Safety 1st On-the-Go Fold-Up Booster Seat

Safety 1st On-the-Go Fold-Up Booster Seat

With a compact folding design and retractable strap system, this deluxe booster makes mealtime easier, both at home and on the go. It has two seat heights to grow with your child, while the three-point safety restraint with easy-release buckle keeps your child safe. Features a built-in storage compartment for feeding essentials, retractable chair straps and a convenient carry handle.

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The tray fits WAY too tight against baby’s tummy!

My son is only 10 months old and can’t use this seat because there’s not enough space between the seat and the tray. He’s not a fat child, either, only in the 50th % and it cuts right into his belly. I’ll be returning it today.

Renee Dumont, TX

Cheap, Fragile, Not Recommended.

The fold and go booster was our initial attempt in the art of portable boosters. We had fallen in love with a different brand that our friends had, so we ran out and got this thing. Mistake.Plus side: will hold a child upright while being fed.Minus side: straps do not detach easily for cleaning. Tray is not fully adjustable. Bottom feet prone to collapse. Chair falls apart.Seriously, we were taking it apart to wash it, and the cheap plastic buttons holding the back on broke. This is the second portable we had to scrap. There is still a lot of engineering that needs to be done on this model.

Katelyn Williamsburg, MI

for small babies only!!

This chair is good only if your baby is small. One of my guys is a little chubby and we can’t put the tray on beacause it squeezes his tummy.I do like the fact that it fold up very nicely for travel purposes.

Marilyn Cherrylog, GA

Convenient and compact

The nice thing about this chair is that it’s pretty cheap and folds up very easily so you’re not lugging around a whole bunch of parts. It is very easy to set up and put back together and easy to clean. Our son sits well in it and doesn’t scream or anything in it either so that’s a huge plus. It is very compact which is a nice plus for traveling and space. I like being able to attach it to other chairs and being able to get it back together in no time without any help. That’s a plus if you’re traveling alone. I’d highly recommend this for any mom who loves to travel. It definetly has its perks.

Rosetta Bloomfield, MO

2 1/2 stars

We bought this without really taking time to research it because we were in a rush over the summer and needed a booster to use at a relatives house who doesn’t have one. I wish I read the reviews first, because I would have bought the “on the go” booster instead. Oh well, that’s the beauty of heindsight I guess. :-PThis seat serves it’s purpose.PROS:Hard plastic seat and tray is easy to cleanStraps, once assembled and fastened, stay tightTray is removableFolds up for storageGood for light use, I wouldn’t use it everyday- read the cons and you’ll understandCONS:Tray is HARD to remove, you have to grasp and pull the sides JUST SO to get it to pop off (I have to struggle to stiffle an array of 4-letter words quite often when trying to take the tray off)It’s cumbersum to set up and fold down and you’ll need both hands to do both (we use the “on-the-go” booster at my mother-in-law’s and I can open it with one hand, plop my daughter in the seat, strap her in, and strap the booster seat to the chair easily). First you need to untangle the straps, make sure they’re going in and coming out of all the right places, THEN you can put your toddler in first and attach the booster to the seat next or vice versa. The removable tray is nice, but again, a struggle to take off more often than not. To fold it back down, you’ll need both hands once again to push buttons on either side of the seat to pop up the seat and fold it in, then put the tray in with the rest of it, and spend another minute or two “organizing” the straps so they don’t get tangled up with each other or come apart from the seat itself (even after the straps are “assembled” going in and out of all the right places, they just fall back out if you’re not really careful).This seat isn’t bad for us, we only use it at relatives houses who don’t have a booster seat, so it’s not too much of a hassle. (It’s only been used a half a dozen times in the past year) But I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going to use it more than once a month. The removable tray is nice, and it is easy to clean, but between the hassle of removing the tray, having to use 2 hands to set it up and fold it back down, and the straps that fall out way too easily when not fastened, it’s too much hassle for everyday use. If you need a booster to use more often, I’d recommend the “on-the-go” booster seat.

Lolita Weissert, NE

love to take this everywhere!

i love this seat! i wish that it had a reclining mode, but i think that theres no way it would travel in such a handy little package if it did that! i love how the straps wind up, the seat completely folds up, and the lid snaps on! how cool is that! it travels so nicely! i definitely recommend this product!

Carolyn Copemish, MI

Nice Chair to Use When Visiting

My in-laws live far away, and they bought this chair for my daughter to use when we stay at their house. She has been able to comfortably sit in it since about 5 months old. The extendable straps are great, and I’ve had no problem attaching it to a number of different styles of dining chairs. I think my daughter feels like she is included more with the adult diners when she sits in this chair versus when she sits in her highchair at our home. It really could be used as a permanent highchair. The only reason I am not rating it with 5 stars is because the lid to the storage compartment on the back always swings open when I try move the chair, and has even fallen off a few times. This storage compartment is useless and has always been a nuisance for me.

Shelley Plumsteadville, PA

Great for toddlers!

When I was expecting my 3rd child, my children were about 18 months, and 4 years old… and I needed to pass down my toddlers highchair to the baby…This saftey first seat is excellent!Features…
• The straps that attatch the booster to the chair can roll up underneath the booster seat.
• A handle to carry the chair by once folded
• A place to hook the tray on when the seat is folded
• Optional legs for different hights
• A VERY small compartment, we usually just keep a bibster in there (VERY hard to fit it though!)
• A lap belt that keeps my son in the chair.
• A removable tray, just one (nothing to loose!). It doesnt adjust, but if your baby no longer fits with the tray, they are probably old enough to use the booster underneath the table (like my now 2 year old).I really do not have any complaints, the chair is very sturdy, can fit on nearly every chair we use, and is great for travel, but now my son really doesnt want to sit in the “baby” seats at the restaurants, but I do not like the boosters without straps for the chair that they provide… so this may start getting out more often!

Twila Zoe, KY

Great! Especially if you are travelling.

Great! Lightweight, easy to store, easy to open, can be packed in a suitcase, left at Grandma’s house. Tray can be a little snug since there is no way of making adjustments to it. But then again, if you child is big enough they can just push up to the actual table.

Lucille Sanger, CA