Safety 1st On Board 35 Air Infant Car Seat, Silverleaf

Safety 1st On Board 35 Air Infant Car Seat, Silverleaf

Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air Immediately reduces side impact forces through the precise release of air One-Click LATCH installation system Customizable insert and low harness slotsmake the seat ideal fro Featuring Air Protect revolutionary side impact technology Length 29 Height 22.5 Width 16

Main features

  • Featuring air protect side impact technology
  • Rear-facing 4-35 pounds and up to 32″in height
  • Customizable insert and low harness slots make the seat ideal for preemies and adjustable for growing babies
  • Carry curve handle features ergonomic design
  • Adjustable base and one-click latch installation system

Verified reviews


Very spacious

We went through the Graco Snugride 35 (too short, unsafe and my baby did not like it), the chicco (also a little too snug for a 27″ 18lb baby) and finally decided on this one based on consumer report ratings. It was very spacious which is great for my son who likes to wiggle around in the seat. he is snug but still has some room around the shoulders to turn. He is 8 months and on the taller side and still has room to grow into this seat. The “air” design definitely seems in theory a brilliant idea and is well padded around the head. it is very simple to adjust and the replacement base which is equally good as the chicco is almost half the price.cons:1. the sunshield is flimsy and really poorly made2. seat is pretty heavy3. does not fit in any universal baby stroller4. slightly larger so backseat is a little cramped (but this is also a pro since it allows the baby to grow)Pros1. roomy and solid. my 27″ baby cannot kick the back of the seat like he can with the other seats.2. safe3. replacement base and stroller are very reasonably priced4. seems durable except the sunshield

Mollie Saint David, AZ

Please don’t waste your money

Please avoid buying this car seat! It’s constructed horrible and fell apart within months, what does that say about how it’s protecting your child?We first got this car seat when I was pregnant because I liked the look of it, no obnoxious baby prints, and was rated one of the safest cars eats even though its pretty new.My baby is 2 months old now and maybe used this car seat 20 times. The fabric which I though was plush and comfortable before we started using it, is now fraying and piling. This wouldn’t be such a big deal but then the handle on one side started getting jammed. It would literally take me at least 5 min to pull the handle up to get my baby out of the car. It got to the point where I could do it on my own so I had to stop using the seat.I went out looked for a better quality car seat that was well made, sturdy, and would feel safe putting my baby in. We bought a peg perego primo viaggio 30/30. It’s almost $100 more than this put you can’t put a price on safety of your baby. The car seat is so much sturdier than this one, uses high quality fabrics, and handle locks in nd out like a dream!I did call the manufacturer of this car seat, dorell I believe and they have a new car seat in the mail for me, so I will give hem a star for their customer service. I won’t be using the new one though. So now I’m stuck with two safety 1st on board air 35s!!

Dorthy Centerville, NY

Haven’t used it yet, but so far I am in love

I read review after review on car seats and knew from the start that I wanted the safest seat possible for my first child. After many months of research I decided upon this particular seat and absolutely fell in love. I love the sleek look that can work for boys or girls and the fabric is breathable, soft and has tons of padding. This seat makes other seats feel cheap. It was a breeze to install in my Hyundai Santa Fe, but it can be a bit snug depending on how far back the driver/passenger seat is. It is a large car seat so if you have a small car or you plan on having someone in the passenger seat more often than not, this car seat probably isn’t going to work for you. I cannot remember where I found it, but there is a car crash safety review video on this seat and the technology behind its safety features seem to really makes sense, hopefully it will never have to be used.Edit: We have now used the seat for 3 months and I am still in love. The fabric is holding up well to my son’s kicking feet and wipes clean when it gets dirty. My son is almost instantly asleep when we go for drives and is very content when we use the Click It stroller frame when shopping. My only qualm is the sun visor can get snagged on the top rim of the seat when you move it forward and back, but it really isn’t a big issue.

Beverly Long Barn, CA

Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat

Our baby hasn’t arrived yet to give a full review of its utilization, but the car seat looks great and fits well into its base. Other reviews of those who have used the seat were positive and that influenced us to purchase this particular seat. We also have the stroller (Aerolite-Silverleaf) and the infant car seat pops in and out of it with great ease.

Rene Jermyn, PA

Goes well past 1 year mark.

This is a great car seat and will allow you to keep your child rear facing past one year mark. My little one is almost a year and at her last appointment was in the 90% for height, in this seat she has lots of room lengthwise. Her legs are nowhere near the back seat yet. The Shoulder adjustment is still at shoulder level so she is safe. We stopped using it as an infant carrier when she was about 9 months, so it is always in the car. At nine months (baby was 19lbs) (car seat is about 19lbs) we would have been carrying close to 40lbs and that is alot to be moving. Everytime the car stopped our daughter would wake up anyway, so it wasn’t an issue for us. It is very sturdy, a breeze to install. The gauge on the side lets you know if you are at the correct incline for the weight of the baby. The downside is the seat is big and heavy. I was still able to get it into my corolla even though the front seat had to be put way up front, not making for a comfortable ride for the person sitting in the front seat. However we did upgrade to a Ford freestyle and it fits fine and whoever sits infront has plenty of room. Another down side is it was snug when she had her winter coat on. To combat this I would put on a warm sweater/sweatshirt and cover her with blankets when going in and out. Easy compromise for the stability of the seat.

