Safety 1st High-Def Digital Video Monitor

Safety 1st High-Def Digital Video Monitor

The Safety 1st High-Def Digital Color Video Monitor provides a 100% clear connection anytime, anywhere. Its state of the art wideband audio clarity ensures no static, no interference, and guaranteed privacy while monitoring. DataLock technology means no dropped picture or sound. Indoor/outdoor range is 650+ ft.

Main features

  • Indoor and outdoor range of more than 650″
  • Auto-night vision
  • Auto channel selector
  • Low battery and out of range indicators
  • Rechargeable parent unit with belt clip

Verified reviews


Great unit overall

I think this is an overall great unit. It is probably an order of magnitude better than non-digital solutions. The picture and sound do not have any interference on them (but there are some digital artifacts from compression). The zoom and pan feature (available when zoomed in 2x or 4x) doesn’t actually cause the video camera to physically move, but it is still a useful feature (we use it almost all the time). The “High-Def” is nice but doesn’t mean its 720p or 1080i! Also, I was able to use the unit without reading the manual, though I picked up some good information after looking at it.Overall it seems to work really well but there is some room for improvement. The night vision doesn’t work so well if the camera is more than a few feet away from the subject. I also wish it had a mode that would automatically turn on the video monitor when motion was detected. There are a lot artifacts if there is a lot of motion, but since this is a baby monitor, if used as a baby monitor, then it’s not a problem. It doesn’t come with AA batteries for the camera, but the camera is capable of running on batteries (3 AA’s). The included 3xAAA batteries are for the monitor.UPDATE 2008-12-18: We have been using this for months now. It has been dropped many times on laminate flooring and is still working. The flashing green light on the camera is a bit annoying to our child so we cover it up when needed. All in all, we’re still very happy with this purchase even though it’s not perfect (battery life could be better and had to “reset” the camera at least once to get it to not overexpose).UPDATE 2009-11-06: Still working great but unfortunately the bright blinking green light was and still is frightening to our child… now just seeing the camera scares him so we mostly just use the microphone. The really need to address this… like making the light much less bright or some control option where you can just turn it off or make it stop blinking after a few seconds or some other design. Suggest wrapping the bottom of the camera is a black sock or something that hides most of the light.

Ola Altenburg, MO

Don’t like it at all

I don’t know if I received a factory reject, or if the product is just not up to my standards. The picture color is so faded that it almost looks like black and white. Large bright red toys appear to be an extremely faded pink, and no other color is visible at all. The night vision looks like the static you would see on an old TV that has lost most of its signal. When trying to look at the screen when outside in sunlight, the screen is completely black, and nothing can be seen at all, making it nothing but an audio monitor when the receiver is outside. If the receiver is set for the video picture to remain on continuously, the battery lasts for less than 10 minutes. The audio gives a constant hiss, even when there is no sound in the room where the camera is, and when the monitor is set to the lowest volume possible. I was so unhappy that I returned the product. Although the zoom and scan features work well on this product, I would look for those features in a different product altogether.

Bobbi Brevig Mission, AK

No interference

Not sure what other monitors are like, but from what I heard other ppl sometimes see babies of their neighbours and such. This never happened.Also, very clear color picture (day) good quality night vision image and amplified sound make this unit worth the cost.I keep it in no time off setting at night.

Deirdre Swan Lake, MS

Small screen, yet “big” picture!

We purchased this monitor to replace a monitor that we’d been having trouble with. The other monitor gave a poor picture and lots of static… this monitor, however, is CRYSTAL clear for both video and audio.We’ve also been quite happy with the option to block out “low” noises at night… i.e. we don’t hear him rollover, but we’d hear him cough or cry. The ability to zoom in is fantastic.Finally, while the screen is very tiny, you see quite a bit… our old monitor only covered the crib, this shows a view of his entire room.UPDATED: Product died after about a year of heavy use, yet Safety First replaced it with no questions asked! They even covered shipping of old and new unit. An excellent brand!

Gladys Pleasant Shade, TN

Great range, and that’s about it…

I used to have a Summer Infant monitor. (read my old review on that one)It wasn’t digital, so picture quality was so-so.THis one – has a decent picture quality and almost no noise.I have returned it and bought the Lorex LW2002W Digital Portable Color LCD Wireless Surveillance System (read my review on that one as well).Here’s what I discovered after using for a week.Receiver screen is too tiny.The picture is from way too far and that does not help with the size of the screen. You can basically see that there’s a kid in the crib or there isn’t :)) My camera is not positioned too high, it is about 5’5″ from the floor and just a little higher than my 3 year old can reach from his crib.The zoom-in feature is a good idea, but it blurs the picture too much, so basically useless.The receiver is way too small. Don’t know if this is good for some people, but my previous Summer infant huge receiver was misplaced by my husband and we still can’t find it. So this one would be a bigger challenge to find :)Also I figured that camera in color would not be useful for babies who are usually sleep in the darkened rooms, like mine. Night time – it would be black and white anyways, but daytime naps my son also takes with his shades totally closed – so black and white picture again. So if yours is the same – save money, get the black and white monitor.Hope this helps

