Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps 2 Count

Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps 2 Count

Safety 1st knows that ensuring complete protection for your child is your first priority. That night stand may look like an ordinary piece of furniture to us, but to a curious pintsize toddler, night stands and bureaus, shelf units and vanities are unconquered mountains and unexplored territory. When your child decides to go exploring, these easy-to-install furniture wall straps will keep your furniture in place. Each package comes with two adjustable nylon straps that are simply attached to the back of your furniture and to the wall, creating a hidden restraint. These furniture wall straps from Safety 1st will provide peace of mind and lasting security.

Main features

  • Ideal for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit and armoires
  • Durable woven nylon straps secure furniture to wall
  • Easy to install
  • 2 pack

Verified reviews



These might have worked better if I had bought different screws. I just couldn’t get these to work at all.

Clarice Redfield, NY

Difficult to Install–Screws are weak

I had incredible difficulty installing these and had to give up and return them after the screws that came with them kept breaking. I followed the instructions carefully, drilled pilot holes, etc., and I still had difficulty. I am returning all of these in favor of angle braces. This is ridiculous.

Erika Newdale, ID

Easy to install, lifesavers

I bought these after my son yanked open a drawer on a 5 drawer dresser and it tipped and fell on him. I was standing right there and was able to catch it and break the fall. If it had fallen on him I doubt he could have survived. We strapped everything in the house to the walls and found these straps to be easy to use. Its an added peace of mind having these in case I am ever not there to catch a falling dresser. Buy them, use them, prevent serious injury.

Jeannie Plainfield, VT

Best Furniture strap!

I bought 3 types of furniture straps so that I could compare them. This one is the best!! Very Sturdy plastic. Well made!

Nelly Princeton, ID

8 Pack means 8 Packs

Be aware when purchasing that the photo shows 8 but there are really 8 pairs if you order that selection.That’s twice what we needed but they are super sturdy and the hardware is excellent.I’m only dinging it because of the misleading photo.

Marla Hagerman, ID

Worked, no issues

Was able to secure a 6 foot bookcase without any issues. Screws were not a problem. Always possible for a long screw to break, just drill a pilot hole. Straps seemed sturdy. If you want them flush to the wall, you need to install the wall piece well below the piece attached to the unit (several inches.)

Brooke Monkton, VT

Safety first

You can never be too careful when you have toddlers at home. I’m not one of those moms that has the entire house baby proofed. I believe more in teaching my child to not touch certain things so that when we go to other people’s home that are not baby proofed, she will “survive”. However, these come in handy since most little ones are big into climbing.

Michaela Byers, CO

Easy to install, peace of mind…

My husband installed these on every piece of furniture that could tip in our house. It took him about an afternoon, but we have a lot of furniture. They are easy enough to unhook when you need to move something, but they hold well. Cheaper than I could find anywhere else.

Dawn North Boston, NY

Safty first!

Love these! They are easy to install and give me so much more peace of mind knowing that if my kiddo were to climb up the bookcase or his dresser- they are secured to the wall and couldn’t fall and crush him.

Alberta Oxford, IA

Does the job

Works alright. Bought some from ToysRus and had to return them because they didnt work, thats why i turned to amazon for these. These worked much better and hold

Gayle Fairview, NC

Sturdy, but stud requirement made them difficult to install

We purchased these straps for four bookshelves lined up on a wall just a bit longer than the shelves. I’m sure if we had been installing one piece of furniture, moving it to the left or the right to attach two straps to the studs (or each shelf had been significantly wider) there wouldn’t have been any problem, but for our setup it didn’t work. The only thing that worked for our shelves was centering each in front of one stud and hooking one strap to the back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other options that didn’t involve using a stud (I anticipated this problem). These looked like the best and sturdiest option while also remaining slightly flexible. We have had them attached to the wall for about a week now and they seem as though they’ll do the job!

Kathy Venice, FL

Very cumbersome to install

These brackets were very frustrating to install. Once you had them screwed in place, they were difficult to adjust to make them tight. In addition, they are bulky and white, making them very noticeable eyesores. There are much less cumbersome safety straps out there!

Alexandria Annandale, MN


Very sturdy hardware, easy to use, everyone should have these. Thanks for the great reviews for helping me see these straps were the ones to buy.

Lila Tetlin, AK

Just What I Was Looking For

I feel these are more durable that the plastic zip tie looking ones. I also like how I can easily adjust or unhook the straps if needed.

Laurie Walsh, IL

We like these straps

These straps come with easy to follow instructions. They are durable, relatively discrete (white is a good color choice), and they give use the peace of mind that our toddler cannot tip the furniture. We’ll be buying more.

Amparo Morrison, OK

Worked great for our bookshelf

We had a bookshelf in our daughters room that we didn’t want her pulling over, and these worked great. Perfect solution, no issues installing.

Rosalinda Speedwell, TN

works well

just what we needed. my 24month old is just starting to climb and we have lots of tall dressers and shelves. plus we live in CA, so this is a win-win for everyone!

Marjorie Mc Henry, KY

So Far These Seem to Work Fine

We purchased these to secure a large mirror and bookcase to keep our toddler safe. My husband said these were pretty easy to install (and he’s not the handy type) and that they took no time at all. They are secure to the wall and piece of furniture and I’m confident that the furniture will not topple over when my toddler is pulling and leaning on it.

Carlene Hull, GA

Easy to install

These were easy to install and I don’t see how a piece of furniture with two of these could fall over – without taking the wall studs with it. I especially liked that the furniture half and the wall half come apart for installation, makes life much easier. I didn’t need to predrill either (I know you’re supposed to, but most of us don’t).

Polly Yuma, AZ

Great product

I purchased several different types of anti tip furniture straps, this was the most expensive, but seemed very sturdy. I used both straps for a very large piece of furniture.

Dolores Elizabeth, CO

Must have

We bought these when we converted our twins cribs to toddler beds and they had more freedom. Protect your kids! Bolt down furniture so they don’t get hurt!

Odessa Hanover, CT

Better than the standard ones included with furniture

We finally broke down & secured all the furniture to the walls recently. We had the brackets from that came with the furniture (mostly ikea stuff, but some other brands as well) & 1 set of these. We ended up buying 2 more sets of these since they’re much better than the stuff that usually comes with the furniture (& definitely much better than the ikea standard ones). Much easier & much more secure.

Joann Hallowell, ME


They work really well. Husband says they were easy to install and didn’t take that long. They hold everything to the walls and you don’t see them which is an added bonus.

Gladys Longmeadow, MA