Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice 8 Second Digital Thermometer

Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice 8 Second Digital Thermometer

Safety 1st 8 Second Fold-up Thermometer Safety 1st 8 Second Fold-up Thermometer is a reliable and accurate for oral, underarm and rectal readings. This thermometer is faster and better than the conventional thermometers with readings in 8 seconds. A beep sound indicates when the reading is complete. Equipped with a flexible and smooth tip for comfortable use. Why You’ll Love It: The speed of Safety 1st 8 Second Fold-up Thermometer is approximately 7 times faster than the conventional thermometers. Features Comes with an over-insertion gauge keep the position safe. Special light display that is perfect for night time use. Audible beep signals when the measurement is taken. Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 3.6 x 7.6 inches

Main features

  • Memory recall of last reading
  • Lighted display for nighttime use
  • Exclusive fold up design
  • Water resistant probe, easy to clean
  • 6 Months and Up

Verified reviews


Good thermometer, great price

I received this thermometer as a shower gift. After reading the reviews posted here, I decided to find out if mine was accurate. I tested it on myself against my other digital thermometer, finding 1/10 of a degree difference orally, then against my Braun Thermoscan Plus (finding 4/10 of a degree difference, orally vs. ear). As my other digital is very old, I don’t know if the degree difference was from quality or age. While the difference with the Braun may seem alarming, it is actually quite normal. Body temps read differently when taken axillary, orally, rectally, and by thermoscan. There can actually be as much as one degree difference in the readings (with axillary and oral reading lower than rectal and thermoscan). Read your product info cards, take a few readings, and realize that thermometers do not read the same temp from different body locations. I am KEEPING my Safety 1st Thermometer. It’s accurate and extremely affordable! I will not use my Braun on my infant until she’s much older – nearly all pediatricians want a rectal temperature anyway.

Joann Sylvester, TX


I’m a nurse, so I’m extra picky about health care products. This is my choice for my two girls. It’s fast. It has a ridge to indicate how far in to insert the thermometer rectally. It’s backlit so you can read it in a dimly lit room. And it’s accurate.

Kimberly Almond, WI

Great Item for Kids

Buy with confidence. This is a great item to have for you diaper bag and at home when those moments of sickness arise.

Rosanna Manchaca, TX


I’ve unfortunatly had to use this recently for the 1st time. It’s so easy to use!! I’ve always been scared to use a thermometer rectally but I wasn’t nervous with this one at all. The reading was very quick and easy to read. It saves your last reading so you dont have to try and remember what it was last time to know if your baby’s temp is better or worse. It also has a backlight on the screen so you can use it in the dark, which is nice if the child/baby is sleeping and you dont want to turn the light on and wake him/her up to take their temp.And I LOVE the way to folds up inside itself so you dont worry about loosing the cap or cover, which I always do.This is a quality thermometer and especially for the price!! So easy to use and much more accurate than the ear thermometers (dont EVER buy one of those, theyre a complete waste of money and dangerous to your baby by being so inaccurate!!)

Susie Lewes, DE

No fear to use

I was nervous about taking a rectal temperature, but this thermometer made it very easy. I also have every confidence in its accuracy. It folds into itself for easy storage and protection. A must-have for an infant’s medicine cabinet!

Chris Bullhead, SD

Horrid! Scaired us over and over

We ended up chucking this last week and i wanted to be sure to warn others. It was all over the map thermomoter wise. It would say 100 when we thought she was slightly hot, so we’d get out hte ‘freebie’ from the hospital and it’ would then say 98.4. Oh, since we were nervous we’d then get out another one and do the same thing and it would then say right around hte 98.4. Unfortuantely, this was not the first time it had done this to us. Save your money! We invested in the ear thermometer scan hospital grade from braun. holy goodness. piece of mind. it’s worth the 50!! you figure you’ll need one thermometer per kid with this type, the ear one is for hte whole family. Yeah, I’m sorry I spent the 12 originally and tried to cheap out because this caused way to much worry.

