Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub in Blue

Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub in Blue

This adorable inflatable baby tub is the perfect transitional choice for babies too large for the infant tub and not quite big enough for yours. This tub is designed for babies who can sit upright without help, and has soft sides and plenty of room for playing while bathing. * Keeps self-sitting babies upright. Perfect for babies too big for an infant tub and not yet ready for an adult tub. Room to play with soft, forgiving sides. Made of soft vinyl. Features: Sized for a self-sitting child to prevent them from toppling over Drain plug allows quick and easy draining Hangs on wall for easy drip dry Soft vinyl is gentle on toddler’s skin Age: 9 to 24 months Maximum weight: 50 lbs.

Main features

  • Sized for a self-sitting child to prevent them from toppling over
  • Drain plug allows quick and easy draining
  • Hangs on wall for easy drip dry
  • Soft vinyl is gentle on toddler’s skin

Verified reviews


Perfect Size and Easy to Store!

My baby loves this inflatable tub! When she was able to sit up, we started using it. She sits more securely in it without sliding all over the whole bathtub. I love how it has a little loop holder on the back side of the tub for hanging. I use a shower curtain hook to hook through the loop holder on the inflatable tub and hang it on the towel rack in my shower. Convenient! It’s sturdy material and has remained inflated with no leaking. I wish this tub had been available years ago when my other children were babies! Overall – one of the best essential buys I’ve made for my baby.

Maryanne Winchendon, MA

Love this tub!

My 1-yr-old daughter HATED the regular tub when we tried to stop using the plastic infant tub. Cried through every bath. We bought this and she loves it. We inflated it and let her play in it in the kitchen first (no water) and she climbed in and out over and over. Once she was in the tub and in water, she splashed and played and just loved her bath again. What a relief! It’s not very slippery on the bottom, either. She suddenly got up on her hands and feet twice to turn herself around and didn’t slip at all.

Monika Huddy, KY

quality is not good, it had a little hole on it and …

quality is not good, it had a little hole on it and I just unpacked in the the bathroom and use it right it way there.

Billie Lehighton, PA

It IS big enough

Those plastic newborn tubs just won’t cut it around the 6 month mark. Filling up a full-sized tub on a nightly basis is a waste of water. The Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub is a perfect in-between. It allows for a deep bathing experience without using much water. It is a tight fit in the bathtub, but not unworkable. Blowing it up is a pain in the neck, but once it is blow up you only need to top it off every so often. I could care less about how it is decorated, so if esthetics is important to you hopefully another review can fill that need. This is a great tub and should be a registry essential.

Vicki Scenic, SD


Love this tub. It fits perfectly in my shower stall (since I don’t have a bath tub) and my 7 month old LOVES it. The bottom gets kind of slippery so he slips backwards but if you had a foam pad it would work perfectly in the bottom. I have no issues with this at all.

Juliette Glenburn, ND

Perfect for Baby/Small Toddler

I purchased this item to put in our camper. We only have a shower in there and I needed a way to bathe my child when she was a baby. We used it from the time she was 4 months old to the time she was 20 months old. She got too big for it them and was used to being in the shower with me by then. This tub stored very easily for travel, was easy to clean, easy to fill with water and was easy to drain. My child loved using this tub. She had room to play when she was smaller. Toward the end, she didn’t have room for her boats in there with her, but it served the purpose we bought it for. We will certainly be saving it to use with our next child.

Ashley Nodaway, IA

Great intermediate tub

I have a 6 month old daughter who can sit up pretty well but still needs some support once in a while. She didn’t seem to really enjoy the infant tub anymore because she doesn’t like to recline long, and sitting up in her infant tub was kind of awkward for us to bathe her. We had started bathing her in the big tub with one of us in the tub with her, but it was a pain to fill the whole tub (even if it was shallow) every time, and to get in with her. This inflatable tub is the perfect in-between tub for us! It hardly takes any water to fill, but still stays warmer longer than the infant tub because it holds more water. It fits in the big tub with room for us to sit behind them in the tub or on the edge if we wanted without getting wet in the tub with her. It’s soft for if she starts to topple over. And it’s got a slight texture so it’s not just slippery plastic. A bonus for her is that her bath toys can’t get too far away from her. =) The one thing is something I had read in another review: because of the width of the walls, about half the water from the tub faucet ends up going down the drain when filling unless you use a cup or something to divert the water into the small tub. I’m currently looking for a faucet extender like thePrince Lionheart 2 Count Faucet Extender, Gray/PinkorAqueduck Faucet Extender, Aquaextenders that would work for a tub faucet (with a spout cover) instead of a normal sink faucet, but in the meantime, I found that using one of the cups we use to rinse her off does well to divert the water into the tub. Luckily, the tub fills so fast, I’m not sitting there holding the cup for long. =)

Joann Casper, WY

Great transition Baby Bath

We love this baby bath! Our daughter is 8 months old and was starting to get too big for the hard plastic baby bath and yet not quite big enough or steady enough to go right into the bathtub, so this inflatable tub is the perfect transition! She absolutely loves it, it is fully enclosed and has a plug in the bottom and a hook that you can hang it up to dry inside the bath with! Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Sierra Acra, NY

Durable and safe

We used this tub for both our boys. I really liked how cushioned it was, and it was quite durable. The first one lasted about a year, and then we purchased another because we liked it so much. It wasn’t the easiest to blow up, however.

Jewell Nunda, NY

Excellent tub for babies who can sit up

We’ve been using this little tub for the past few months. My son is now 9 months old and he still fits in it just fine. I love it mainly because I don’t have to worry about his bumping his head against the sides of the bathtub, and because it uses little water, I don’t have to fill the whole bath tub with water and it’s comfortable for him. I would strongly recommend it to anyone with an infant that can sit up.

Jeanie Brasher Falls, NY

Works Great

I use this for my 3 month old, we have been traveling a lot so the bulky infant tubs are not an option for us. We use this and it’s great b/c it packs up in a suitcase easily and my son can lay in it with a little water. He enjoys it!

Mindy Locust Grove, OK

Thumbs up

This is a very durable, high quality tub. I would definitely recommend this fine product as it’s worth the price.

Olivia Walcott, IA


This is fabulous we have bought others in the past and none has lived up to our expectations other than this and I would recommend to anyone we bought for travel and it is so handy !

Hilary Oakley, UT


I chose this tub because the reviews said it was non-slip. They were absolutely true!!! My baby is starting to move around a lot and she has never slipped! I’m glad I bought this tub and didn’t transition to adult tub from infant tub because she cried a little when i first put her in, but she got used to this tub fast. I don’t ever deflate it. Ijust flip it over when done bathing to dry off.

Cassie Sparrow Bush, NY