Yesenia Owen, WI


First of all…I’m expecting my first child so i have no experience with this kind of stuff. The instruction manual was located between the car seat and the base…that did me no good due to the fact that i didn’t know how to get the two apart!! Why it would be hidden is still a mystery to me. I literally had to look up instructions on the internet. I found the latch but I was tilting the car seat and not pulling straight up like you should to get the two to release. Very frustrating. Otherwise it’s a beautiful carseat, very soft and comfy, appears well made…it is heavier than other car seats but I’m ok with that since its rated #3 for safety. Stroller is also heavier but again, better quality. so minus the fact that I was ready to break it because I had no instructions and couldn’t get them apart…this seems to be a great high quality carseat…def worth every penny so far…just not too user friendly for new moms. Would still recommend though.My son is 8 months now and this car seat is awesome. It is so much nicer and softer than all the other car seat I see. I highly recommend this

Tameka Picture Rocks, PA

Not happy at all

We are not happy with this car seat. We bought it as an interim measure because at 6 months old, our son is huge and has outgrown the Chicco car seat we bought (that we loved). He can’t sit up well enough yet though in my opinion for a convertible car seat.Well, we thought this one seemed bigger than most of the other infant car seats. We had it installed and it sucks. Basically it offers virtually no extra room. Our son weighs 22 lbs and I’d be shocked if he could use it up to 26 or 27 lbs. There’s no way a 30 lb child is fitting in this car seat. Also, it feels really cheap compared to our other car seat. The straps do not give the baby enough room (crotch strap is not long enough, etc.) And the buttons seem flimsy – i.e. the button that raises and lowers the carrying bar seems flimsy.

Shannon Greensboro, VT

great SAFE seat

I love this carseat. We have a different color, but it is the same seat otherwise.Cons:-the seat is big/long, but I am able to fit it in my 06’scion tc and it fits well in husbands 06 vw passat. we are both fairly short so i am able to have it behind the driver’s seat- though some people may not be able to. a simple way to save a cpl inches is to keep the handle in the carry position while in the seat (yes it is approved for this carseat)- the fabric has gotten pily, but i just go through with one of those fuzz razor things and get them off… my son moves his legs a lot-the material is a little warm, but my son is also a sweaty kid, especially when he sleeps…so this would probably be an issue with any seat for us- the sunshade could be a little better (the plastic boning started poking through the casing on mine and i had to fix it)- the seat level is only on one side. if you have it in the passenger seat you can easily see it to make sure the level is correct, but if you are putting it in the driver’s side its a bit trickier to see. this is not a major deal though, just a very minor annoyancePROS!:-this carseat is safe and very sturdy-very well made-the con of the seat being large is really more of a pro because baby can stay in this seat longer than others, and rear facing is safest for little bodies. i’ll gladly deal with a bigger seat if it elongates a VERY important safety feature-very comfy for baby, foam all the way down the back and the air cushions are wonderful for baby’s head-newborn insert is fantastic! When my son left the hospital he was 5lb 14oz with basically no fat, and he fit in this seat beautifully {{he is currently 8months old, 18lbs, and 27.5in long and has plenty of room and one shoulder rise left}}-the crotch buckle has a few adjustment slots, one is very close for those itty bitty babies, and the remaining leave ample room for growth. i cloth diaper my son, and not having space for the buckle has never been an issue-the base that comes with this model (not the generic standard base that comes with the 35 non air) is FANTASTIC. it has a built in rise adjustment that worked perfectly for both cars and the buckles are way better than the little clip things.-easy to use: this includes buckles, strap adjustments, and taking apart to clean-beautiful seat, great styling, wonderful colorsI loved this seat so much I got one for my younger sister, who had her son 4 months after me, as her baby shower present. She is very happy with the seat as well. I would absolutely recommend this carseat to anyone.

Joyce Plains, MT

Awesome seat for less than the other highly ranked seats

I did a lot of research before buying this seat. It was highly ranked on several carseat safety sites and Consumer Reports, and as it was more affordable than the other highly rated seats, I gave it go. It is plush and soft, the head rest is perfect, and I like how easy it is to install compared to seats without the locking clip included. Some other reviews have said it is heavy, but I don’t see that to be any more true for this seat than any of the others I’ve used. The only thing I don’t like is that the handle isn’t curved like my old seat’s was, but that is a small price to pay for better quality. If you need a good seat on a budget, I highly recommend.

Marcia Selma, NC