Safety 1st High-Def Digital Monitor

Safety 1st High-Def Digital Monitor

Safety 1st Hi-Def Digital Baby Monitor provides a clear connection anytime, anywhere. This digital monitor features Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology for superior clarity, privacy and range. Safety 1st Hi-Def Digital Baby Monitor: Parent Unit: Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology 6.0 for superior clarity, privacy and range Sound lights display Page indicator Out of range/low battery indicators Volume controls Belt clip for portable convenience 1.2V 750 mAH NiMH AAA size rechargeable batteries (included) 1000″ range AC adapter Baby Unit: Page feature Upright or slight recline positioning Power on/off indicator AC adapter Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology 6.0 Features a dedicated bandwidth that yields a zero interference, secure and private connection

Main features

  • Sound lights and pager button
  • Link indicator
  • Out of range and low battery indicators
  • Portable parent unit with belt clip for cordless or plug-in power options
  • Up to 1000 ft. range and DECT 6.0 technology

Verified reviews


Great monitor

I kept debating buying the Philips, but had a horrible time justifying the price, especially when I really only needed a monitor for our bedroom to the kids’ bedrooms which are far away from each other in our house. Occasionally I will walk around with the receiver, usually if I am working outside during naptime. And we don’t need a second receiver. The others in this price range had very mixed reviews. So I waited. Then this one popped up.We had to have digital since we have an apartment complex behind our house. We were ALWAYS picking up phone calls and other monitors with our 900 MHz monitors. If we can hear them we have to assume they can hear us…The monitor is quiet. No static and we can hear as much as we want. We can turn the volume way down and eliminate the “little noises” that people complain about with other monitors.I love the small size. I am figuring out the lights. I do have to keep the monitor receiver turned and facing away from our bed, otherwise the lights are too bright at night.I am so glad I didn’t succumb and finally spend over twice the price of this one on the Philips, which I am sure is a really great model, but more than we need with a toddler and preschooler.

Leann Warwick, RI

Are you kidding me? A flashing green light?

You’re kidding, right? Surely no one would design a unit to be placed a yard from a sleeping child in a dark room with a big flashing green light on the front of it…yep, they really did. Incredible! Good way to ruin an otherwise good product. No problem with our phone or wi-fi network. Loud enough. Good enough range. But, you gotta be kidding me with the green light encircling the big power button the front of the unit that goes in the child’s room. Arghh. When will these companies just cut it out with the green lights??

Celia Sinclair, WY

Excellent digital monitor!

We had an analog frequency one before and switching to digital is the best thing we’ve done. Distance does make a difference. Instructions say to put baby’s monitor 6ft away for best results and that’s true in our case. Our bedroom is down the hall and around the corner but when we hear him gently snoring as if he’s in the room with us it’s the most comforting sound! The rechargeable batteries that come with it have to stay in even if you keep both units plugged at all times… That’s what we do. It took nearly 30 hours for parent unit to charge completely once we received box. Since then the only issue I had was static buzz because I had the monitor to close to his crib and near an ultra quiet humidifier. I moved it away to the windowsill and when I went back to our bedroom I could hear baby softly breathing, no humidifier, no more white noise buzz. I wish this had been our original monitor from the very beginning. Bonus: looks cool and baby’s acts as a soothing dim nightlight.Update 1/21/2013 every once in a while, perhaps due to interference with some other digital electronic in the house, the parent unit decides to give off white noise static along with letting us hear the little one snoring etc. if i unplug and replug baby unit after a minute this solves the problem. I’ve noticed I’m having to do that every night, though, and it sucks when the white noise starts up about 4am when I do NOT want to get out of bed & baby is sleeping in his room quite soundly. I just have to turn the sound all the way down and then its mute because i do not hear him in the morning unless he starts wailing from his room. Theres no in between. lame, but i guess all baby monitors have at least one glaring defect. if there was one perfect one there wouldnt be so much competition with all these other variety of brand and types.

