Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System Key

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System Key

Tot Lock Magnetic Key, Easy To Grip, Easy To Operate, Patented Design, Multiple Uses.

Main features

  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Made using high quality materials
  • The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes
  • Operates with a magnetic release key
  • Securetech locking indicator
  • Disengages for periods of non-use

Verified reviews


Awesome Child Proof System!

This system works very well and is reliable. I was worried about having a two-handed solution but it works so much better than the other solutions and is invisible. In fact, depending on the cabinet, I can actually use the key and open it one-handed. I am ordering extra keys because as close as the one key is, it is much more conveinent to have one in each room. My parents are now installing the same system in their house.

Cortney Highland Falls, NY

Extra key is nice if you have a large kitchen.

You can keep a 2nd key on the other side of the kitchen for convenience. FYI, any strong magnet should work to open the locks if needed.

Lila Hawthorne, NY

Make sure you buy this one as a spare!

I kept saying I was going to order another spare magnet for my locking system but kept putting it off…well my one magnet went MIA and it would have been a disaster (cause it does a really good job of locking the cabinets) except that I remembered that my cordless drill had a really powerful magnet on the base to hold screws…once I removed the battery from the base I was able to use it to unlock the cabinets…I ordered the spare on the spot…

Lilly Cranberry Lake, NY

A good backup but… so expensive.

These magnets are ridiculously overpriced. When I bought 3 sets, I thought we were golden. WRONG. We immediately lost 2 of the keys. So I bought this and hid it in a safe place, making us always find the ‘daily use’ one. We haven’t lost it yet… but its nice knowing there’s a backup

Kitty Maddock, ND

2nd lock

I’m glad I’ve bought this second key for the set as I’ve goofed and put the other one in the drawer with whatever I was putting back or taking out a few times and chip clips, etc don’t work. Also, this way we have one in the kitchen and bathroom.

Nan Francis, OK

Great system – both for looks and performance

We use the safety 1st magnetic locking system because it works very well – very strong locking mechanism and the magnetic release is very simple and a toddler can not get it open – like the ones where you pull the dawer a little bit and then push the lock down manually – my toddler had that one figured out in 1 day. This is a very secure system and works very well. We have it on a small door that leads to storage under our stairs, use it on cabinets, dresser drawers, etc. It has been great! I purchased extra "keys" so I had spares in case we lost one. Love this product.

Guadalupe Quasqueton, IA

Awesome Childproof Locks

I like that these locks leave no evidence on the outside of the cabinet that they are there. My 2.5 year old has never figured out how to open then and they have been up for over a year. But get an extra key… it is not very funny when yours turns up missing.

Vera Loysburg, PA

The best childproofing we have done.

We love these because they keep our daughter out and safe. We just stick the magnet to the side of our fridge and we know right where it is when we need it.

Jade Stronghurst, IL

THE best

These are the best child locks I have seen. They are completely hidden and easy to use during the day. When the baby goes to bed they are incredibly easy to disengage, and then you don’t need the magnet key at all. They are labor intensive to install correctly but totally worth it.

Courtney Amanda Park, WA

hard to install

these are very difficult to install in a DRESSER if you don’t have the right drill. but it is an amazing product.

Nanette Harper, OR

Needed a second key.

We bought the magnetic lock set for our kitchen cabinets but ended up using two of the locks in our bathroom so we needed a second key. I also feel much more comfortable having two keys "just in case". This is the same key that came with the original lock set we purchased at our local baby supply store.

Hilary Mount Judea, AR

great idea but the magnet is a little weak

This is a great idea and we bought this product as an additional key to use with the cabinet system. We must have thicker cabinets than normal because the key doesn’t release the locking mechanism very well. It does work but it often takes a couple times to pass by the door before the lock opens. It does work so I can’t fault that but I do wish the magnet was stronger so i could use it better with my thick cabinet doors.

Lessie Larchmont, NY

Great system

I love this locking system. It’s easy for adults to use, but kids can’t figure it out. The locks don’t allow doors to open at all so little fingers don’t accidentally get shut in them like with hook closures.

James Grass Lake, MI

Best baby proofing

We have 2 types of baby proofing for drawers and cabinets, the magnetic type is by far the best. It takes time to install the accessories on the cabinets, but it is worth it 🙂

Rachel Springfield, MA