Safety 1st Grip N’ Twist Door Knob Cover, 4-Count

Safety 1st Grip N’ Twist Door Knob Cover, 4-Count

The grip ‘n twist door knob covers help keep little ones from entering parent only rooms. Their sleek modern design blends in with any home decor and they glow in the dark for nighttime use.

Main features

  • Blends in with any home decor
  • Includes: 4 pack

Verified reviews


Works great for us – even keeps the grandparents out!

8/7/11We almost didn’t purchase this item because of all the negative reviews. But there isn’t much else available, so I thought I’d purchase them at a local store (K-Mart) and give them a try, and simply return them if they didn’t work. We installed them and found that they’re extremely hard to remove– even for adults! No duct tape (or any other jerry-rigging) required! Our 16-month-old had started opening all of the doors in the house, and now he can’t open any of them. Today’s date is August 7, 2011. I will update this review if he figures out how to remove the cover, but so far he doesn’t seem to have a clue– it’s just a new toy to play with on the doorknob.***Update 11/6/12This product is still working great for us. I’d recommend at least giving it a try, and returning it if it doesn’t work. (If you’re looking for a local place to buy them, check out K-Mart.) Our now 2 1/2 year old still hasn’t figured them out, and he is a smart kid who loves to tinker with everything to find out how it works. I’m almost positive that the people who’ve had trouble with this product aren’t installing them correctly. There are a total of four “hooks” that must be fastened together on all sides of the cover for it to stay on properly. If even one isn’t fastened correctly, it can eventually work its way apart.

Ronda Manset, ME

Works with Tape Jimmy Rig

As others noted, children can learn how to take the knob covers apart within 3 seconds. We went joy to sorrow when our 2-year old barely touched it and it came apart.But I used some clear scotch tape to secure where the 2 pieces of the cover snap together and it works just fine. We have so much more time on our hands, now that we aren’t chasing a toddler out of the pantry.

Carla Big Springs, WV

Simple. Works on the door i needed the most

My 1 year old learned how to open doors. there is one door without a lock on it and thats his closet door. This lock work great for it. If he tries to turn the door knob he will just turn the lock, making it impossible to open the door. It doesn’t fit all of my door knobs. But because i only needed it for one door im satisfied.

Kaye Perronville, MI


These are very easy to install and set up. They are easy to use. Love them! Great for babies. Thank you

Octavia New Edinburg, AR

use packing tape

Just put clear packing tape around the knob and it will work just fine. My 3 year old can’t break through it.

Esperanza Metlakatla, AK

Safety first door knob cover

These covers are a waste of money! No, my 22 month old cant turn the knob with it in place, but he can easily just pull them off, THEN open the door. The two halves snap around the knob, and just as easily come apart.

Aline Beckley, WV

pulls apart too easily

My 14 month old twins both figured out how to pull these apart in the first couple days. The two pieces just snap together, so if you pull on one piece hard enough it will also pull apart.

Kirsten Walker, MN

They deter, but don’t stop

Our 2 year old can literally pull these off the doorknob with just 15 seconds of trying. They slow him down enough to hear what he’s trying to do (which usually allows us to catch him), but they don’t stop him from getting the door open. I wouldn’t recommend these if your child is mischievous or smart/mechanical.

Earnestine Graysville, PA

Very Effective

I have these on all of our door knobs to prevent our toddler from getting into rooms that he is not suppose to. I was quite happy that they even worked on our odd shaped front door knob. They also glow in the dark at night which is a cool feature.

Rhea Witts Springs, AR

they really do glow in the dark

when we bought them we didnt even realize that they glowed in the dark. it freaks you out if you dont know its going to do that but made it convenient for coming in late at night from work for me. i can find the door knob everytime

Dana Greenland, AR

waste of money

my 2 year old snapped these right off the knob and the whole in the middle doesn’t help when they start locking you out of rooms. don’t waste your money.

Marian North Carrollton, MS

It works when it stays on the doorknob

It definitely does keep my two toddlers from opening the doors! However, it does fall off the door rather easily when played with.

Bonnie Albers, IL

Waste of money

Not user friendly. Don’t waste your money. Grasping the door knob, squeezing, and turning, is not easily done. More difficult if you have little hands.

Megan West Columbia, TX


these work great…easy to snap on and snap off when need to. easy to operate, but a tough for the child. the only problem might have wrist aches in the first week of using it, but then adjust to the comfortable way of twisting.

Brandy Seeley, CA

Very pleased

I have a set of autistic twins who seem to love to get out of the house and wonder off to the neighbors house (thank goodness she is out babysitter). I looked online for different door knob covers and decided to go with these and I’m very happy with them. They keep my children inside the house. I’ve been using them for a month now and they still haven’t tried to figure out how to take them apart but I’m sure they eventually will. Good thing that another reviewer said to use scotch tape to keep them together to make it harder to take apart. So far at tleast I don’t ahve to worry about my boys while I’m in the shower or cooking. I can do what I need to do around the house without having them escape every 15 minutes.

Glenna Port Carbon, PA


I bought these in advance (thinking I was doing the smart thing) to a move we were getting ready for…unfortunately the apartment does not have these type of nobs so it ending up being a waste of money.

Rita Maida, ND

the best we’ve tried

To say this is the best doorknob cover we’ve found isn’t really saying much. Most are either adult-proof or useless. These, well, they get the job done. It’s a little awkward to stick your fingers through the holes in the side (especially since we have weird, narrow doorknobs), but it can be done without much effort.They’re reasonably easy to put on your doors (again, this is compared to some of the others we’ve tried, which sets a low bar), and our toddler has yet to have the slightest success in removing them.

Chris Douglas, AL