Lenore Stony Point, NY

Do not like

I must have purchased the only monitor that has sound, too much sound. What I absolutley dislike about this monitor is how loud it becomes on its own. At times, the sound coming out of the monitor is louder than the sound in my kids room. They sleep with a white noise cd playing. The only remedy I have found is to turn off the unit in her room once a day. For some reason, that resets the monitor, I guess, and the sound is at a normal level for a while and gradually amplyfies it self. All the blinking it super annoying also. I sleep with the parent unit on my night stand and have to face the monitor away from me because it is flashing, orange, green, orange, green…..We’ve got a Graco for another child….so much better.

Alma Avonmore, PA

Works really well

The analog monitor I had didn’t work at all in my rental house. All I got was static. This monitor worked perfectly — crystal clear sound and looks sleek. I’m very happy with it.

Toni Constantia, NY

At least it looks nice…

We bought this baby monitor to replace a different kind that had stopped working. When it arrived, I liked it’s sleek and modern design. However, that was about all I liked about it.1) When I went to install the battery, I lost the TINY screw that is used to close the compartment. I am wondering if there might have been a better way to design this, using a slightly larger screw or put it in a better location so I could have held onto it a little more easily.2) I noticed the slight static/hissing sound coming across the monitor, even when the base was in a silent room. The strange thing is, the sound of the hissing gradually got louder and louder over the course of the first week I had it! By the end of the week, I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I unplugged the thing and submitted a return order to Amazon.3) When trying to deal with the static, I tried turning the volume all the way down and relying on the lights. It has bars of light that illuminate when sound is picked up on the base unit. Unfortunately, the lights are so faint, I could barely see them when the parent unit was in a room that had any lighting. I am usually only in a dark room when I am sleeping, and at that time, I obviously can’t rely on the bars of lights. I needed sound. Unfortunately, the sound coming across the parent unit was obnoxious and unacceptable (see #2), so nothing worked for us.4) This is strange. When you plug the parent unit in to charge, the power light blinks when charging. It’s actually quite bright! It stops blinking when it is plugged in and fully charged, or when it is unplugged (even if it is not fully charged). I kept the charger plugged in by my nightstand, but found it very annoying to have that bright flashing light by me overnight. I had to cover it to keep it from being a distraction while trying to sleep.5) Speaking the flashing power light while charging, I found it strange that this baby monitor did not give any indication of when the battery was getting low or dead altogether. One day, I had the parent unit sitting out (unplugged) while I worked around the house and the baby napped. At some point–maybe when I heard the baby talking to herself in her room but couldn’t hear a peep over the baby monitor–I realized it had died. It didn’t beep or flash lights or do anything to let me know it wad dying or dead. What if I had gone outside to do some yard work, relying on the baby monitor to hear when my baby woke or needed me? That was not good.That’s all I can think of off-hand. I returned this baby monitor several weeks ago. It was terrible pretty much from the start, and kept getting worse. I’d recommend that you keep looking.

Erna Masterson, TX

Did the research, glad I picked this one!

I did the research on baby monitors because our household has LOTS of gadgets everywhere (WiFi, phones, cell phones, etc) and picked this one based on the reviews and I am not disappointed. The actual monitor is smaller than it appears in the picture. I use it on the lowest volume that that’s plenty to hear my baby. Believe me, when my baby cries, you don’t need a monitor to hear him! It uses a rechargeable battery, which seems to last a while, though I plug it in every night. I stepped outside once and could still hear the baby. No interference, no static, nada. Overall, my husband and I are very satisfied with this product!

Bessie Barnesville, MD

Wonderful monitor for a great price!

I bought this set in 2009 actually, I am now using it again for my new baby and its still amazing. I never have interference, it shows signal bars based on how much noise is in my kids rooms and i don’t have to have the volume on in order for it to show the level of noise. I highly recommend this product, you wont regret it.

