Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Latch

Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Latch

The lock release fridge latch helps keep your child out of the refrigerator, but gives adults easy access. Parents simply press to release. Disables for temporary non use.

Main features

  • Parents simply press to release
  • Disables for temporary non use
  • Lock release fridge latch

Verified reviews


Works well, but wears out

I agree with previous reviewers who report that this lock wears out after awhile, and it can fail if a visiting adult decides to force your fridge open. However, it is the best lock we’ve found. Properly installed, it sticks fine to a standard refrigerator door and it doesn’t allow any “play” in the door (meaning a toddler cannot open the door partway by yanking at it). My 2 year old cannot open it even though he understands the general mechanism. I like that it automatically locks when the door is shut. I don’t have to remind my older son to lock it. We have a standard fridge with one door, so the lock is mounted right at the height where you’d normally reach for the handle. Ours lasted about 12 months and I’m buying a second one.

Mindy Nashua, MN

This is a godsend!!

My daughter is two and loves to explore – especially the fridge. She would help herself to just about anything…and dump it on the floor. This product stopped that immediately. She has not been able to open the fridge since.I only have two suggestions – make sure the lock clicks shut when you close the fridge door, or the child will be able to open it because it’s not properly shut. Also warn any adults, or they will rip it off. It’s easy to place back on and we have placed it back about three or four times.This product has definitely saved my sanity…and lowered my grocery costs 😛

Shawna Lake Norden, SD

6m and still holding great!!!

I have NO idea why the reviews on this lock are so bad….I have been using this for over 6 months NON STOP on my fridge, and a full size adult pulling really hard cant even undo this thing. Its the best childproofing thing i actually have bought.At first, it had to be broken in… i would shut the fridge and have to push the grey release button to get the fridge to shut. Then after maybe a couple days or so it automatically started to shut and latch on its own, and ever since then we have been golden! It seems that it had to be broken in.I have a 3 year old and a husband, and none of us can get this fridge open when its latched.the sticky on it is amazing too… i would give this 15 stars if i could.I am only buying another becuase i live in an apartment and my fridge just crapped out. I am buying 2 now, 1 for the fridge and 1 for the freezer!

Sadie Nielsville, MN

Changes the fridge experience

It’s great! After years of just being able to open my fridge freely, this is the one baby proofing device that actually gets me on a daily basis. Get ready to pull on your refrigerator door multiple times before realizing it’s baby proof.Just figure out where you want to place it, then remove the sticker back and push it in place. It comes with two pieces to raise it if needed. We like it.

Latisha Rainbow City, AL

Love it!

This is easy to install and very easy to use. Only downfall is that you will forget about it and can dislodge from the fridge if you pull the door too hard. We’ve done it three times, and were able to successfully put it back on.

Patrice Tuscola, MI

A life-saver!

Our two year-old stared opening the refregerator door all the time and pulling things out, and then our baby would crawl over and also get involved. We got this latch and it is fantastic. It was easy to install, it’s easy to use, and it is very sturdy and well built. It does not slow you down at all when opening the fridge, and if you palce it right, the trigger to open it will fall easily to hand when you grip the handle of the door. You can also disable to lock feature when you want to. Spacers are provided in case your fridge door and frame are not exactly lined up. The adhesive used is very strong: before getting used to this lock being there, I’ve often given the door a good tug and the lock has always held.We have bought a lot of child safety products, and this is defintiely at the top of the heap in terms of quality.UPDATE: After over a month of use, the latch is still performing like new with no signs of wear, despite constant opening and closing of the fridge door.

Marsha West Kennebunk, ME

Works great, can be disabled when not needed.

I installed this latch a couple months ago on my refrigerator and it has held up great. We often forget it’s there, so it has been tugged on many times, and still holds strong. The setup makes it easy to use with your thumb and one hand when opening the door. The included spacers allow you to use it on a variety of doors with different spacing. The door closes easily without any extra effort, so it does not interfere with daily use.

Robbie Lebanon Junction, KY

Great if you use Epoxy

Bought it to keep my very busy two year old out of the fridge and pouring out juices on my couch. This thing worked great for about 10 days and then didn’t stick anymore. My husband took off their very poorly made glue, and replaced it with Epoxy. Now it won’t ever come off and I love the product. My son on the other hand, hates that it works that well. (Epoxy: […])

Mitzi Enterprise, WV

Does the job

Easy to put on, easy to open with something in your hand even. Place it at the top of your fridge door on the side so your kid can’t reach and you’re good to go.

Karyn Wilmont, MN

1 and 2 year old

I have both and one and two year old who are both always trying to see what the latest goodies are in the fridge. This is the first Fridge latch that I tried and have had it for about 6 months now with no problems! As long as you follow the instructions on allowing the glue to dry well, there shouldn’t be a problem. We move this weekend and I am online right now to buy another one. It has saved me a huge headache. It can also be disengaged for normal use.

Glenda Medinah, IL

Latch works with side-by-side refrigerators

I was concerned this safety latch wouldn’t work with side-by-side refrigerators, but it does.You have to buy 2 latches–one for the freezer door; 1 for the fridge door.Place them on the TOP of the fridge, connecting from the top of the fridge to the door. I’m only 5 ft. tall, but I can reach the release button on the top of the door easily.So far, we have not had issues with the sticky adhesive not holding on the thing. LIFESAVER, my friends!!

Candice Monmouth, ME

Good product

The fridge latch works well. It has stayed on the fridge for the 2 months its been on. My only complaint would be that the little button on the side to keep it from locking has a mind of its own. It doesn’t stay put so the fridge isn’t always locked. My toddler doesn’t seem to get in the fridge much cause he thinks that its always locked. He only wants in there when its open.

Maricela Pine Hall, NC

Not so great

I used this for about 3 months and at first it worked great and I was so happy to keep my toddler out of the fridge. After some time the stickiness wore off and my toddler pulled open the door. Its very hard to get the glue off the fridge now.

Morgan Savoy, MA

They break

They work really well and keep the fridge or freezer shut, but they break all the time. We are on our 4th set. We keep buying though 🙂

Cecilia Stephens City, VA

works pretty well

i put this on my fridge and freezer. the one on my fridge is on about a half year and never moved from its place. the one on freezer popped off after my hub by mistake pulled too strong.. so i guess it depends how carefull the adults are but my 2 yr old can definatly not take it of.. meanwhile this is the best one i found.

Faith Willamina, OR