Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System, 1 Key and 4 Locks

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System, 1 Key and 4 Locks

“Keep cabinets and drawers off limits to curious little ones with the 5-Piece Complete Magnetic Locking System by Safety 1st. Simply install the lock inside cabinet or drawer and then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed. This set includes 5 locks and 1 key, allowing you to secure multiple cabinets and drawers. The magnetic key is easy to store high up and out of reach from children and the locks install inside cabinets and drawers, keeping them out of sight. Simply install the lock inside cabinet or drawer and then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed. Magnetic key is easy to store high up and out of reach from curious children. “

Main features

  • Only unlocks with powerful magnetic key
  • Fits most cabinets and drawers
  • Disengages for periods of non-use
  • Includes: 4 locks and 1 key

Verified reviews


Work well compared with others, but require a little patience to install

We have a very curious 19 month old, who has discovered the joy of rummaging through everything he can get his little hands on. The need arose to lock some of the kitchen cabinets and drawers, and after much time doing research, I purchased 2 4-packs of these based upon the reviews of others. The distinguishing features of these are: easy to disable auto locking feature, quality of construction, and strength of lock when locked (FYI: NONE of the adhesive mounted locks work well at all). Each set of 4 comes with 4 mounting templates, screws, and 1 unlocking magnet key. In addition to the 4 screws used to mount the lock to the drawer/cabinet and the 2 to mount the strikeplate to the frame, it is necessary to drill a 9/16″ hole under the lock body to accept the unlock pin, which protrudes into the cabinet material and is activated with the key. This hole must be deep enough to have it’s floor about 1/8″ from the outside face of the cabinet, in order for the magnet to successfully penetrate the depth of the material. I tell you this because if, at some point in the future you no longer need these and remove them, the locking pin hole will need to be backfilled with wood putty, as it is large and deep. That said, these do work very well. The first lock took about 45 minutes to install, and subsequent ones about 20 minutes. The included templates work quite well, although some manual adjustments will be necessary for drawers with false faceplates, etc.

Aimee Pine Bank, PA

Effective but requires some knowledge to install right

We had weirdly shaped cupboards, of course, so it took a while to figure out how to install the locks such that we wouldn’t have finger-pinching gaps. But we did, and they work great! Four locks is not very many, since what I tend to think of as "one" cabinet is actually two doors. Even though I bought an extra magnetic "key" I probably would’ve been better off buying more locks (each package of four locks comes with a key) and sealing off more cupboards.

Alice Callender, IA

Only one key

I like these. But I have two comments. One is a complaint. One is a note.Complaint: there is only one key. I wanted to use the four latches on two sets of doors in different rooms, but that didn’t work b/c there was only one key.Note: I had to do some extra modifying in order to get these to fit our older cabinets. If you have cabinets that aren’t standard in any way, just note that you may need to put in spacers, etc. Fine w me, but maybe a pain for others.

Tisha Ottosen, IA

Couple of hints

Just installed the new tot loks. I had the old ones in my other home and they worked great but I didn’t have to install them. These were pretty easy. A couple of hints for install. 1-don’t use power tools (you will break the locks). I used my 7.2v drill. 2. Pre-drill the holes. Me, screws and drill do not get along unless there is a nice straight hole to go into. Other then that just follow the instructions. These are great once you get them installed:)

Haley Gillett, PA


Easy to use and install. There are self helping stickers to help see where to install the locks. My husband installed one in 5 minutes.

Ilene Seneca, SD

Won’t work until you tighten the screws!

I just finished installing my first one of these locks on a drawer in my kitchen cart. I’m not the handiest person, but once I wrapped my head around how it works, it wasn’t too difficult to do. The one mistake I made was that I tested it BEFORE I tightened the screws completely. I thought I would leave a little play in the screws until I was sure I had it lined up correctly, but when I shut the drawer, that little bit of play pushed the catch back ever so slightly and prevented the lock from engaging. Once I tightened the screws, it worked fine.Also, these locks seem to work better on newer (maybe I should say “modern”) drawers and cabinets. If you have older cabinetry (some of mine is from the ’50s), and the doors and drawers don’t operate smoothly or aren’t completely flush/square, I would go with a different system.

June Nicktown, PA

under lock down!

i had originally purchased the safety first spring ‘n release latch and that was a complete failure. some of them broke off or just got bent so it didn’t engage the lock. so when i moved into a new home, i purchased these instead and what a world of difference! these are significantly more expensive, but it’s worth it! it can be a little tricky to open; you have to hold the key in just the right spot to get the magnet to unlock (you can hear it). however, once you get use to it, you can open it very quickly. and the other thing i really like about it is that you can manually switch it to a unlocked position which is nice if you’re having to constantly open a drawer/cabinet; and when you’re ready to have it locked again, just switch it back over. no need to ever uninstall it!

Sallie Phillips, WI

Strong but limited placement

The magnet in these locks is STRONG. The quality is also pretty good. The major limiting factor though is that the bulky size of the locks makes for difficult placement. Depending on how your draw or door is designed it’s hard to get everything properly lined up so that the lock actually functions. I think these would be good locks, just make sure whatever you’re putting them on will work with these things first.