Lidia Andalusia, IL

Clear reception but battery issue

The box on this monitor guarantees no interference, and it lives up to that. That’s what I was looking for. What I didn’t expect (and apparently didn’t look closely enough at) was that it requires batteries instead of having a charging dock like my other monitor. It comes with rechargeable batteries, or you can use regular, and they die in about two days. I’m sorry, but with two infants, I don’t have time to deal with recharging batteries every other day. I want a charging dock that will charge the monitor at night after I’ve used it around the house all day.

Darla Webster, FL


Good sound quality and easy to install. I love that there is no static noise. The only thing you need to note is that when the parent unit is charging, the LED on it blinks so turn the parent unit away from you so that you are woken up by the blinking light.

Mara Western Springs, IL

it is what it is…very sensitive

I love this product because it truly is wifi and very sensitive. It was so easy to set up and then to just keep it on all the time after we charged it the first time is very effective. It also comes with a clip that you can put on your belt while you’re doing some house work.

Jeanette Emeryville, CA

No static, good battery life

Great product, no static and very clear sound. Battery lasts through the day without needing additional charging. Overall, highly recommended.

Annabelle Foley, MN

Quit Working after 2 months

Mine didn’t last very long. While I had it, it was static free, unlike our AngelCare monitor. I didn’t like not being able to replace the batteries, or the fact that the child’s side didn’t take battery back up. I didn’t like having only one parent’s unit, and that the unit needed to be plugged in to recharge. Even having a second power cord would have been great. It did have a good range in our house/yard. So, it was good for what I wanted (static free) while it lasted. If it works ok, I’d recommended it for an older child, who you basically only monitor at night while you are sleeping anyway, so you don’t need to move either unit.

Patrice Dividing Creek, NJ

Top of the heap as far as monitors go

Okay, I will be almost repeating B. Stelzer’s review from 2008, but I felt as though I needed to add my two cents. We’ve been using this monitor for about 2 months. First, we’ve never had an issue with interference, and that’s a big plus. Next, this is a baby product that doesn’t look like a “baby product,” which is also nice for a change (as we currently live in a sea of cute and juvenile things).Both units, when powered up, have a subtle glowing green ring (reminiscent of an Xbox) which makes for a nice beacon in a really dark baby’s room (if you don’t have a night light). The receiving unit that goes with baby must stay plugged in when in use, but that’s not a big deal to me. The cord is long enough that you can put it where you want regardless of outlet location. It picks up the slightest sound, but you can control the volume on the parent unit to hear what you want….almost. That brings me to my complaints.At its lowest volume setting, you can still hear breathing and even little cries are quite loud, so I guess that makes it a good fit for a deep sleeper. I am a light sleeper so I am awakened rather easily by stirring I’d rather sleep through. BUT, I suppose I’d rather hear things I didn’t want than not hear the things I did want. Next, I don’t like that there’s not an audible warning when the battery is almost dead. The last time we charged the dead parent unit, it was 11 hours before it was completely charged. That seems like a long time to me. We’ve now gotten into the habit of plugging it in during the day while Baby Bear is at daycare so we can avoid the dead battery issue.As far as monitors go, this one gets my vote as best bang for your buck. We don’t have the problems others have had with theirs, and for that, I’m thankful. Still, we’ll have to see how this baby does in the long run to truly know whether we hit Monitor Nirvana.

Brandy Grandy, MN

You get what you pay for…

We received this monitor as a gift and did not open the monitor until a couple of months after the baby arrived. The hand held unit did not work. We called Safety 1st and were told that a tiny piece of plastic (part of the plastic that protects the battery when it’s in the store0 would break off inside the battery holder. We removed it and it works.The customer service is about the best thing I can say for this monitor. Our monitor seems to be very fuzzy; it picks up lots of white noise. There is not much difference between the loudest and softest volume. If the ceiling fan, air conditioner, or air purifier are on, you hear static.Aside from this, our baby usually cries loud enough to hear her without the monitor. We live in a small house and really bought this for when we are outside. A video monitor would have suited us more to see if she has squirmed herself into the corner of the crib or just protesting sleep.