Ladonna Hamilton, NC



Rosalyn Leonardville, KS

Doesn’t work

I really want to like this product. I want to be able to use it. They take the baby’s temperature under the armpit at the hospital, which is why I bought this one- there are hardly any of them out there. My baby is 5 weeks old and caught my husband’s cold. She’s coughing, sneezing, and sounds really congested. When I called the doctor, she told me to keep taking her temperature. As long as she can breathe and doesn’t have a fever, then she told me not to worry. So I pulled out my thermometer and have tried it all day long. I get the exact same reading every single time. Even when I try it on me or my husband. I find it scientifically impossible that all 3 of us are the exact same temp down to the tenth of a degree. It keeps saying 97.5. Annoying.

Jan Roanoke, VA

Good thermometer for baby

This is a good thermometer for baby. We like it because it takes baby’s temperature quickly and is easy to use. Had another one that took almost twice as long which is tough with a squirmy baby.

Imogene Cayuta, NY

Great Thermometer

Makes it very easy to take temperatures rectally which is the most accurate way! Love how it folds and is always accurate.

Betsy Montrose, MN

Works just as described

We LOVE this thermometer! We had been using the freebie digital thermometer we’d received from the hospital for months and months getting a lot of exercise literally dancing for my son’s entertainment that he’d not cry and squirm too much during the minute it took to read his temperature. I had looked at a bunch of forehead scanning thermometers but between the reviews and the price they didn’t seem accurate or worth the cost. So I thought to give this 8 sec thermometer a try and have truly been thrilled. By the time my 9 month old son realizes I’m holding down his arm the thermometer’s already beeping. and it has always been accurate on me under the arm so I trust it is the same for him. Well worth the extra money of other digital thermometers, and a steal compared to high end ones. I highly recommend it.

Terra Hamlet, NE

FAST and accurate enough!

I’m so grateful for several features on this thermometer: the small line on the tip that shows you how far to insert it, the flexible end, the light up display and the FAST reading. Taking a rectal temp on a squirmy baby is no walk in the park, and even 4 seconds can feel like a lifetime! The fold up feature is actually quite handy – it’s not much more “compact” than the unfolded thermometer, but when your baby gets his hands on the thing you’ve been sticking up his butt, you’ll be sure glad the “business” end is tucked away (even if you do sanitize it every time – moms, you know what I mean)!As for accuracy, I have no complaints. Every parent has to learn what he/she is comfortable with regarding their child’s health. I’ve never had a time when the thermometer has seemed off enough to bother me.

Margot Hamilton, IA

Very good thermometer

This thermometer seems faster then most thermometers I have used before, but I have not verified the 10 seconds claim 😉 I have only used it rectally on my baby because it is the most accurate way to get her temperature. The fact that the tip bends is very helpful because babies move a lot when you are trying to get their rectal temperature (it must not be very pleasant). The thermometer folds quite compactly and the display is very clear and has a light. This is a great buy.

Erna Harrington, DE

Very fast & accurate

I am a nurse and love how fast and accurate this thermometer is. I’ve taken my own temp multiple times in a row to check it’s accuracy and it’s always within 0.1 of a degree. The fact that the tip is flexible and folds up to protect the tip is a bonus.

Frances Moodys, OK

Good thermometer

I received this for a baby shower and I love it. It works fast so my baby doesn’t get upset. I even went back and bought another one to keep in the diaper bag.

Debbie Wilsonburg, WV

Great Thermometer

I really like this thermometer. I my research before purchasing a thermometer before my baby was born. This thermometer works much better and quicker than the hospital thermometers I recieved.

Marcella Martinsville, TX

On my 2nd one

I purchased this to replace my 1st 8 second thermometer that finally died after 4 years of use. I find that it’s accurate enough to know if my daughters have a fever. If I’m really concerned I use a more accurate (and longer to work) thermometer to get exactly what the temp it. The 8 seconds is just long enough to pin down the kid before they start screaming. :)I use it in the arm pit (and add .9 degrees) which is even better.

Jeanette Union, WA


This is one time I should have listened to the reviews. This is junk and it’s cheap. I prefer the rectal thermometer for my baby instead. The temperature always varies and is not accurate at all. Don’t waste your money on this product.

Millie Belcher, LA