s job. There are a gazillion suction cups on the bottom, but I still found it relatively easy to get all of them stuck down. Mine never comes up from the bottom of the tub. It keeps my very active 15 month old son from slipping in the tub and it looks cute. Over all I am happy with this product.

Coleen Webber, KS

LOVE! Must have for bath tubs

They are easy to put down and does the job. My son was slipping around in the tub without it. It’s not scratchy or rough surface.

Adele Collinsville, CT


I bought this bathmat for a number of reasons. I usually love Safety 1st products, I have the matching faucet cover in that bathroom, and my son’s bathroom is froggie-themed. It seemed like the perfect no-slip mat, but it was too good to be true. It doesn’t stick to the bottom of the tub at all. Weirdly enough, it does stick to the walls of the tub, but not the bottom. I could live with that, since my son would be sitting on it to keep it down, except that it came shipped all rolled up, and after two weeks of pressing it flat, it still will not stay unrolled. The moment I put it in the tub (dry!) it begins to roll back up, and add water and there is no chance it will stay down. I am very disappointed – I had to go out and buy another mat. I have ended up using it as wall-art, stuck to the side of the tub, and is very cute. But it serves no purpose besides appearance there.

Queen Arlington, NE


I bought this months ago and have tried to use it a couple times, but it kept rolling up. It’s actually more slippery than the bathtub. It’s smells like awful plastic for a long time. The thing sat in the bathroom until I threw it away. I try to leave mostly positive feedback but impossible for this.

Carmella Bryant, SD

If it only was a no slip mat

I purchased this mat because we had moved our 10 month old out of his baby tub and I wanted something to keep him from sliding around in the bath tub. I also liked that there were frogs on it and I knew he’d like to see them through the water. It took over a week for it to finally lay flat and actually suction to our bath tub (it had been rolled up in a box for so long). But now 3 times this week my son has slipped sitting on that mat and hit his head. I’ve been watching him every time and he doesn’t do anything to cause him to slip, just starts to move to get a toy and slips and hits his head. I’m extremely disappointed with this product.

Jenna Providence, RI