Safety 1st Grip N Twist Door Knob Covers, 3 Pack

Safety 1st Grip N Twist Door Knob Covers, 3 Pack

Grip n Twist Door Knob Covers help keep little ones from entering parent-only rooms. Their sleek modern design blends in with any home decor, and they glow in the dark for nighttime use.

Main features

  • Prevents little ones from entering danger zones in the home
  • Newly redesigned for easier adult use
  • Neutral color blends in with home decor
  • Convenient 3-pack for mutiple doors
  • Easy to install

Verified reviews



When my daughter was just 3 months old or so I began purchasing safety proofing items, my husband didn’t understand at first, but he usually just lets me do my thing.. he finally was teasing me about it, she can’t even turn over and you’re putting knobs on the doors.. (I hadn’t actually put them on there yet) but I explained to him what I will explain to you here.When my son was 2 years old he was extremely mechanically inclined, he could open any door anywhere, he could work any remote and any electronic gadget you put in his hands.. a short time later the child began picking locks, I would be showering and he would want in and he would get a hair clip or bobby pin and actually pick the lock on the door. Now, he was 2, and he’d seen me do it when I’d accidentally locked myself out and the doors were fairly easily picked in our home (inside doors), but he picked it up fast WATCH WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE WATCHING.. he also had a bad case of the need for freedom, as if he knew what that was, so we had to lock all the doors that led to the outside of the house AND we put the old style chains at the top as an extra measure to keep him in, AT 2 YEARS OLD.. One day I was watching TV and I hear a broom drop, the door open and then nothing, I get up and MY SON IS HALF WAY TO THE STREET AND HE IS BOOKING IT! Giggling and laughing all the way, I took off after him, sprinting and screaming for him to stop, and No, calling his name, and nope, he was headed for FREEDOM!!! I had to tackle the little guy, he was a few feet from the street.. we had about a 150ft driveway, I am so thankful he was safe that day, because it could have gone so terribly wrong… He is now 18, yes, we are nuts, my husband and I were in the clear and we started over again with another kiddo, and I am extremely leery about my kids and their adventure streak.NOW, We have another inquisitive 2 year old who has been able to open doors for a very long time, she’s tall for her age and always wants to see what’s behind door number 1, as if there is a prize in there, which I’m sure at her age anything behind any door is a prize.At first I purchased this Safety Starter Set from Safety First, it had about 4 of these knob covers in there, cabinet latches and plug protectors. I continued to stock up and stock up and when she became mobile around 10 and half months we began safety proofing the house.. plug covers, and foam padding, oven locks, and Door Latches (like National Hardware V804 Door Security Guard, Satin Nickel) (Chains don’t work when a kid gets a hold of a broom), and I purchased some door knob covers made by the Red Cross, which seemed very nice, had a grey grip hold on either side of the knob cover for easy grip…. YES, EASY GRIP.. AND THEY ALSO WERE EASILY RIPPED OFF.. well, I figured out the Red Cross Brand didn’t work very well when I was woken up by my 2 year old who had been in her bedroom with the door shut all night at 8am saying “Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy”.. Thank goodness she came to our room, but we’re still not sure she didn’t venture elsewhere before heading our way..SO, the Red Cross easy Grip door handles had to go, I replaced them with these. The advantage of these is that there is hardly any grip, they spin and my 18 year old, who was the adventurer once flying out the door to FREEDOM has a difficult time opening these and lets me know he hates them every chance he gets.PLEASE UNDERSTAND NOW, THAT IS THE POINT.. The door should not be easily opened, although, if you look at these they have two holes on either side, if you place your fingers in those holes, grab the actual knob it will work like a charm, BUT if you’re a curious 2 year old with little hands who can’t wrap your tiny hand around the knob cover to get to the actual knob you are SAFE from things you should not be getting into while the knob cover spins around the knob keeping you from harm.Love these, should have stuck with them the entire time, I would encourage ANYONE WITH CHILDREN to choose this brand over any other simply because they are actually child proof, they are adult and older kid proof too when you’re impatient, but they work, they keep your kiddos safe, which is what they were intended to do.Another tip, Child Proofing is expensive, start buying little by little, you have a lot more than you think you need to child proof sometimes, door knobs and outlet covers sometimes are the least of your worries, there’s also the oven, the dishwasher, the fridge, the washer/dryer, the sharp edges, and on and on.. you will easily spend hundreds, so if you’re on a budget and are even still pregnant or just were blessed with your little one (Congrats on both) I’d begin buying little odds and ends now so that you’ll have everything you need when the time comes and you don’t have to be terrified waking up with your little one being not where he/she’s supposed to be saying “Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy”.I hope to have helped you with your purchasing decision.Thanks for reading!