Gertrude Blue Mountain, AR

The Choice for Monitor

I think this is the best choice out there for a monitor. It is lightweight and simple to use. Since it is digital, I have had no problem with interference. The sound quality is great, I can clearly hear the baby noises, even with background noises (white noise maker, music from the swing). The unique aspect of the monitor is the visual sound indicator. Bars of light come on when a new sound comes in– the more bars, the louder the sound. This has been especially useful for times I can’t hear the monitor; such as taking a shower or working in a noisy room– I can just *look* at the monitor to see if baby is making noise.The few downsides: The way each end of the monitor is designed, with the power cord connected it is a bit challenging to get the monitor to sit on a surface without falling over or having the cord drag it to the floor. The belt clip isn’t the best either. And you have to remember not to bring the monitor near the base or you’ll be reminded with a strong squealing sound.

Stacy Sonora, KY

Great monitor; I would buy it again

I purchased this monitor almost two years ago. I have packed it and moved it, dropped it on the floor, kicked it and it is still working. I can hear everything clearly…if I turn it up to the highest level I can hear my daughter breathing. Of course then if its at the highest level when she starts crying its REALLY loud. I really like it, though, and I especially like how it has lasted through my klutziness. The only complaint I have about it is if you take it to another room and forget to plug it back in, it does not hold its charge for very long. It pretty much has to be plugged in all the time…which really isn’t a big deal because the cord is really long.

Pearlie Fredericksburg, VA

great item

very clear great monitor … wish it had two portable units but the system is very clear and quiet NO fuzz…

Meagan Fedscreek, KY

It’s as good as it gets for this price

My baby is almost 3 years old. I’ve had several monitors over the years and I can tell you, for this price range this is as good as it gets. It has a great mic, you can definitely hear everything going on in the babys room: a clock ticking, the sound that the curtain makes, etc. Even if the baby breathes deeply and you have the parents unit on loud you can hear it perfectly. I like that about it.There is no static on mine at all. The parents unit is very comfortable to carry around. However, you have to keep the parents unit plugged in during the night because after like 4 or 5 hours, if the battery dies (and it will of course) the thing will turn off without making a sound. It doesn’t let you know that it is turning off, so if it isn’t plugged in, the batteries die and the baby needs you, you won’t hear it because the unit will be off. I always keep it plugged during the night and have had no problems. It does generate a feedback sound if you put both units close together… when it happens you want to throw the thing out the window BUT every single monitor I’ve had within this price range does the same… The only real down side for me has been that to turn the parents unit on and off you have to hold the button very hard for 5 seconds… it doesn’t seem bad but when you have to do it several times it is a very long time to hold a button. Apart from that this has been my favorite so far.

Estella Mantorville, MN


These monitors are so clear that we can hear our baby breathing and I often check to make sure that they are still on. So far we have heard no interference. I agree that they aren’t as loud as others that I’ve owned but I am still very pleased with the quality and the features. I haven’t tried the belt clip but a friend of mine used to own these and would walk to my house wearing hers without any problems. I’m glad that she recommended these because I am pleased.Update: These monitors are still the best. I’ve owned them for over a year now and they still work as well as the first day I hooked them up. I still have no interference what so ever. They are so clear and can pick up a pin dropping. I like that I can clip it on and become more mobile. The range is great. I can do things around the yard while my baby is sleeping in her room and still hear her without interference. I would buy these again and I highly recommend them.Another Update: Four years and two babies later, these monitors are still the best. My husband even spilled liquid all over one of them while cooking and I was afraid it was ruined but it works just the same. They are still crystal clear, easy to use and outweigh a lot of the cons that have been mentioned in other reviews (IMO). I love that they’re so clear and I can get great reception outside of my house. I highly recommend these.

Juana Bronte, TX