Katharine Hoffman Estates, IL

Product is already obsolete – can’t get replacement parts from Safety 1st

So, a week ago I would have given this video monitor five stars. It has worked great since we bought it in May 2008. The picture is excellent and we had a wonderful way to hear and see our baby sleeping during naps and at night. However, a foster dog we are taking care of got a hold of the receiver (with the video picture) and destroyed the LCD screen. An expensive bummer, I think, but I contact Safety 1st to see if I can order a replacement receiver and clip, since the camera portion is undamaged. Although the Safety 1st representative was very nice, she informed me that they are no longer making this model and have no replacement parts. This model has been replaced by their new Prism model, which retails for $249 at BabiesRUs and some online store charging $20 S&H.;My point? It’s a great monitor, but if *anything* goes wrong, you are stuck with scrap plastic, since there is no support. And since the new model is only $20 more than what this one is selling for, I would wait and buy that one. Not sure why Amazon isn’t selling it yet, but I’m sure they will once this older model stock is out.

Cortney Ormond Beach, FL

Worked for about a month, then died

It worked for about a month – worked very well to. We loved it. Then the picture got all fuzzy. We returned it to Safety first and they sent us the Prism. We lvoed the prism till it got ‘pin stripes’ on the monitor. Either we have the worlds worst luck with minotors or saftey first’s quality is going down hill.

Bobby Monroe, MI

Thoughtful design

I won’t repeat the detailed run-downs that previous reviewers have given, but this monitor really delivers. I’ve been using it for a little over a month and it’s wonderful.-Excellent reception. Sound always comes through clearly. Video typically comes through clearly, but when I get 2 floors away and the signal is going through interference of 4 routers and several wireless phones of various frequencies, the video gets a little choppy. No big deal, I can still see my little girl quite clearly. It’s not DVD quality, but when I want to see her, I have no problems. **edit** After 6 months of use, I’ve found that the monitor does interfere with G band wireless routers. The monitor doesn’t get interrupted, but it definitely slows down transfer rates between my computers and routers. As long as you don’t get the monitor in a direct line between the laptop and router (and you aren’t running VPN, because it may cause enough interruptions to require you to reestablish your VPN connection), the interference is acceptable.-The monitor is paired with a camera when the 2 devices are within a few feet of each other. There’s apparently some encoding too. Since I live in a town home, I didn’t want my neighbors to be able to get video or audio of my house, this is a definite plus.-No fancy useless features to clutter up the unit’s operation. This is a video monitor and it does the job well. Period.-4 settings for activation based on noise level. First, you can have all sounds come through. Even when I’m getting choppy video because I’ve gone too far away from the camera, audio is crystal clear with no static. There are 3 other settings that make the monitor only produce sound when the sounds are loud enough. My wife is a light sleeper, so we use it on the setting that filters out the most noise. Soft to medium cries still come through, so this is perfect. At other times the monitor is silent.-Rechargeable batteries come standard. Someone was thinking here. The monitors use AAA batteries (might be AA, I forget) and come with rechargeable batteries. Here’s the best part, when you plug the monitor into the wall, it charges the batteries. So I never ever have to change the batteries and in about a year when the batteries start to wear out and battery life suffers, I’ll just swap in some new rechargeable batteries for under $2. Brilliant. I can’t report how long the battery life is, since it’s never run out on me, but I can say that I’ve had it running unplugged for about 8 hours. (It does have an annoying beeping sound when the batteries die. I found this out after accidentally leaving it on all day and happened to come back to the bedroom to find it beeping.) **edit** After 6 months of heavy use on battery power only, the monitor last for about 4 hours with video on the entire time. We found that battery life was so good that we just started leaving the video on all the time rather than using the 5, 10, or 25 second shutoff.-There is a flashing green light on the front of the cameras. It’s quite bright, so I picked up some scotch tape and double layered some colored paper to cover it up. It’s a silly design issue, but easily resolved.-Each monitor can take about 4 cameras. The only downside is they aren’t widely available, so you’ll need to buy them directly from Safety 1st. They give instructions in the manual on how to order. The cameras are a little pricey, but sometimes they’ll negotiate to a very reasonable price. **edit** There’s no way to monitor the sound from multiple cameras at the same time, instead you need to press a button to cycle through them. I wish I could see 1 of the cameras and hear sounds from all cameras, then maybe have an indicator that said which cameras were currently transmitting sound.

Cara Watkins, CO