Kaitlyn Piggott, AR

shut the door on this one

My 27 month old daughter was able to pry these covers off every door knob in our house. The only thing we were gripping were our hearts when we found her down the street! The device is made from cheap plastic and the locking mechanism is like putting a plastic egg together. I don’t get how such an unsafe product is able to stay on the market. Guaranteed your child will out wit this door knob cover. Look elsewhere.

Chasity Angier, NC


These are awful. I couldn’t hardly open or lock our doors with these. They came right off and got returned to the store. There has to be something better out there. Don’t waste your money.

Elvira Dixie, WV



Angelita Antioch, TN

Need different sizes !!

My youngest son, 17 months, is now getting tall enough and smart enough to open doors. It seems like once they learn something that want to continue doing it. So when he learned to open the doors, he didn’t stop. I needed something that would prevent him from getting in rooms and fast.I bought the Safety 1st Secure Grips in a 3-pack for $3. The covers come in two pieces. You place both sides on either side of the door knob and connect them together. In the front the is an opening to access the lock and on both sides there is a tab with a rubber gripper. This is so you can grip the door knob to open it.RECCOMEND for all households, just wish they made a better variety of sizes!

Sadie Many Farms, AZ

This + Duct tape = secure

It’s strange. Normally a product that I need to use duct tape to hold together wouldn’t get a very good rating from me. Here’s the deal every single knob cover like this I’ve tried can eventually, if not instantly, be popped off by a determined toddler. I just got in the habit of securing the joints with a little duct tape… it isn’t fancy, but it works. My 2 year old can take anything apart, but not this with the duct tape aid. For the price, it works for me.

Saundra Stroudsburg, PA

keeps them out but allows you in

Great chi;droofing item that is parent-friendly. Keeps my toddler from opening doors and getting out of the house whenever he wants to which had become a probelm when he discovered how to use the doorknob.

Hilda Goodman, MS

Affordable, but don’t rely solely on them for containment of children.

These covers do the job for the price you pay. My 2 year old IS able to remove them from the door-knobs after fumbling with them for about 10-20 seconds SO, they slow him down enough to notice that he is trying to open a door. Naturally, if you have a child you should be keeping an eye on them, so they don’t wander off… with that said, these are affordable, easy to install/remove and will deter/slow your child’s access to doors. If you ABSOLUTELY must keep children from accessing a door, consider a more complex system than these.

Janette Angora, NE

Easy assembly and effective for my toddler

We have a ton of these around our house and bought more from amazon because we like them so much. They stop our toddler’s efforts to escape and don’t make it too hard for us to use the doors.

Cheryl Cataract, WI

Cheap and easy to use

These are very cheap and fit all of the door handles we have in our house, old and new. They take a little getting use to for adults, but do their purpose well since neither of our kids have figured them out.

Juliana La Push, WA


Very easy to install but true that it is also easy to disassemble. So if i will tell my son who’s 3 1/2 yrs old not to try opening the door he will forcefully open it no matter what and you can’t stop them if they want out so my technique is to tell him do not try to break the door knob and it works because he knows he’ll be in trouble if he purposely break something. Now when the door is shut he knows that it means keep out. He can be wise sometimes and tell her sister who’s 2 yrs old to break the door knob cover but she can’t disassemble it. i bought this first in glow in the dark but this simple white color is kinda glowing in the dark when all light is turned off as well. 3 pack for $3.29 and eligible for free shipping i’m very pleased.

Ina Trevilians, VA

Works Well to Keep Toddlers Inside

This works well to keep our toddlers from opening our back door. It makes it more difficult for us to open the door and work the lock, but that’s kind of the point.

Clare Oilton, TX