Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Bottle Medicine Dispenser

Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Bottle Medicine Dispenser

Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Bottle Medicine Dispenser

Main features

  • Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Bottle Medicine Dispenser
  • Easily dispenses medicine in a familiar way

Verified reviews


A God-Send!!

I purchased this for my 4-5 month old infant to help him take his antibiotics. Thank goodness I did. . it allows him to “gum” the nipple and swallow just the right amount so that he doesn’t choke on it. He can even hold it himself! I would TOTALLY recommend this item!

Marilyn Eddyville, IA

really helpful

My baby is VERY difficult to give medicine too- she totally resists having any squeezed into her mouth and pushes it out with her tongue. If I tried to squeeze on the side of her mouth and get her to swallow it she would just scream and cry and often vomit it all up a few moments later, which defeats the whole point. I got this bottle medicine dispenser and thank goodness you can switch out the nipple (my baby will only accept the Dr. Brown’s nipple she’s used to). I haven’t found it to leak and I can get her to take all of her medicine (especially if I can mix it with a little formula). I wouldn’t say it makes giving medicine easy- I still have to cajole and coax and do a lot of distracting, but at least she’s not upset by it.

Randi Merrimac, WI

Interchangeable nipple!

The best part about this medicine dispenser is that my Dr. Brown’s bottle nipples fit into it. So I was able to use the same nipple my baby was accustomed to in order to dispense his medicine.

Ellen Munford, TN

Would have worked well

But my babies medicine had a really strong taste and she could tell and wouldn’t drink it. Worked well and seemed to be good quality.

Melisa Indian Hills, CO

It works!

I wasn’t expecting much from this dispenser based on previous reviews but it was so cheap I figured I’d give it a shot. And it works! My 3 month old hates the traditional dispenser that comes with ibuprofen or tylenol. I can barely get him to take medicine that way without him choking. I tried the Safety 1st bottle dispenser and my baby took his medicine like a champ! As others said, it’s hard to administer small amounts of medicine (like the 1.25 ml of ibuprofen I give my baby) but I get around that by mixing the medicine with breastmilk in the bottle dispenser and it works great.

Judith Cushing, TX