Safety 1st LED Nightlight, 2 Count

Safety 1st LED Nightlight, 2 Count

Add a helpful and long lasting glow to any room with the Auto Sensor Nightlight by Safety 1st. Nightlight is cool to the touch when in use so it’s safe for baby’s room too!

Main features

  • Costs up to 87% less to operate than standard bulb nightlights
  • Led lights last 25 times longer than standard light bulbs
  • Nightlight is cool to touch when in use so it is safe for use in baby’s room
  • Passes UL standard requirements

Verified reviews


very nice lights

I have tried many similar lights. I think I finally found one I like. These lights turn on slowly in a graduated manner, which is quite elegant. Also, the lights are bright enough to use as hallway walking lights at night. They use LED, so less likely to have bulbs crack if dropped by kids. I actually liked them so much I ordered more to store for later use.

Jerry Augusta, KY

Ordered by accident but love them

I think I ordered these in my sleep – total shock to receive them, but I was looking…I just couldn’t decide which to try.Completely worked out! These are attractive, give plenty of light, & have worked perfectly in sensing when to come on and go off. Perfectly happy with these!

Ernestine Stockport, OH


I will keep this review short and simple..if you are looking for a night light that will give you some light this is NOT IT. there are cheapers lights first off and only good feature about this light is that it has night sensor so you can leave it plugged in and not have to worry about it at all. Once room gets a bit dark light will turn on automatically. BUT the light is NOT bright or of use it has crystal top that reflects the light on the ceiling. so most of the bright ness will be on the ceiling and its as bright as maybe a small key chain light covered by a t-shirt. They get 3 stars for the cool idea but loose 2 stars for forgetting the main purpose of a light to ummm light up the room somewhat. Their is barely any difference to having this light on or off except funky looking reflection on the ceiling. hope this is helpful to someone if so click the link below and let me know.

Angelia Teec Nos Pos, AZ

4 lights for $7.99! Killer deal!

You actually get 4 total lights! Amazing value. I got these for my kids and especially cause of the sensor so they turn off during the day. They are awesome. Bright enough my kids can see but a cool light that isn’t harsh. Highly reccomend.

Berta West Tremont, ME

Misleading picture

This is so petty I hate to type it however if someone else is looking for the same thing, I hope they stumble on this review. The picture of the nigh light does not have any writing on the front of it, even the packaging picture doesn’t have any writing on it. The actual product says SAFETY 1st really large on the front!!!I kept the lights b/c I really needed them that day (moving into a new house) and didn’t have time to send them back and go shop for something else. The actual light itself works well, totally lights up the bathroom. Just disappointed that the front isn’t solid white.

Lelia Dunnsville, VA

Very nice!

Love those lights. I only bought two but will order more. The light comes on only when in dark. It is great. We have been using them for few months now. There are Oslo not too bright just perfect.

Rosie Filer City, MI

LEDs are here!

Love these night lights! Cheap to buy and cheap to operate thanks to LED technology. We bought several of these to light the way from our toddler’s room to the master bedroom. Mother in law wants us to order some of these for her too now.

Mercedes Gamaliel, AR

Energy saver, not designed for ground outlets, light shines into your eyes.

I like LED light, it saves energy a lot at just 0.5W.The light itself is actually hidden in the white plastic lower half, and the transparent upper half will be illuminated. it’s a good design that prevent child touching the light, but the light will shine into your eyes directly when used at low positions and you look at it from atop.And I prefer a nightlight with switches, but not this one, with a sensor. I am old fashioned like having full control on my light.

Sharlene Bevier, MO

Very Safe

Although, it’s a little bright it’s very safe in a babies room. Nothing really to break off of it to cause it to stop working.

Beth Shiloh, OH

Dim light which is good for nursery, but take note of the socket orientation

I got this for our baby’s nursery and the light is dim and nice, without keeping baby awake. One thing to note is that if you have side by side sockets instead of top and bottom sockets, you will end up with the light pointing sideways instead of upwards. It works well for us in this orientation because the light points toward the door (which dimly lights up the way for me to go in and out of the nursery) instead of pointing up towards the ceiling. It is also easily pulled out by my 13 mo so it is a hassle for me to plug it in at night and then plug it out in the morning.

Reba North Brookfield, NY