Safety 1st Lift Lock and Swing Gate

Safety 1st Lift Lock and Swing Gate

Safety 1st Lift, Lock and Swing GateSwing open in hardware mount modeLength 2.95Height 29Width 27.33Decorative panel designWidth 28-42Assembly light assemblyAge 6-24monthsHeight 26

Main features

  • Decorative panel design
  • Hardware and pressure mounted
  • Swing open in hardware mount mode
  • Adjusts 28 to 42″ wide
  • 26″ high

Verified reviews



Okay, so maybe I didn’t read all the fine print carefully enough. But the gate has “swing” in the title, and in the description it also says “pressure-mounted.” I thought I was getting a gate that would swing while pressure-mounted to the wall. When I received it, I realized it only swings if you use hardware to drill holes in the wall. If you pressure-mount the gate, it works just like any other cheap, plastic gate that you have to step over each time (creating another hazard for your baby; what if you trip over it while carrying him/her?) Also, when I did try to pressure-mount it the green “locking” mechanism didn’t work properly. I ended up returning it!

Kathi Memphis, MI

Please bring back the old one

I bought this gate to replace a broken Lift and Lock. I love the old gate. I am not impressed with the new gate. It took both me and my husband to get it put together because you have to screw it together. Finding the screw from the opposite side and then holding the gate snug enough against the door frame to get it sturdy was a two person job. I cannot get it to fit tightly against the door frame and I’m sure the kids will pull it down easily.

Susie Warriors Mark, PA

Difficult to Open and Reinstall

The lift mechanism only moves the pressure mount 1/4 to 3/8 inch. This is not enough for the gate to be tight. For the gate to be tight against the wall, I had lock the gate 1 click wider. Then with this setup, even with the lift lock open, the gate will not easily squeeze into opening.So whenever I had to open/close the gate, I have to apply force/pressure to the pressure mounts (on the opposite side of the lift lock). This will allow me to squeeze the gate into the opening. Then with the lift lock, it will tighten so the gate is stable.Because I have to apply pressure manually to the pressure mounts to open/close the gate, it takes me 2-3 minutes every time to get the gate aligned and reinstalled. I returned the product because it is just not usable for my purpose.I realized the way to get around this is to buy gates with frame that doesn’t release with opening/closing of the gate. These are models with doors that swing but frame is stationary (always pressure mounted against the wall).

Iva Yarnell, AZ

Easy, Plastic Gate

This is NOT a hard gate to assemble. The directions do have a lapse in wording regarding placement of one of the parts, but seriously, a little common sense and a look at the diagram will confirm proper assembly. Adjusting the gate to your specific opening should be the “hardest” thing you have to do with this.For the sake of expectation management, I will say also that this is NOT a quick-adjust gate. You will adjust this gate to a specific opening. It will lift off of the hardware, but you will need a screwdriver to put it in a different space.This IS a plastic gate, and stretched out, it does have an amount of flex to it. However, it will take a great deal of pressure before it moves, and when hard mounted with the hinges and cups, I think it will do just fine. On a smaller opening, I would imagine that the flex would be minimal, especially if you spread the adjuster buttons out right.The end stoppers have a great grip on them and even with full weight put on the gate, they tilt before they slide, even on a smooth, wooden stair post.I will wait to make the final decision on buying more of these until after I’ve had them hard mounted and used them for a little bit, but I see no reason to return the 2 I have. If you’re looking for an affordable gate for your home, this is definitely worth consideration.

Avis Chappaqua, NY

Love this gate!

I was really hesitant to drill into our wall and install this semi-permanently but am SO glad we did. Even my husband who was against this loves the gate. It allows us to block off part of our house very easily. It blocks our bedrooms from the living area. It was pretty easy to install (took one star off because getting the width right was a little tricky), took my husband maybe 10 minutes or so. Many of our friends have other baby gates and they all love how easy this one it to use. I like the look (on ours the left portion isn’t as dark grey which I like) and how it really disappears from sight. Overall, a very functional productUpdate: We’ve been using this for 3 years now, opening and closing over and over each day and have had no issues with the installation or the gate itself. The closing mechanism works well and the gate has withstood many children playing with it and hanging on it, yanking it, etc. A very good purchase for us.

Wendy Waynesville, GA

Hard to install, useless.

This gate is an example of you get what you pay for. The install instructions are hard to follow for the pressure mounting. This gate does not feel safe at all and I’m returning it immediately. It’s really useless. I have a second gate from Summer Infant that I’ve been using for a while and this gate makes me appreciate my old one.

Eddie Perrinton, MI