Safety 1st Nature Next Step Stool, Green

Safety 1st Nature Next Step Stool, Green

Today’s parents are environmentally conscious and are looking for quality products for every day sue with their child. The Safety 1st Nature Next Step Stool is made with bio-lastic, has nono-slip feet and has a texture for safety. A great utility stool in the bathroom for brushing teeth and washing hands.

Main features

  • Made with bio-lastic
  • Non-slip feet
  • Lightweight
  • Texture for safety
  • Green

Verified reviews


perfect height for a potty training toddler

i’ve found most footstools to be too tall or too short. this one is just the right height for my 2 1/2 year old to get on and off the toilet by herself. she picks it up and puts it front of the sink to wash her hands. perfect.

Shirley Rockaway Beach, OR

Just what we needed

This stool is great! It’s not too big but big enough for me to use if need be. We really got it for my daughter who is 2 1/2 to use. She uses one in the bathroom to use the toilet by herself. The other is in the kitchen for her to “help cook” and to turn lights on and off. She carries it around to different rooms as she needs it. She also uses it as a seat from time to time. She loves it! The color is a muted green so not too obnoxious but doesn’t get obviously dirty the way other colors do. Overall very pleased with this! Just ordered one to keep at my parent’s house for when we visit them 🙂

Amy Lusk, WY

Great stool

Bought this with the Baby Bjorn toilet seat to potty train my daughter, and now my son. They both use the stool in their bathroom at the sink, and my son uses it to get on the toilet. It’s a basic sturdy stool that I would recommend.

Lynnette Palmer, AK

Lightweight, durable, neutral color

I like the neutral color for this stool, the little grippy feet so the stool doesn’t slip on the floor, and the weight is perfect for a toddler to carry around a room with ease.

Susan Douglas, AK

Nice little stool for my toddler

This is the perfect stool for my 2.5 yr old daughter. She can use it to brush her teeth, sit in the living room as a seat by the coffee table, and whatever else she wants to use it for. It is very light which is nice because she can carry it easily. I would not hesitate to use it if I needed a stool because it is not some flimsy piece of junk. It does the job, it was a good price, and I am very pleased.

Tabatha Moline, KS

Pefect for Potty

This step stool is perfect. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is the tallest kids step stool I’ve found. We have another step stool, but it’s too short to help my son reach the big potty, or even the sink to wash his hands. This is just the right height for both. It is slightly taller than the Baby Bjorn (I set them side by side in the store to test), and measures 7.5″ tall. The picture on Amazon makes the top of the stool look like it’s a different color than the rest of the stool, but it’s not…same color as the legs, it’s just the non-slip texture reflecting in the flash.

Bridgett Clarks Summit, PA

Great stool, too bad it is sold out

I bought this stool for my toddler’s potty training. It is excellent all around. The price was nice and now, the stool is eco-friendly, the stool is tall so my son can use it to use the big potty by himself, and the surfaces are non-stick. It is also light-weight so my son can pick it up and take it over to turn the lights and fan on/off. I wanted to buy a couple more for around the house but they are all sold out 🙁 I guess it is time to go with plan B. Hopefully Amazon gets more of these in stock; they are very nice and overall excellent for the price.

Mabel Bear River City, UT

The right size for the right usage

I got this for my 2 year old to be able to get on the toilet by himself since he has always refused to use his potty training chair. We wanted something small and lightweight that we could easily move out of the way (the wood stepstools are cute but big and heavy). This works great for that usage, he moves it from the side of the toilet to the front, climbs up, and then down using it. He’s never had any problems, it’s sturdy and doesn’t slip or teeter under him.We thought we might use it at the sink as well to let him brush his teeth. However, on the stool he isn’t tall enough to see in the mirror, spit into the sink and not on the counter, or wash his hands. So we’ll have to get a taller stool that allows him to wash his own hands and brush his own teeth (because you know how they want to do everything “all by myself”.So whether or not you like this will depend on what it is used for.

Karina Red Bay, AL