Lula East Vassalboro, ME


My husband installed one of these on a kitchen cabinet, and when locked, the door can still be opened by our one year old. At first we figured it was our mistake, but after much tweaking, it seems that there is no way these can work on our cabinets.

Gertrude Emmet, NE

Great Locks

My son was obsessed with our exterior door baby locks and kept pulling them off as soon as he saw that one was loose or unlocked. These locks work great, as there is no external hardware. Now my son simply tries to open a cabinet and walks away when he realizes that it doesn’t open. There are two swithes on the lock that keep them locked or unlocked. That works well when you don’t want your cabinet to be locked at all times or if someone needs to babyproof their house on occasion, but not all of the time. I just stick the key to my fridge (magnet) so I won’t lose it. It does take some getting used to, as you can’t see the lock from the outside of the cabinet to remind you it is there, but it sure does beat having to mess with external locks while trying to get into your cabinet. I also like that the cabinet won’t open the slightest bit while being pulled on, which keeps my son’s fingers from getting pinched. I would highly recommend this product.

Kathleen Stevenson Ranch, CA

Great Item

this is a great item if you are somewhat handy, once installed the item is nothing else but perfect. But if you are not handy than you won’t have an easy time figuring out the installation. I consider myself handy and I had to look up a DIY video on YouTube to understand the installation properly.Bottom line. Great once installed but a pain top actually install.

Lara Jennings, KS


After reading reviews about many types of cabinet childproofing products, we decided to buy these. They’re a bit more costly, but much more effective in keeping baby out of the cabinets than the cheaper ones. Our baby loves to open the kitchen cabinets and has started to pull out pans and glass dishes recently. I can’t reorganize the cabinets to allow him some exploration and play space in the kitchen, so instead of constantly saying “no, no, no” I decided to make it a moot point by removing the temptation of opening and closing the cabinet doors. The morning after we installed these, he crawled over, pulled himself up, and tried to pull on the knob to open the door. He attempted a few times, but quickly got bored and crawled away. Effective!Installation was a little frustrating for the first one, but once we figured it out, the others were quick to install (maybe 4 minutes each, but the first one took us about 20 mins).We’ve ordered more, to put on the rest of our kitchen cabinets and on the bathroom ones, too. We’re pleased with this product, and we’re glad we didn’t waste the time installing the cheaper plastic latches that most kiddos eventually learn how to use.Minus 1 star because only 1 magnetic “key” is included…what happens if we lose it, or lock it inside the cabinet? It would take a few days to buy another one…

Marilyn Richwood, NJ

Exactly what I was looking for!

These are fabulous! I love how discrete they are (I hate the look of an obviously baby-proofed house).We have these in the kitchen. Normally we have a gate up, so it’s nice that the locks can be disabled when the baby isn’t in the kitchen with me.The magnet key sticks perfectly to the fridge, it’s a great place to store it!

Carlene Cleveland, VA

Works like a charm!

I bought the 12-pack since we have a lot of drawers and cabinets that are within our baby’s reach. These are great since they can be installed anywhere and not just at the very top of the cabinet. (Yes, we have to use hardware to install these but I prefer this method over the adhesive type which may not be as secure and it can ruin the finish when removed.) The magnetic key also works well and we simply store it on the fridge when not in use.

Ola Garvin, MN


I love that it keeps drawers and cabinets tightly closed so no fingers get pinched. Works flawlessly for us and a great price

Libby Gipsy, MO

Cabinet Locks

I installed the previous version (Tot Loks) at my old house. LOVED them. Went to buy more (for a new house) and saw these. I love these even more. Installation was MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier. The locks seem to open easier (with the key). By this I mean that it seems that I don’t need to be as precise with the key placement in order to get the doors to open. They are more “plasticky” than the Tot Loks, and I was concerned that they might break. But, that hasn’t been a problem.Pros: Totally hidden locks. Easy to use. Can disengage (and re-engage) instantly and easily. Extremely safe. Very much improved installation (vs previous version)Cons: Have to be installed. Potential to damage cabinets during installation (if not careful).I’m still firmly in the baby years, but I actually love these beyond babyproofing. I love being able to lock bathroom cabinets when guests are over (to avoid an busy-bodies rumaging through my stuff).If I didn’t already have TONS of spare magnentic keys from my Tot Lok sets, I’d recommend buying the smaller sets. That way you end up with more keys. More keys = better. You’re bound to misplace them (or lock them inside the cabinets) from time to time. It’s nice to have a key in each bathroom and a few in the kitchen.

Naomi Drury, MO

Secure locks, not the easiest install.

These locks work well and they’re super secure. Unless your toddler can rig up a reasonably strong electromagnet. But then you’ve got bigger problems. The locks can be set to stay open if the kids aren’t around and you need easier access. The magnetic key works fairly well.Installation isn’t the easiest, and the paper template could be better. I had some cabinets where I just couldn’t mount these locks and had to find alternatives. Still, as long as you can keep the key out of reach, these are about secure as toddler locks get.

Joni Olema, CA