Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Complete Set

Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Complete Set

Four Tot Loks and one Tot Lok key keep your little one out of drawers and cabinets.

Main features

  • Screws securely on the inside of the cabinet or drawer
  • Operates with a magnetic release key
  • SecureTech T locking indicator
  • Disengages for periods of non-use
  • 4 locks and 1 key

Verified reviews


You want me to do what?

This product is a great concept, BUT it has a critical flaw for me. The whole idea that I need to drill a big hole inside each cabinet door or drawer is a non starter. I mean, why would you spend money on a nice kitchen only to drill holes inside doors and drawers? Hello? Baby will grow up eventually so the locks are not needed. What about those holes? It is cute that the manual says “do not drill through the door,” hugh? Why would I want to even have a drill near my cabinet doors? Also, what happens if say the door cracks while I drill? Who pays for that? I know the answer to that one -> ME! Soooo….product is going back. Non-starter

Jerry Clarksburg, WV

Love the Tot Loks

I feel bad that some people have had such a poor experience with this lock. We on the other hand love these locks. We bought our first set 7 years ago to use with our first child. One set of Grandparents use them and an aunt too. I am just about to get a second set because we have a new crawler and I want to put them on the bathroom cabinets. They are a bit expensive but you will never need to buy locks again. We prefer to leave our on at all times (even when our children don’t need the cabinets locked anymore) because they are easy to turn off (just a flip of the red tab inside the cabinet) that way they are there whenever you have little ones visiting your home. We have never split a cabinet and we don’t think it takes that much longer to install then any other cabinet locks. You will have to drill in you cupboard doors but your little one(s) will be protected. It leaves no room for fingers to get pinched either. If you do happen to lose your lock you can buy a strong magnet from your home improvement store and still get it open. We like to keep our lock on the metal frame by the kitchen window above the sink. Good luck whatever you decide.

Sydney North Lakewood, WA

Will definitely keep your kids out

We installed these to keep the kids out of the knife drawers. They worked well at first but had a learning curve. Visitors to the house found it impossible to work, because we had to have the magnet positioned just so. That is actually a good safety feature, because the kids know the magnet opens the drawers and would attempt to open the drawers when they get their hands on the magnet.As far as keeping the kids out, it worked well. I’d say it’s been in our drawer for about six years. We no longer use it and it hasn’t worked well for about a year or so. The magnet no longer unlatches the lock and we can’t get into the drawer.This is a good lock, but require the willingness to drill into the woodwork of your cabinets. It takes work for people to learn. I think it should have lasted longer than five years, but maybe that’s all most people need. 4 stars for the fact that it does what it’s designed to do but not 5 stars, because it has issues.

Carole Lowgap, NC

Didn’t work

This sounded good in theory, but didn’t work at all. They were correctly installed by my husband, but the magnet is just not strong enough to get it to open. It was a waste of money for our cabinets. It may work if you have the thinner particle board cabinets, but it definitely didn’t work through our solid wood cabinets.

Leah Lanesville, IN


This product is great. It’s not super easy to install (each lock requires 6 screws plus one hole in the door). If you take your time, ready the instructions, plan it out, and execute; it works great. You have to be patient. Each door took me 5 to 10 minutes. In less than 1 hour I was able to unpack, read instructions, plan, get my tools, and have it done in 4 doors. I think it won’t work with hollow doors or maybe doors that are too thick but mine were pretty standard.I love how it’s hidden and pretty sturdy due to having a bunch of screws holding it. The adhesive ones are easy to install but I bet my son would open them in no time.

Leonor Oilville, VA

Awesome product!

After many years of fighting traditional cheap plastic child safety locks (we have a cat that likes to get into things too) and seeing our son still manage to pinch his fingers in doors (better than getting at chemicals or whatever, but still!), our pediatrician recommended these to us. They were easy to install, and he can’t get the doors open at all, so no pinched fingers or getting at something he shouldn’t. They also have a mechanism to keep the lock in the open position, like if you need to get in a cabinet a lot, or the kids are older and you don’t need them anymore. I would however recommend keeping an extra key around in case one gets lost, or locked in a cabinet by accident.

Sheree Stendal, IN

Could not be happier

This is simply a great product. It is installed inside the cabinet so there is nothing to see from the front. The newer models work even easier than the original ones we purchased years ago. They open easily when the magnet is put near (don’t even need to touch the cabinet door). We use these in several places over the house and love the convenience, but piece of mind it gives. They are also pretty strong – our 3 1/2 year old pulls and tries to open sometimes and has not broken or pulled open any drawer.NOTE – The old version needed a drill to make a small hole on the lock which sits inside the door, but the newer ones like this no longer require that hole to be made. These work better and are easier to install – just need a screwdriver and a few minutes.

Toni Quail, TX

Half of the ones we ordered worked and the other half did not

When they work, they are awesome. When they don’t work, it really stinks. There was no rhyme or reason to it. We attached them in several locations and half the time the product worked perfectly and I am very satisfied but for no clear reason in some cases they would not work (or would only work on one of two cabinet doors on the same item!) So kind of unreliable.

Maryann Shawano, WI

Works great, but what a pain to install

These locks are fantastic, but wow, what a pain to install. The directions are all but useless, so it was kind of trial and error. My husband had to drill and redrill a couple of times to get the lock in the right place so that it would work.I would recommend these locks only for cabinets/drawers where there are dangerous/harmful goods inside. It’s worth it for those.

Francine Weaver, AL

Difficulty installing

This was a product that I used when I worked in child care and I always liked the fact that it is "invisible" and is not an obvious eye-sore on your cabinets. But when I tried to install on my sink cabinet, one side worked like a charm and the other side just won’t work. I can find no discernible reason for this and it is very frustrating. The two parts line up fine, but they won’t latch. And the two cabinet sides were installed what seems like identically to me, but apparently not. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be this difficult to make accurate measurements to ensure that the product will work. It might just be my cabinets, but they are not anything crazy or out of the ordinary. I am frustrated that I will have to drill more holes into my cabinet and there is no guarantee that it will work!

Mabel Parks, AR

Great Locks!

I am opening a home daycare and these are some of the only locks that are approved by the state of Washington. I really like the fact that they can be unlocked for long periods of time, so when I am working in the kitchen I can leave them unlocked and then quickly lock them again. They are really not hard to install, I watched a video on You Tube that showed how to install them and then went and did it.I am going to recommend these to people I know. I really think they would be great for grandparents or anyone who has young kids visiting often because you can turn them off when the kids are not there, most other child locks do not have that feature.

Louisa Catskill, NY

great locks

Love these, my son can not open anything now. Everything is totally safe in our home now because of these

Margo Eastwood, KY